CronusMAX Gtuner v2.16 – Introducing GamePack Configuration Interface (GCI)

Thanks to the guys at CronusMAX, we have been playing with this update all day and have to say it is really kickass. I mean REALLY good. Beats any other cross gaming / rapidfire / scripting hands down.

Check the new update out – it's live now at

Introducing the new Gtuner GamePack Configuration Interface (or GCI)

The one major caveat to using our awesome GamePacks was that there are so many options and so many configurations available to you, but you have to use the controller player 1,2,3,4 LED's to configure each GamePack and this could be a tiresome process with many users failing to explore the full potential of the GamePack options.

Naturally we have been using it this way for so long that for us and other experienced users it was simply a case of a few minutes setup after knowing all of the classes and modes off by heart, but of course this doesn't help new users or those who simply want to get into it but just can't figure it out.

Then came along the XBOX ONE controller. No Player LED's. Wait, what?

The solution given to users was to first hook up the Xbox One controller to a computer and run the Gtuner Device Monitor to view the emulated Player 1,2,3,4 LED's while setting up the GamePack classes and modes. What's that you say? Worst solution ever? We agree.

So our developers locked themselves into a bunker for the last few weeks to come up with a solution that would not only help Xbox One controller users but would also help any GamePack user with any controller.

We came up with the GamePack Configuration Interface – or GCI for short.

Now for each GamePack, when you load it to a profile slot you click on the Profile number which is now a button and you will see a pop window showing all of the possible settings and options for that particular GamePack. Not only can you select the options but you can now also adjust specific values such as RapidFire rate, QuickScope sensitivity timings, Fast Reload timings and much, much more.

We have also updated the COD: GHOSTS GamePack to v1.1 – This GamePack is where the GCI really shows off 

No longer need to use controller LED's, no more button mashing to scroll through class menus or mode settings, no more guesswork. Instant, on-the-fly setup of your favorite GamePacks. If you thought the CM was great before – this should blow you away (or whoever you a shooting at).


2013-01-14, Gtuner v2.16

  • Added Brand New GamePack Configuration Interface (GCI)
The GCI gives you the ability to quickly setup your GamePack without having to scroll through dozens of LED combinations. This is especially advantagous for Xbox One Controller GamePack Support as there are no Player 1,2,3,4 LED's like with the Xbox 360 & PS3/PS4 Controllers so you can now change to all different classes of modes with the need for LED's or guesswork!
  • Ability to fine-tune Rapidfire on the fly without LED's or guesswork.
  • Ability to fine-tune Fast Reload without LED's or guesswork.
  • Ability to fine-tune Quick Scope Timing without LED's or guesswork.
  • Documentation Updates (GamePack CFG, Call of Duty:Ghosts, MaxAim:Finding Game DeadZone)
  • The Gtuner online library banner no longer refreshes itself every 60 seconds.

2013-01-14, Call of Duty: Ghost Game Pack Update 1.1 

  • Added new Quick Scope options
  • 01: Quick Scope: TAP [To fire a Quick Scope shot, quickly TAP your scope button (less than 140 ms tap)]
  • 02: Quick Scope: Press Sensitivity [Same as 01 but the Quick Scope is activated when the scope (ADS) button is FULLY pressed in less than 300 ms]
  • 03: Quick Scope: Fully Auto [Same as 01 but the Quick Scope is activated every time the scope (ADS) button is pressed. In this mode it is not possible to zoom in on enemies]

For the complete list of features and step by step instructions including all of the new COD: GHOSTS v1.1 GamePack information please CLICK HERE


NANDOne v0.02 released by tuxuser

Tuxuser has released a nice little app for reading the Xbox One NAND Dumps. We still have a long way to go but are moving in the right direction.

NANDOne v0.02

Xbox One NAND Filesystem tool

Parses Xbox One Nanddumps for file-adresses and extracts the binary
files. As I only had two dumps to work with, it's probably not
universally compatible and contains bugs for sure :P


* Python 2.7
* Xbox One eMMC NAND Dump

info      Reads adresses from SFBX and GFCU Table and prints them
to screen

extract      Extracts the parsed entries from SFBX Table

sfbxscan   If the SFBX adress of your NAND isn't contained, scan
for the MAGIC/Header and append it to the list in the
python script

Usage: [action] [dump]

Available Action:
sfbxscan      Scans for SFBX address
info      Prints the parsed entries
extract      Extracts nand content

Example: sfbxscan nanddump.bin


J-Runner Version 3 Build 4 Released

New version released with new feature and bug fix This update makes it possible to create a Xbox One HDD from windows.

  Version 3 Build 4
  • Added an option to prepare an hdd for use with an XBox One. It's beta so use it at your own risk. We used x360usb v1 on our tests.
  • Fixed hex editor popping up when exctracting files

Download Here:

Slim Proto V2 is here :)

This should get your taste buds rocking 

This will replace all versions of CR3 Pro. 100% compatible with Trinity and Corona v1 – v6.

Will show you the R-JTAG replacement soon.

XBOX ONE – How To Install A Bigger Hard Drive !

I think one of our dev team may have figured out how to successfully install a bigger HDD to an XBOX ONE. Tested with a 1TB so far and it seems to work well – although I haven't seen it myself yet. It's Thanksgiving night and i'm shit faced 

This is not a 100% confirmation but it's looking good so far. Will post more info as I get it.

Great for the scene to have the very first XBONE "hack" though 


OK Confirmed 

Full credits to Juvenal for this little beauty – you rock bro 

As always no guarantees are given and use at your own risk !

