Posted by Scene News on Apr 2, 2010

NAND-X Install Pics #2 – JTAG

We recently showed you how to easily install the NAND-X using the included quicksolder pcb system, now here is an image to show you how easy and clean it is to install the JTAG hack to the 360 motherboard.

For this example we have used the Xenon motherboard. There are a number of features to note:

  • All component strategies based on hundreds of user reports
  • Tested on all motherboards Xenon, Falcon, Zephyr, Opus & Jasper
  • All diodes used will be BAT41 (Maximum compatibility and success)
  • Points 4 and 7 on J2D2 has a switchable 330 Ohm resistor (many reports of RROD on certain motherboards without it, and also many reports that it is not required on certain motherboards)
  • Option to disable JTAG completely. We have basically added an "OFF" switch for those that need to disable the JTAG hack for whatever reason (testing, debugging, returning to stock etc). This of course saves you the time from having to desolder anything.
  • This is the cleanest and most solid JTAG install you will find. No need for any circuits to disable the JTAG after so many seconds – no messy installs or bad parts causing RROD's.
  • We are providing 2 x Cables for J2B1 (1 for Xenon and 1 for all other motherboards. Cut to the perfect length for optimum signal)

We are sorry by confusion caused by vendors of competitors products who have been trying to lie and flame about the NAND-X on forums to sell their own products (info), but this kit is of course included with the NAND-X package as announced back in February.

You can Pre-Order the NAND-X right now for the special early bird price of £19.95 / $29.95 from CK3 GAMES (LIMITED TO 250 PCS THEN THE PRICE WILL REVERT TO £24.95 / $34.95) – SO HURRY !

EDIT: Here is a pic of the JTAG add-on installed to a Jasper motherboard. As you can see the yellow wire goes to the front control panel of the 360. Easy explanation for those asking why there wasn't a quicksolder PCB for the J2B1 points – it's not really necessary 🙂