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Do you want to be able to continually update the latest firmware to your Xbox 360 so you can play all your backups and backup your games to your PC without having to open up the Xbox time and time again?

Xecuter, the #1 Xbox hacking team has designed the World's First external Xbox 360 DVD connectivity solution called the Blaster360. By using a high-end Digital Sata Exchange Circuit you can now update your DVD ROM with the latest available firmware and backup all your expensive games to your PC without ever having to spend time opening up your Xbox again. Open up your Xbox just once to install and GO !

ATTENTION: The latest version is the Blaster 360 CK3 Edition which includes USB support for the Key Extraction of Liteon Drives. It also comes with a FREE CK3 Probe v1.


100% Reliability
The Blaster360 is the first and only DVD tool to have a Digital Sata Exchange Circuit, giving you the confidence you need when upgrading your firmware.
  Superior Design
Months of work has given the Blaster360 a unique design that ensures functionality & ease of installation without compromising the aesthetics of the Xbox360.
  Easy Installation
The Blaster360 is extremely easy to install. Absolutely no soldering is required and is very beginner-friendly. It's simply a plug and play device !
  High Quality Manufacturing
The Blaster360 is manufactured to an extremely high standard in Taiwan. Our rigorous quality assurance procedures ensure maximum benefit to the customer.
  Unprecedented Community Support
Our online community of are there to answer any and all questions you may have.
Disassemble the Xbox 360

Blaster 360 CK3 Install

Firmware Tutorials


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