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FAQ #2 – Xecuter SX Family

Welcome back to another Team-Xecuter SX Question & Answer.

As you can see in this second Q&A, which answers some requests from customers, a lot of features are coming in future updates.

All your requests are welcome. Please email [email protected] with your suggestions/features ideas, if they are technically doable, we will add them to our development to-do list.

SX Pro (and SX OS) is a fantastic product as it is, but it will only get better over time with all the improvements our development team will bring you, free for life with your SX OS license.

To demonstrate that, you can see below our first Q&A, which has been corrected since our first one a a few days ago, and will delight our favorites advanced/geek users with their favorite feature (after ROMs, although they will never admit it 🙂

  • Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well?
    The initial release of SX OS will have support for running homebrew software for all firmware versions.
    In the initial release, launching the homebrew menu can be done by starting the photoviewer application while holding the R button on the Joy-Con. A file called "hbmenu.nro" needs to be on the root of the microSD card and a folder "switch" needs to contain all the homebrew applications.
    We will naturally continue to improve homebrew support and easy of use in future update.
  • Q: When you put your Switch into Sleep mode, do I need to insert dongle again upon waking up?
    No, you don't. Just resume playing where you left it 🙂
  • Q: Is it possible to install Game Updates (and does it requires to be on the latest firmware)?
    Yes, you can install game and system updates. The game updates can be applied following Nintendo's usual rules, which sometimes requires you to be on the latest or a higher firmware than your console's current firmware.
  • Q: If a game runs natively on an OFW x.yy and above, can SX OS run the game even if the console has a lower firmware?
    Currently no. We have added that request to our list of features to look into.
  • Q: Does SX OS supports online gaming?
    SX OS supports playing online. However, we can't guarantee Nintendo is not able to detect you are using SX OS.
    So playing online is at your own risk.
  • Q: Can I buy one SX Pro and one SX OS license separately, and use the dongle and tool with two switches?
    Yes, you can buy additional SX OS Licenses and use one dongle and tool for all your Switch consoles.
  • Q: Which file format does SX OS support? What about split files?
    We support both FAT32 and exFAT.
    SX OS will also try to look for split files in the form of "filename.xc0" "filename.xc1" "filename.xc2" and so on to support ROMs larger than 4GB on FAT32.
  • Q: Does SX OS support Emunand?
    Currently it doesn't. This is a feature we can add in the future, but it is low in the priority list because of the small interest to the general public. But because Xecuter SX is also used by advanced users, we will add Emunand support at some point.
  • Q: Can I backup my games with SX OS and create my own game ROMs?
    Currently there's no easy way to backup games with SX OS. We will add support for this in an update.
  • Q: Will you allow the use of different payloads?
    We will allow it. Custom payload can be put on the microsd card. Details will follow.
  • Q: How much space is used up on microSD for SX OS?
    Only 16MB. To clarify, our OS will not alter in any way your microSD game & homebrew capacity.

Again, we hope this clarifies most of the questions the hundreds of thousands of Xecuter Switch users are asking. Please continue to mail us all your questions, requests and suggestions. Customer's satisfaction is our #1 priority. We will keep supporting you with the best update, and the best updates will come with your help.

Coming soon, with more news and our soon to come product launch!
Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018.

FAQ: Xecuter SX Family

Please find below a brief Q&A that will answers the most commons questions that our technical support has received so far. Xecuter SX OS and products are fully updatable. This is reflected in some of the Q&A below.

We will support this product through the lifetime of the Switch with regular updates that will bring more features, ease of use and functionality to SX OS and the SX hardware product range.
But lucky day 1 users will be delighted with the initial software features.

