Posted by Scene News on Jul 19, 2011

New 2.0.13599.0 Dash Update FAQ

Today saw a new dashboard update roll out to all boxes. Here is a run down of the changes and what you should be aware of….

1. We recommend that you DO NOT update on 9504/0272 drives – they lock the spi on the chip (just like we told you they could)

2. If you insist on updating we recommend as always that you revert to stock fw (OFW) or the update might fail or you may get banned

3. If you have a spoofed drive and you update – expect to be banned. We have been telling you not to spoof for over a year now, so tough tits.

4. 9504/0272 drives updated in 0225/0401 Xbox's were NOT locked. Another proof that the unlocked PCB works perfectly and that they dont update drives where the OSIG was a locked drive.

5. The new dash 13599 updates ap2.5 challenges (this was totally expected). update if you want live. stay offline and don't update if you cant wait for new ap2.5 patches

6. The update is NOT just simply to set up some background technology for further improvements later this year. this is being investigated as we speak. Lot's discovered already !

7. Use your original AP2.5 games! Abgx will be updated eventually! (there are still the original 6 AP2.5 games – no new ones reported)