Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0425 by Redline99

Our friend Redline99 has released a new version of his awesome Xbox Backup Creator which fixes a problem with the newer "Wave 17" XGD2 Discs.

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0425

Fixed – resetting drive speed back to 5x after use
Removed – old standard of putting video layer 1 on layer 0 for xgd1 and xgd2 (this is a fix for newer "wave 17" xgd2 discs)

Download Available On Xbins FTP

New Corona v4 BGA Nand + DGX = Freeboot :)

We are booting Freeboot on a Corona v4 with new 4GB BGA NAND and 2.0.16202 Dashboard !

Equipment Used:

TX DGX v1.0S
TX ####### ADAPTER (Will be revealed soon)
TX CR3 Lite (TX CoolRunner Rev C + Corona QSB Upgrade can be used also)

All shipments begin December 15th – Stocks are already sold out at many stores and pre orders are limited for a pre Christmas release.

Party Buffalo v2.0.1.0 has been released

The XBOX 360 HDD/USB device explorer. CLK is back with an update for 'Party Buffalo', fixing a nasty bug related to the disk size calculations… Party Buffalo by 'CLK' is an XBOX 360 HDD/USB device explorer

Originally posted here:
Party Buffalo v2.0.1.0 has been released

27/11 Quick Update….


First of all let me apologize for the sites downtime this last week. We get ddos'd a lot and our old server just wasn't good enough so had to make a few changes. It was good timing anyway as there have also been lot's of changes within the Xecuter operation. We'll soon be saying farewell to one of our pioneering founder members, but will be saying hello to a new and improved Team Xecuter. It's in safe hands, more will be announced very soon.

A couple of updates to let you know where we are with our current slate of products:

1. We have fine tuned the DGX add-on so that it can now be used with any RGH device, not just the CR3 Pro. We are also working on phat (we have recovered cpu_key from jasper and falcon 16197). Yes it also works on the new corona v3/v4 without soldering to the CPU pin.

2. CR3 pro is all done and finished. The timing is fantastic – however the delays are in 1 of the parts has a current long lead time (6 weeks). We hope to have it out before Christmas – we'll do our best. Pro modders will LOVE IT !

3. Same as #2 with the new LTU PCB. The fw from c4 works perfect we're just waiting on a couple of parts to arrive in stock. Won't be long now.

4. The next version of JF is very cool – includes a few exciting updates

5. The new Sonus 360 Custom Sound Editor is almost ready. You will be able to program custom soundpacks to work with not only power on and eject, but also with power off and glitch !

6. remember to use to check that your Xecuter product is genuine and not some cheap knock off. Currently only CR3 Lite stock is supported – but we will be adding new batches of our other products in the next week.

7. 2.0.16202.0 comes out today. We are 99.9% 100% confident that DGX will work with it – will let you know. Tested – works just fine :)

Santa is coming very soon…….

We're back…..temp

Apologies for the downtime – we needed to move to new servers which is still happening and we've been working on some huge changes within TX. Huge.

All will be revealed v soon.

Genuine Xecuter Product Serial Checker Launched !

We are please to announce the launch of the Genuine Xecuter Product Serial Checker.

Now you will always know for sure if your TX products are the real thing and not some dodgy clones that are crap quality and will get absolutely no support and no warranty.

We will be adding a unique code to all TX products over the next few weeks, however the first product to have a code already printed was the CR3 Lite.

As suspected there were many CR3 Lite clones on the market and the quality was pathetic. Cheap quality crystal oscillators, incorrect circuit layout, poor quality build, really shitty glitch times etc. They even tried to clone the serial numbers but must have gotten bored and just duped the codes

Fakes / Clones:

The problem is (or was) that users will come here reporting that their CR3 Lite is bad and demand support / warranty and the reputation of the product is turned to mud – when in fact it's a perfectly great product that out performs every RGH device on the market (except the CR3 Pro of course).

We would understand it if we charged so much more money for the originals – but these clones are being sold wholesale for only $1.80 cheaper than buying the originals direct! Cheap f***ers indeed.

Well now you can see if your code is valid and that your product is real. Once you enter your code you will be given the option to claim it and leave a message that is to be displayed (we recommend you put your forum nick in there somewhere in case you require support in future so you can prove that you own the real product).