  • Q: Can I update my Nintendo Switch to the latest firmware?
    Yes, you can. We are compatible with all firmwares and all regions!
  • Q: How are game ROMs launched? What format do they need to be in?
    Games ROMs available right now from release groups are compatible as-is.
    Copy the XCI files to the root of your Nintendo Switch microSD card so SX OS will be able to find them.
  • Q: How does the tool (jig) and dongle operate? Are they needed everytime you turn on the console?
    If you don't want to make any (software) modifications to your Switch Console, both the Tool (jig) and dongle are needed every boot.
    SX OS has an optional "AutoRCM" feature that can be installed to your Switch Console such that the jig tool is not needed anymore on boot.
  • Q: How does the AutoRCM feature work?
    The AutoRCM feature makes a tiny modification to your system's on-board storage via software, and from there on you will ONLY need the dongle (and won't have to press the volume key) when booting your console.
    Please note: With the AutoRCM feature installed, your Switch will only boot up with the SX Pro Dongle inserted or by any other USB-C launching method currently available. Once booted, you can always uninstall AutoRCM through SX OS.
  • Q: Is the license for life and updates included?
    Yes, it is! All updates are free and for the lifetime of your console.
  • Q: Is SX OS tied to my console/dongle?
    Yes. In case of SX Pro the license is tied to your dongle and console. In case of SX Lite the license is tied to your license code and console.
  • Q: Can we play eshop games?
    The current version of SX OS only allows to play cartridge based games. But we're working hard to bring game titles that originate from different distribution media to SX OS as well! It is on our list of features to add in upcoming updates.
  • Q: How will SX OS work?
    The SX OS boot file and licenses can soon be retrieved from our easy to use website that will launch shortly. Simply follow instructions and you will be set up in a few minutes.
  • Q: What do I need if I only buy SX OS?
    We strongly recommend buying SX Pro for the ease of use and safely streamlined procedure. That being said, SX OS standalone can be launched from Windows using TegraRcmGUI (TegraRcmSmash) or from NXLoader on android (with a USB-otg adapter).
    We offer support & warranty on your devices, please note any issues you face by errors/misuse of other methods will not be covered by our warranty.
  • Q: Will SX Pro work with Switch Linux?
    We will release a method of (chain)loading Linux using your SX Pro dongle soon.
  • Q: Do we need to use the L/R buttons on the Joy-Con to switch game ROMs?
    We are working on a more user-friendly menu that can be launched from the home menu.
    We already have a working menu prototype that is fully functional but we are still improving it for our audiences.
  • Q: Can SX products run homebrew software as well?
    The initial release of SX OS will not have support yet for running homebrew software for all firmware versions. Currently only the standard method for installing homebrew is supported, which means limited to the specific firmware version 3.0.0.
    We are in the final stages on adding support for running homebrew software regardless of firmware version and we expect to have this included with one of the first SX OS updates.

More to come soon!
Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018!

Announcing Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS

Today, Team-Xecuter is delighted to announced the first 2 products in its Nintendo Switch SX Line:

Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS

You will find below a brief description for both products. More details and pictures will be released in the days to come. We have started preorders, RRP pricing is listed below. Production has started and at current preorder volume, all preorders will be delivered by June 15th. The earliest birds will receive their unit/copy a bit before that date.

You can find a list of resellers HERE. We will add more resellers in the days to come, meanwhile, if your country is not listed, our partner delivers worldwide with free shipping.

Xecuter SX Pro


  • The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!
  • Includes: USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.
  • Compatible with all regions.
  • Compatible with all firmwares.
  • Real time game switching.
  • More features to be announced soon.
  • Weight: (50g)

RRP: $34.95 (excluding shipping cost & local taxes when apply)

Xecuter SX OS


  • Xecuter SX OS software license
  • Requires: Tools to be installed on your Nintendo Switch
  • Compatible with all regions.
  • Compatible with all firmwares.
  • Real time game switching.
  • More features to be announced soon.

Only $24.95 (excluding local taxes when apply)

Don't forgot a couple of days ago, we released an exclusive video over at MaxConsole UnderGround demoing our first SX products, so if you have not checked it out yet, I suggest you hop on over there and review it, and you welcome to post comments and feedback there as you wait for more news in the coming days from us as we start Rockin' the Switch World in good old-school TX style! 🙂

Introducing our Nintendo Switch SX Family

Today, Team-Xecuter is proud to present a first video presenting a product from our new Nintendo Switch SX Family range. And live ease of use! We are sure you will be as excited as we are.

