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Xecuter Liteon DG-16D5S Replacement LTU PCB On Sale Now

Do you have a faulty Liteon DG-16D5S or Hitachi DLN10N DVD in your Xbox 360? Are you swapping your drive to another console and are unable to program your firmware due to write protection being enabled?

Yet again Xecuter have made the previously impossible, possible.

  • Fits all Liteon DG-16D5S Drives
  • Can run all latest firmware versions for Liteon DG-16D4S, Liteon DG-16D5S and Hitachi DLN10N
  • Easily programmable using the X360USB PRO V1 or V2 (Update to the latest firmware v20.1)
  • Requires the latest Jungle Flasher 0.1.94(320) & J-Runner 0.2.286
  • C4E's new LTU (LT Ultimate) firmware now allows booting of any Liteon or Hitachi based system without any previous firmware dump (inc the DG-16D4S and DG-16D5s 1175/1532 and Hitachi 0500/0502 firmwares) – all you need is the DVD Key and FCRT.bin which can be extracted using RGH or DGX if it's a newer version.
  • Includes solderless quick install adapter
  • Includes heatsink for drive controller IC

Remember that there may be fake LTU PCB out there – it goes without saying that they are cheap garbage and you should stay away. Every official Xecuter product has a serial code – you should claim ownership of the code at

On sale now at most Official Resellers for only $69.95

NOTE: A small number of the first batch had green as the PCB color. If you have a green version and are worried that it's fake simply check the serial number 🙂

DGX v1.1S On Sale Now !

After the phenomenal success of our DGX product, we listened to a great deal of feedback from our loyal userbase and have implimented some changes to the design to make the DGX perform even better than before – especially for Trinity boards.

DGX V1.1S change log:

  • Added 70cm 24WG POST_OUT Wire
  • Added a ceramic cap option (Point C29) between D and GND (same as CR3 Pro) – included an optional 10pf ceramic cap
  • Added a selectable 5ohm and 10ohm resistor to post_out (simple solder jumpers 1 Closed: 10ohm, 2 Closed: 5ohm, 3 Closed: 0ohm Default)
  • Added a a grounded IPEX socket (Point J1) for CPU_RST (10cm IPEX cable included)
  • Larger solder pads and stronger vias (C D E F 5v GND)
  • Removed JTAG pin header (Programming is not required – some users tried to program their DGX and damaged it)
  • Optimized code for enhanced Trinity performance. DGX 1.1 would boot the worst Trinity we had in 30 seconds (v1.0 booted in 2 minutes)
  • My preferred settings for Trinity were: D: 10cm IPEX to R4D4, C: 70cm 24AWG Wire , 10pf Cap Installed, 0ohm (Default)
  • My preferred settings for Corona were: D: 10cm IPEX to C5R11, C: Default wire, No Cap Installed, 10ohm

Remember that there may be fake DGX out there – it goes without saying that they are cheap garbage and you should stay away. Every official Xecuter product has a serial code – you should claim ownership of the code at

On sale now at most Official Resellers for only $34.95

Latest DemoN News & Updates

Just a heads up that we have been working on fine tuning and upgrading the Demon

Here's whats coming:

1. There is a new firmware v1.4 with lots of bug fixes and commands which can now be sent over UART such as DSWITCH – super useful for developers. Also includes support for 256/512 Big Block

2. All Phat Demons can now be converted to Big Block (BB) Support (Both 256Mb and 512MB). We will be supplying BB conversion kits to all resellers in the next week.

3. We have updated Corona QSB Upgrade so that Demon now supports Corona v1 and v3 (16MB NANDS)

4. There will be new tools released for developers to work with – including a C# Wrapper for the API

The entire Demon Phat and Slim kits have an MSRP of an incredible $49.95 !

This is the new Demon Corona QSB Upgrade with Corona v1 and v3 support


DashLaunch v3.06 has been released

With fixes for bugs reported in previous version. cOz has released a new 'minor' version of DashLaunch, featuring a few bug fixes reported in 3.05.

The new v3.06 brings some fixes for hddalive and to the power/guide boot time when fakeanim is not used.

– fix power/guide boot time paths when fakeanim is not used (thanks mass3n!)
– fix hddalive task being scheduled as a title task and not surviving title changes (thanks moulder!)

You can grab the new version from HERE!

NEWS SOURCE #1: Dashlaunch 306 bug fixes (via) RealModScene
NEWS SOURCE #2: Dashlaunch 3.06 little fix for hddalive and powerguide boot time (via) Homebrew-Connection

C4E's Hitachi iXtreme LT+ 3.0 – Merry Christmas :)

It has become a custom of ours to give extra treats at Christmas time and this year is no different. Finally after months of development and tuning, C4E has finally finished LT+ 3.0 for the Hitachi 78 and 79  !

C4E’s Hitachi iXtreme LT+ 3.0  in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter

  • Official release of the iXtreme LT+ v3.0 for Hitachi 78 and 79 drives
  • Support for topology data on AP25 enabled titles. Will correctly answer any ap25 challenge eliminating need for dae.bin to create a backup.
  • No need to make new backups everytime dae.bin is updated on console
  • Use current JF to upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 (3.0 as Target firmware) using free flash (Ctrl F8) until an updated version of Jungleflasher is released.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. LT Ultimate & The LT Ultimate PCB is next!

