Posted by Scene News on Dec 6, 2009

X360 Library And Source (fatx, Stfs And More)

DJ Shepherd released a very robust open-source app and library, extremely relevant for the way it handles all FatX drives and all SFTS packages. You can modify the contents of a LIVE package and resign it for dev, (allowing you to run it on a rebooted retail):
So, let's start off wif the library, X360, it's perty much self explanatory (refer to Le Fluffie sawce if you are having troubles wif an aspect), I will go through wif you on how to make your own STFSPackage class though:

For all you developers here, I have made a friendly STFS class to allow you to make ease of your Xbox haxing life. I implemented a basic parse check which checks if the package is valid (you should always put that at the top of your package function, unenclosed so the end user doesn't try to f*** up the package) and to prevent multithreading (if you try to add a file while it's hashing it, good things do not happen >.< ).

Quick list of things:

Proper STFS:
Package Creation
General Package Manipulation
Adding Files
Deleting Files
Renaming Files
Replacing Files
Injecting Files
Folder Adding/Renaming
Proper File Extraction
Proper Hashing

Profile Editing:
Gamertag and General info in the account block
Achievements/Gamerscore haxing
2 Ways to add games (the XBL hack and the proper GPD addition)
Edit your profile info/add new info

File Extraction/Delete/Renaming/Replacing/Injection
Folder Adding
Gets STFS Package name (if applicable) or Gamertag (if applicable)
Drive backup/restore

HDD Games:
Payload Extraction

Music Files:
Song info
WMA Extraction

1) Yes, it is open source, you can use the code for whatever you like, and most likely, you won't give a sh*t about Copyright laws. Well, be that as it may, I don't have an edick like those people and if it came down to a job between me and yew, well, look who can actually code >:3 you have fun jerkin your edick to my library, I'm just that gud <3 2) Any bugs should REALLY be reported to me so I can fix them. Simple thing to do, just post in my blog, upload the file you got an error wif, explain what you did and what happened. 3) To save achievement edits, all you have to do is update the title to the profile and hit the Fix button on security to finalize the changes. Future updates:
* I will implement file streaming from the FATX drive wifout having to extract the files
* STFS does not load the blocks right off the bat like I do, they read the level 2 block (if applicable) then read the level 1 (if applicable) then get the block from that, I just thought it would be handy to read blocks and have access to them but I will implement it the true way later
* Fix up a thing or two in DriveIO
* Any reported bugs of course

Also note wif Le Fluffie, I LOVE to thread the crap outta it, but at that point it causes some error's that randomly happen. Just try and ignore them and restart the application if that happens, usually fixes it.
* FATX Replace image function takes FOREVER, stupid DriveIO properties v.v, working on better way to implement it (I'd use Xport to replace images until I can figure out a better way)

Official Site: (thx to jester for the news)
Download: here

Original Source: Xbox-Scene