0225 flashing

  1. S

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Red ring on power on

    Hello, I have just flashed my Xbox Slim Lite-on DG-16D4S 0225. I have unlocked it using kamikaze method, it all went flawless. I have flashed with LT v3.0, went through all the steps from the jungle flasher documentation, and it all worked like text book, I've locked it back and done the outro...
  2. iomega311

    ANSWERED Help updating drive firmware after Kamakazi

    So, I have flashed a billion phat drives... But just started into the world of Slim drives... They are a whole new beast! So now I am back to being n00b status until I can learn this. I have 2 drives that I got from someone. He is experienced with flashing, modding, etc... I bought 2 failed...
  3. E

    LITEON 0225 STUCK ... are we at a loss???

    So we flashed the 0225 with the new LT2.0 last night and now its suck I cant get it unlocked to be able to flas it again to update it. just wanted to make sure it works and get it unlocked. Also wanted to try the 0800 Firmware to copy the new games coming out. Can you please try to help here?
  4. N

    ANSWERED LiteOn 0225 - tray opening but disc not spinning

    I do Kamikaze and not everything went ok... probably :p I unlock SPI lock, flashed 1.91, lock down again. After that tray open and close but when plugged into XB disc motor not spinning... Only laser try to check two times but without result. Next what I can see is "Open tray"... :facepalm...
  5. D

    LITEON 0225 x360 usb pro doesn't detect drive

    Hi, this is my problem: I purchased a x360 usb pro, a pro kit and a replacement unlocked pcb. So first I desoldered the mt1335 and put in the chip from the pro kit and the little pcb with write protect. After that I connected the drive to my PC through the x360 usb pro and the DVD drive was...