Thanks go to Team Jungle and all testers for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.

C4E’s BurnerMAX Payload Tool v0.15

C4E is the man – this really is an amazingly cool app – serious top shelf hacking !

C4E’s BurnerMAX Payload Tool in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter

Official release of the BurnerMAX Payload Tool – works with most MTK chipset based DVD burners (Liteon etc)

– No need to flash burner firmware
– Delivers a realtime payload to increase capacity of DVD+R DL discs to support XGD3
– Support for stock iHas B, C, and D burners, all makes and models
– Support for many of the Liteon iHAS Clones
– Supports many other models such as ASUS, Samsung, Pioneer and many others
– Supports many Liteon and Samsung USB External Burners
– Supports many Liteon IDE Burners
– Supports any disc burning software – we recommend iMGBURN

How it Works

Load your favorite burning software. Insert your blank DVD+R DL disc. Send the BurnerMAX Payload. Re-select your drive in the burner software and the capacity will be increased.
You will need to send the BurnerMAX Payload evertime you insert a blank DVD+R DL disc.

Special vendor specific commands are sent to examine in realtime the drives custom registers, searching for specific DVD+R DL blank media capacity and layer capacity parameters.

If found these registers are modified using another set of vendor specific commands.

Due to the use of stock firmware and different burner makes and models, any settings the burner has play a more important role.

For iHas burners B, C and D, recommended settings are:

Force Hypertuning – Enabled
Online Hypertung – Disabled
Smartburn – Enabled
Overspeed – Enabled
OPC history – Do not clear

Results may vary depending on hardware and disc brand.

Verbatim DVD+R DL (Singapore Manufactured) Blank Discs are recommended for best results.

I would like to wish everyone a merry xmas and a happy new year – many more goodies are coming……

Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their support to this project.

I wish to dedicate BurnerMAX Payload Tool's release to the victims of the Connecticut school massacre and the bravery of the school teachers involved who saved many lives.


– First release

J-Runner v0.2 Beta (Build 284) – Includes Sonus 360 Custom Sounds & DGX Support !

The eagerly anticipated next big version of J-Runner has finally been released. now includes Custom Sounds for the Xecuter Sonus 360 and full support for the Xecuter DGX v1.0S !

Xecuter Sonus 360 Custom Sounds:
Now you can convert your own WAV files to play your own custom Power ON, Power Off, Eject and CoolRunner Glitch cycle sounds – it really is a lot of fun to use
We encourage you to post your own custom soundpacks for others to use !

Xecuter DGX:

You can now use J-Runner to dump your NAND (any version slim motherboard, any dashboard version) – patch with the DGX ECC and then recover your CPU KEY. We recommend you use the USB COMMS Cable (its the same as the NAND-X USB Update Cable if you already have that)

The new DGX Support Forums are here:

Here is the full changelog with many new additions, tweaks and fixes

Build 284

  • Added DGX support
  • Added Sonus Custom Sounds
  • Added SMC Config Editor
  • Added Erase for Corona 4GB (F2 for an alternative erase method)
  • Added Custom XeBuild Command
  • Rewrote Functions for NAND-X/JR-P
  • Changed way it saves settings
  • Added support for new ISD chip (Sonus 360)
  • Patch kv OSIG list updated
  • Patch kv Serial and Console ID added
  • Added rev option on Advanced XeBuild Options
  • Lots of various enhancements, bug fixes, optimizations

Download HERE

Here is a video grabbing a previously impossible to recover CPU KEY from a Corona v4 with 15574 dashboard.

Hardware Used:

Xecuter DGX v1.0S
Xecuter JRP/NANDX/CR – Corona QSB Install Kit V3
Xecuter J-Runner USB Comms Cable

Xecuter Official Corona Motherboard Identification & Solutions

Hope this helps put an end to all of the Corona motherboard confusion

Includes pics of the new CORONA POSTFIX ADAPTER and also an updated version of the 4GB NAND R/W QSB (the current version doesn't quite sit right on the new Corona v4).

The XCLAMP Tool is also now available to buy separately without having to purchase the Unlock Kit v3 🙂

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0425 by Redline99

Our friend Redline99 has released a new version of his awesome Xbox Backup Creator which fixes a problem with the newer "Wave 17" XGD2 Discs.

Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0425

Fixed – resetting drive speed back to 5x after use
Removed – old standard of putting video layer 1 on layer 0 for xgd1 and xgd2 (this is a fix for newer "wave 17" xgd2 discs)

Download Available On Xbins FTP

New Corona v4 BGA Nand + DGX = Freeboot :)

We are booting Freeboot on a Corona v4 with new 4GB BGA NAND and 2.0.16202 Dashboard !

Equipment Used:

TX DGX v1.0S
TX ####### ADAPTER (Will be revealed soon)
TX CR3 Lite (TX CoolRunner Rev C + Corona QSB Upgrade can be used also)

All shipments begin December 15th – Stocks are already sold out at many stores and pre orders are limited for a pre Christmas release.

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