Don't be too impatient, we will start taking preorders by the end of the week.

We are carefully working with our distributors to ensure we can meet demand as much as possible. This is products we have receive so many inquiries for that we know we won't be able to ship all preorders on day one, but we will make sure all orders come to you fast.

And of course, every unit will have Xecuter built quality, full customer support and warranty. No unit is shipped without proper Team Xecuter testing.

No risk: Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check out the exclusive video over on MaxConsole did up for us earlier today for our first SX product, and stay tuned for more info, upcoming product support forums and SX launch site, and of course the big preorders announcement next week and list of exclusive SX features that will make your Nintendo Switch Rockin' with Games in TX style! 🙂

TX Switch Mod News Status Update

As we receive tons of email asking us for more info and release dates.
Here is a quick news update on our upcoming Switch product status as of Feb. 15th, 2018.

After a few days delay due to Chinese New Year, we have finally received our prototype boards, as can be expected from any development cycle, we have experienced a few issues with reliability of our entry point, we will work on refining our method and keep you posted, stay tuned for more exciting news and videos in the coming weeks.

We are sorry for the delay, but we are also sure all Switch owners will be delighted by our product. It is worth the wait!


Team-Xecuter coming to your Nintendo Switch console!

In the light of a recent presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress in Germany.
We've decided to come out of the woodwork and tease you all a bit with our latest upcoming product!

This solution will work on ANY Nintendo Switch console regardless of the currently installed firmware, and will be completely future proof. This is *the* solution for opening up CFW (Custom FirmWare) on the Nintendo Switch. We want to move the community forward and provide a persistent, stable and fast method of running your own code and custom firmware patches on Nintendo's latest flagship product. And we think we've succeeded! 🙂

Below you can find a quick video showcasing a Nintendo Switch booting up, but there s something funny going on, can you spot it?

For all the non-believers and technically capable people! Try the following key to decrypt STAGE2 of the bootloader (1.0.0 up till 2.3.0):


Keep an eye on this space, more news and updates are coming! 🙂


Introducing the NINJA by Team XBLS

Team-Xecuter has joined forces with 'Xbox Live Stealth' to bring you the BEST in online experience!

The World's Only Solution With Complete AW Offhost Cheat Menus and Flawless AW/GHOSTS/BO2 Bypass with No Bans on Xbox Live for the ultimate in online JTAG/RGH experience, and bought to you by TX & XLS

Team-Xecuter been rocking the Xbox Scene since early 2002 and recently they joined forces with another old-school developer team called 'Xbox Live Stealth' and together they produced the NINJA, which brings you the very best in online JTAG/RGH experience.

Team-Xecuter development team has partnered with the original Xbox Live Stealth development team that was established years ago!

We are extremely excited about this partnership and we have been working tirelessly in the background to put our heads together and bring you an amazing product for anyone who wants to play online with their JTAG/RGH/RJTAG!

Our new, combined store front (operated in house by T-X), makes it extremely easy to purchase a redeemable "token" – which lets you add time to your console and use your FAVORITE cheats and hacks online. We have designed the most perfect Call of Duty bypasses available today (AW, Ghosts, BO2) to allow you to cheat on those games without ever being automatically banned from CoD!

We are continuing to develop our code and features every single day, and right now we have an incredible cheat menu for CoD: Advanced Warfare – which you can view on the site below – with plans to bring the same menu and customizability to Ghosts and Black Ops 2!

We will also listen to feedback and expand into games that YOU request from us!

For more information please visit our official store page at:

Here is some of the main key info on how it all works and the things you need direct from their official website:


  • Modified Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH/RGH2) with latest xeBuild and DashLaunch installed (dash 17349)

What you get:

    FREE Advanced Warfare OFFHOST CHEAT MENU
As advanced as anything you have ever seen in Advanced Warfare!
  • FLAWLESS Advanced Warfare/GHOSTS/Black Ops 2 BYPASS
We are the only server bypasing these games with NO BANS!
Constant development means features are added and ban times improved with every update

Amazing things are happening everyday in the Xbox Scene, stay tuned for more great news from Team XBLS.


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