X360USB PRO Driver

X360USB PRO Driver 2019-01-28

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X360USB PRO Install Guide

1: Download the latest drivers (x360usbpro_drivers.zip)

2: Extract the driver files from the .zip file

3: Make sure the switch on the X360USB is set to the OFF position (ON = bootloader mode, used for updating the X360USB) <<< MANY OF YOU ARE IGNORING THIS !!!!!

4: Connect the provided USB cable to the X360USB and your PC

- The extra AUX power cable is only to be used if your USB ports do not output 500mA
- In this case, you use both cables to power the X360USB
- 99% of computers operate at 500mA so it will be very rare to use this cable.

Some of the driver files will now install automatically. Once finished, the remaining driver has to be installed manually.

5: Open device manager, Right-Click on X360USB PIO, and choose Update Driver Software...

6: Browse your computer for the driver files you extracted in step 2

7: Click Next

8: Ignore the Windows security warning, and choose to install the driver software anyway

9: Double check in Device Manager, to see that the driver installed correctly.
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