We have also implemented a check limit on each valid code. It is presumed that a retailer may check the code to see if it's genuine, and the end user may check the code – so that's 2 allowed. A further 2 are allowed in case it ever gets sold but then that code will be blacklisted if its checked more than 4 times. So make sure you PROTECT YOUR CODE!

The system also protects you from making duplicate checks so you don't have to worry about hitting refresh a dozen times and your code count sky rockets

We are also currently working on a reporting system where if you have a clone you can report the retailers information so they can be blacklisted too.

If guys want to copy our stuff – fine – just add your own dumb name to the product and dont try to hype off the back of ours. We have to protect our brand quality and integrity to enable us to offer the best possible support for our customers.

If you can let me know about any bugs I'd appreciate it it – also let me know if you were able to claim your code successfully or if your code was invalid.

Remember this is for CR3 Lites only at the moment – other products will be added once we are confident that everything is running smoothly.

Feedback is welcome


Here is a monster update to compliment yesterday's LT Ultimate fw news.

Going out with a bang for sure

It's been 6 months in the making (no thanks to several motherboard/dashboard revisions during our development time), and now after an exhaustive test run, the CR3 Pro is ready for public consumption.

This is aimed at users who demand the highest RGH performance possible and the ability to tune their settings to an extreme level.

The first release of CR3 Pro is designed for slims only. The full kit includes new V3 QSB's for Trinity, Corona v1 (16MB Hynix TSOP) and v2 (4GB Phison BGA) (These are also available to buy separately for use with legacy CoolRunners Rev A, B & C and also the CR3 Lite and a Phat version V3 QSB kit is also available – See News #5). A Brand new POST V2 for complete monitoring and tuning using the new CR3 Pro Rater software is also included (J-R Programmer v2 required – See News #6)

Note: For Corona v2 (4GB) Nand Read/Write you will need the 4GB RW Kit.

CR3 Pro Installed to a Corona v1:

CR3 Pro Rater Screenshot:

A dedicated CR3 Pro Phat version is in progress – currently having fun with "un-glitchable" zephyrs and falcons

Full details / specs / install pics / prices / release date etc will be available shortly.

The CR3-DGX is an add-on that connects to the CR3 Pro. We have been working on this bad boy for some time – it's really kick-ass and only made possible by the high level of accuracy and timing of the CR3 Pro.


  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15572.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.15574.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)
  • Fast Recovery of CPU/DVD Key from 2.0.16197.0 – Tested on Trinity, Corona v1 & Corona v2 (4GB)

Full details / specs / install pics / prices / release date etc will be available shortly

Here is a shot of the CR3-DGX prototype. It's disguised for obvious reasons:

NEWS #3: CORONA V3 (Samsung 64MB BGA)
The new Corona v3 with Samsung 64MB BGA hit the market last month in small quantities

Several changes however with a couple of tweaks and a new Corona v3 QSB kit we were able to glitch – so don't panic – this one is easily done

We have completed a simple conversion kit for all DemoN Phat so you can install to any BB 256MB or 512MB without having to buy a new version DemoN.

There is also a new firmware which is being tested right now and we hope to have it all released in the next couple of weeks.

NEWS #5: J-R Programmer / NAND-X / CoolRunner QSB V3 Kits Now On Sale
The new V3 QSB kits are now available which also allow Xell monitoring over SERIAL/UART using the latest version J-Runner software (NAND-X USB Update Cable Required – we designed the software so it could also use this cable without having to design a new one). The new V3 QSB's are also designed to be Plug n Play compatible with both J-R Programmer & NAND-X and offer the cleanest and most optimum RGH install possible.

Now on sale with all official resellers:

Corona QSB V3 Kit + SERIAL/UART Monitoring using NAND-X USB Update Cable:

J-Runner Monitor COM Screen animation – Awesome tool for debugging libxenon apps. Very geeky and also awesome when you can't get a video signal from Xell

NEWS #6: J-R Programmer v2
The new J-R Programmer v2 now includes full POST monitoring for the CR3 Pro rater feature. Speed enhancements are also included that puts it within 30 seconds of the high speed NAND-X

NEW 2 Version with Full POSt Monitoring and CR3 Pro Rater Support. Also includes speed enhancements (2-3 minutes faster than JRP v1 !)

The new TX J-R Programmer V2 has been created to cater to the budget conscious and coded to work hand in hand with the latest version of the J-Runner app.

