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Posted by Scene News on Mar 3, 2011

CK3 Probe 3 Images & Info

As promised here is the professional version of the CK3 Probe 3. Speaks for itself. The easiest, safest, most flexible "PMT" no-cut/no-solder probe for Liteon drives.

No capacitors, no discharging, no power clips, enhanced extraction code built into X360USB and Jungle Flasher to give instant key extraction with no need for prolonged probing of the PCB or timing your power cycles or any other waiting around or messing about.

Also tested working with the Samsung Bad Flash Recovery Method (mostly not required with X360USB Pro as it will recover 99% of Samsung recovery / Bad Flash situations – but its a working backup all the same)

We have also designed the CK3 Power Cable so that it can be used to convert any CK3 probe (v1 / v2 / v2.1 / Mini probe) to a fully functional PMT capable probe. Naturally the cable is a lot cheap than buying a Probe 3 so YOU save money !

It's this simple (Connect using X360USB PRO & Jungle Flasher of course):

1. Press the PhatKey button, then click Yes
2. Hold Probe 3 Button down (LED OFF), connect probe to MPX01, release Probe 3 Button (LED ON)
3. Extract Complete will be instantaneous when using X360USB PRO, now remove probe from MPx01
4. Press and release the Probe 3 button again then click OK
5. Done!