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Posted by Scene News on Feb 16, 2012

2.0.14717 Slim RGH – Fixed

As you know the CB on Phat and Slim were updated with the recent 14717 update, disabling the RGH Glitch mod.

While the Phat solution is a much more in-depth problem (work on CB_B has been ongoing for several weeks in anticipation of this so we are well placed to have news very soon), we have already been able to patch the Slim RGH to be fully functional again. Didn't take long thanks to Old Skool

The fix has been confirmed by a number of team members and we are waiting for feedback from some European testers too and will get the files packed up for release asap.

I'd just like to say what a sweet tool J-Runner was for doing all this

Update 02/17

still struggling with ecc and getting xell booting for CPU key – will take a lot more more work

current fix works fine if console has already been glitched with RGH and you have CPU Key with previous dash

Will have more news this weekend. J-Runner is getting ready for release so info / files will come with that

tip: if you have a glitchable slim dont update and rgh first – get your cpu key. That's your #1 goal and will be the only way to get your CPU Key for the foreseeable future.