A third of the size of the TX NAND-X and optimized to run faster than any other USB-SPI based tool (Example Speeds: Others average 16M read 7m 20s, JRP v2 average 16M read 3mins), this nifty tool can fully read/write NAND over SPI, program CoolRunners or any Xilinx based RGH device over USB and also able to program onboard sounds using the TX SONUS 360 !

Complete with a CR JTAG cable so you simply plug 'n program without any soldering using the latest J-Runner App (needs to be at least Build 283). Also comes with NAND installation wires that have the connectors that are compatible with the NAND-X QSB boards. If you don't use the QSB's you can simply cut off the connectors and do a normal wires only install.

The J-R Programmer V2 is also fully upgradeable and can be programmed using the Xecuter X360USB PRO Update app. Onboard LED's indicate Power and BootLoader mode.

RED LED: Bootloader Mode (Switch to the left)
GREEN LED: J-R Programmer Mode (Switch to the right)
RED LED FLASHING: R/W Activity & POST Activity (Switch to the right)


  • Fast NAND Programming
  • Fast XILINX CR JTAG Programming
  • Compatible with all CoolRunners inc the new CR3 Pro
  • Supports Full Post Monitoring
  • Compatible with both Phat and Slim
  • Onboard LED's indicate Power & Data
  • Easy Install System
  • Compatible with All NAND-X QSB's
  • Includes Cable For QSB V3 Kit or Wires Install (QSB V3 Kits Sold Separately)
  • Includes Cable For Xilinx CRJTAG
  • Includes Cable for Xecuter Sonus 360 (Sonus 360 QSB Sold Separately – Trinity Kit or Corona Kit)
  • Includes KIOSK option for Remote On
  • Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades
  • Designed for the latest J-Runner App (Build 283+)
  • Rock Solid Design – Tested by the J-Runner Team
  • Supports New QSB V3 Kits (Solder Separately)
  • Supports Sonus 360 Programming
  • Affordable – We Provide You With More For Less !
  • High Quality & Trusted TX Design

C4E & Team Xecuter Presents LT Ultimate 1532 Demo

You wanted more info…….

How about one version Unlocked DVD PCB running a new Live Play & Update safe and tested LT Ultimate fw from C4E for all slims including:

Liteon DG-16D4S 9504 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0272 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 0401 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D4S 1071 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D5S 1175 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Liteon DG-16D5S 1532 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Hitachi DLN10N 0500 (Tested & 100% Complete)
Hitachi DLN10N 0502 (Tested & 100% Complete)

It also no longer matters if you had a previous full fw dump or not. DVD Key only required.

Now you know why we showed the fw name as LT Ultimate. Is this good enough for you ?

Here is a video demo of another world first – a Liteon DG-16D5S 1532 working with the new LT Ultimate Firmware and the new PCB Upgrade….

UpdateSPY v16167-1 now available

UpdateSPY by 'Zouzzz' is a nice Windows tool that allows you to easily download almost all Xbox 360 Retail System Updates, since 2.0.6690.0 up to the latest 16197 Dashboard.

Here's the changelog for the newest release:


– Added update 2.0.16197.0 download
– Added update 2.0.16197.0 detection

Be sure to download the latest version from HERE!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Storyid #4070 (via) GX-Mod
NEWS SOURCE #2: Updatespy 16167 download official system update easily (via) Homebrew-Connection

Original post:
UpdateSPY v16167-1 now available

XMPlayer v0.0.2 is now available!

It has been a while since its first release, and now, developer 'Siz' has released an update to the famous libxenon's Media Player, which was originally started by 'Ced2911'.

Here's the huge changelog and info for the new v0.0.2:

XMPlayer 0.0.2 – October 19, 2012
With a lot of help from especially Ced2911 and the Libxenon community, I can proudly present
the new version of XMPlayer with added features, fixes and changes.




