Posted by Scene News on Dec 6, 2009

XeXLoader v0.12

FreeXeX released the first public version of XeXLoader:

Introducing the first public and fully functional XEX loader for homebrew-capable Xbox 360 platforms!

Feature list:
* Launch media-patched XEXs from any storage device
* Manage the filesystems of all storage devices
* Rip any inserted game to any storage device (ISO Extraction) (Still requires patching with XexTool to remove media check)

Although it should work on all patched kernels, our releases are only tested with freeBOOT using Cygnos, not with XBRebooter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

A special "fuck you" to CarolinaGamer aka Relapse aka Hawk

Installing the LIVE package:
1) Burned CD/DVD using XeXLoader.iso
Use the file browser to copy (using the "X" button) the directory "C0DE9999" to the 360 HDD at: Hdd1://Content/0000000000000000/

2) Transfer Cable
Use appropriate software to copy the directory "C0DE9999" to 360 HDD at: Partition3Content�000000000000000
Start your patched kernel, and run the game demo listed as "XeXLoader"

Official Site: n/a, by FreeXeX (#freexex or #freeboot on EFNet)
Download: n/a (built with XDK)

Original Source: Xbox-Scene