Click Here To Download

Xbox One HDD Tools

What this does

Given any HDD over 500GB in size, you can format it for use with you Microsoft Xbox One console



All of this must be done as root! I HIGHLY suggest you do this on a livecd or usb booted system if you don't 'know linux' and would rather not wipe the wrong hard drive.

  1. Connect your HDD and take note of what its called (ex: sda, sdb etc)
  2. Run the script with the device name as the first parameter
  3. It will bitch about missing partitions etc, but write a file with commands to create said missing partitions
  4. Run the created script
  5. Copy the correct files to the newly created partitions
  6. Unmount the newly created partitions
  7. Run the main script again

Putting it back together

When you put the new HDD in your console for the first time and boot up, the console will go the the green "Xbox One" screen, pause for a second or two, then shut down. Boot the console again. This time it should pause at the green screen for a while longer, then go to a black screen for even longer. It can take several minutes before anything happens after this, the xbox is automatically creating temporary files during this time. If you copied everything correctly, it WILL go to the dashboard eventually, just be patient!

What is linux?

Wait for a windows version 

Required Files

These can be gotten off your original HDD easily

We are working on a Windows app – maybe integrating with our already established HDD Hacker Tool that was used for the 360 or just something standalone. Stay Tuned 

XBOX ONE Teardown and IC X-Rays

We have a full step by step teardown of the XBOX ONE. Can be easily taken apart with an XECUTER Xclamp Unlock Tool and a Torx9 Screwdriver. Very easy – took 10 minutes on the first attempt.

Click here for the full guide


The X-Ray machine has also been deployed. Now to put the acid gloves on…..

Slim Proto V2 In Production

We finally nailed the perfect glitch code for all slim consoles with the Slim Proto. We thank the many many members for their feedback and test results. Because of you we are now able to produce the perfect hardware that will work with all slims and require very little tuning (even less effort than the first slim proto)

Rather than come up with a fancy name i'll just stick with the brand name "proto" (which i guess is a fancy name in itself?) 

In production right now is the Slim Proto v2 – however this is the full version and not a prototype so don't be fooled by the name.


  • Improved code – performance fine tuned
  • Smaller footprint/tighter circuit layout to give cleaner signal performance
  • Added ROL output support
  • Added CR_EN pad
  • No more solder bridges required
  • Includes custom made "pro" double shielded and grounded CPU_RST Cable
  • Supports Trinity & Corona v1 – v6

This product will replace the CR3 Pro which has now been discontinued. This will be the last Slim RGH device we will make, we feel that it just can't get any better.

For performance and test reviews of the Slim proto v1 please go here:

RRP $29.99 / £17.99 / €21.99 – of course we are also offering wholesale discounts and most retailers will pass those on to end users.

We have started accepting pre-orders from retailers so we suggest you contact your preferred retailer and ask them to get their orders in asap 

JungleFlasher v0.1.96 (Beta 323)

We have a brand new version of JungleFlasher for all you firmware fans JungleFlasher v0.1.96 (Beta 323) (Download is on XBINS) Changelog: We have a brand new version of JungleFlasher for all you firmware fans JungleFlasher v0.1.96 (Beta 323) (Download is on XBINS)


JungleFlasher 0.1.96(323)
support for Xecuter additional LTU2 files for DG-16D4S support
added extraction for DG-16D4S serial info from original drive at KeyCR time for LTU2 and LTU1

DashLaunch 3.09 Released

A new version of DashLaunch has been released with some minor bug fixes.

================================================== ==============================
– fix in update server for corona 16M consoles (thanks Danny Lane!)
– added exception logging to installer
– fix some minor bugs
– *known issue* some situations are causing a black screen when starting installer, it somehow seems to
be related to USB devices and/or signed in profiles. If you run into this issue, try the debug
version of installer – it's slower because it's logging to disk but apparently works fine. (thanks again Danny!)

– tweak xelllaunch, see it's readme for how it's changed
– all patch sets updated to support xebuild update server full use
– added xebuild update server and related options
– fixed a bug with signnotice on 13604 (and probably older)
– changed farenheit to fahrenheit everywhere it wasn't before
– added 16537

Source: Xbins

C4E's LTU2 Firmware for all Liteon DG-16D4S !

C4E has listened to the many requests from users who have DG-16D4S drives and have no fw dump leaving them dead in the water. Until now.

From the nfo:

C4E's iXtreme LTU2 (DG-16D4S) in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter

Official release of the iXtreme LTU2 for Team Xecuter LTU2 PCB (DG-16D4S)

As requested I have compiled the LTU2 firmware to now also work with Liteon DG-16D4S Drives

The Liteon LTU2 PCB will fit in both the D4S and D5S drive chassis of course.

– Support for all Liteon DG-16D4S 0225/0272/0401/1071

– No need for firmware dump of source drive. Requires dvdkey and J-Runner data

– Supports enhanced topology data if present for more accurate topology responses (Future ABGX support)

This firmware is uniquely written for the TX LTU2 board. Use the latest Jungle Flasher.

Thanks go to Team Xecuter & Team Jungle and all testers for their hard work and efforts in the development process.

Xbox One! Bring it on!

Thanks to everyone for the fun over the years! – C4E

MD5: 04F59E2843FDE513895986CE510E73A6

MD5: 4078859613FD83FD4EACCABBB421B91A

MD5: 2922147CDB267A4B9CEDC46FE08463B6

MD5: 2CB8CE453CA7A106A5EA2D433189944D

PS: I read some post by a Brazilian guy who claimed that you will be banned with LTU2. I wonder if it's the same
Brazilian guy who threatened to release this bullshit information if he didn't get a good deal on LTU2 boards?

In a butshell, don't listen to these idiots.

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