Version 0.0.2:
– Fixed: .avi files not playing after a .mkv, .mov or .mp4 file has been played
– Fixed: When entering a new folder « Item number/All item number » will not update until moving down on d-pad
– Fixed: When paused, the osd buttons (y, xbox, x) unpauses video, only (a) pauses/unpauses now
– Fixed: Osd_show_progression (x) only shows if osd-button (y) hasn’t been pressed before
– Fixed: Lb and Rb doesn’t seek -600/+600
– Fixed:The D-pad being buggy after a video has been played
– Fixed: Some bugs with osd displaying delay as -0 because of it being close to zero
– Fixed: Removed the 1 pixel-width line artifact in videos
– Changed: Osd-button (y) now switches from directly on/off, this means it only needs 1 press to full osd and not 3 presses
– Changed: When pressing the pause-button (a) progression will also show
– Changed: The page down icon now only shows, if there are at least more items than a page
– Changed: The (b) button doesn’t exit to homescreen any more, it goes one level up, until root then goes to homescreen
– Changed: [extension.mp4] demuxer=mov to demuxer=lavf in mplayer.conf, lavf handles .mp4 files better than mov
– Changed: Updated libass to 0.10.0
– Changed: Ass/ssa is now subtitle default which means outline, color, scale etc. works -Changed: The audio delay option in osd is more logical, a audio_delay of 100 ms doesn’t mean audio is 100 ms before video (mplayer standard), but 100 ms after
– Changed: Replaced mxml with tinyxml, because of loading problems and it seems lighter
– Changed: Updated GUI with button indicators, changed page size from 10 to 15
– Added: « Restart » and « Shutdown » buttons
– Added: A « smart menu » that saves your last selection and path when exiting a menu or playing a video (resets between devices)
– Added: Resume-playback function: if you stop a video in the middle of playing, it will save last position and resume from there if desired (more than a minute of video has to be played)
– Added: All libmenu’s working functions available in the main osd, so libmenu will no longer be needed
– Added: Patch from mplayerdev’s mailing list which adds support for playing videos inside multivolume uncompressed rar files
– Added: If a .rar file loads, it now gets the extension of the archived file, so the true extension profile is loaded
– Added: The (back) button goes directly back to homepage
– Added: Sort files. By pressing (x) in the file browser, you can order by Name or Date (day/month/year)
– Added: ASS settings can be accessed from the subtitle osd menu
– Added: Set ass=yes and vf=ass in mplayer config. This means it can be disabled and subfont can be used if desired

Version 0.0.1:
-Initial Release

Known Issues

– Cannot seek in files over 2 gigabytes (split the files for now)
– Prolonged pausing causes audio to go out of sync, « fix » this by seeking once in the file
– ASS Subtitle handling can cause freezes and lag. If rand
om crashes in video occurs, set ass=no and change vf=ass to #vf=ass in config
– Playing .rar can be unstable, sometimes freezing XMPlayer
– If your subs doesn’t show all the characters, try a different font by replacing subfont.ttf in folder
– XMPlayer does not always mount usb (uda) even though it loads, reload XMPlayer and try again
– Endless loading screen: Try formatting using Gui Format32, or try placing xenon.elf and symbols.elf on root of xbox’s internal hdd. Place the folder on the root of a usb (ntfs, fat), and then run xenon.elf from the internal harddrive via Dashlaunch.
– Can crash while using play’n'charge kit
– Audio balance not working
– Pictures and Music are not supported
– No networking!


– Copy all files to the root of an usb stick, launch it by xell or latest dashlaunch

Button Binds

#In File Browser
-A: enter
-B: up one level
-X: sort by
-Back: back to homescreen
-D-pad: direction
#In video
-A: pause/play
-B: exit player
-X: show progression
-Y: OSD/Menu
-Rb: seek 10 min forward
-Lb: seek 10 min back
-Rt: seek 10 sec forward
-Lt: seek 10 sec back
-Up: seek 1 min forward
-Down: seek 1 min back
-Right: seek 10 sek forward
-Left: seek 10 sek back


Exit action: Shutdown Button bind
Language: Menu language (English/French)
Language: Set default audio track of video (i.e mkv with multiple languages)
Volume: Start volume
Soft Volume: Software volume boost
Frame Dropping: Set default frame dropping option
Vsync: Set default vertical sync option
Color: Color of the subtitle (only when ass=yes, which is default)
Border Color: Color of the subtitle border (only when ass=yes, which is default)
Code Page: the encoding of the subtitles (latin, baltic, arabic etc.)
Language: Default subtitle language

Thanks to


Remember to support the xbox 360 legal homebrew community! and #libxenon @ EFNet

You can follow the project via this GIT. And, don't forget to get the newest version from HERE!

NEWS SOURCE: Xmplayer v0.0.2 a new version of the libxenon media player (via) Homebrew-Connection

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