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    [WANTED] I want a liteon 0225 PCB with a successful kamikaze performed

    Is there anyone out there who are willing to sell a liteon slim 0225 drive PCB (ONLY, not the whole drive) with a kamikaze hack successfully done (no damaged chip please) Please PM me.
  2. H

    TX unlocked pcb weird behavior

    hi there.. i'm having a few problems with my new tx pcb. this is what happend At the first attempt of flashing the pcb, everything worked fine. I've followed the step by stpe guide and i was able to play all my games. Everything ok, then i was playing portal 2 and the tv screen went black, then...
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    LITEON 0225 Kamakaze Failed (Need Options)

    Afternoon, fellas. I have a slim with 16D4S 0225 drive. Customer wanted to play backup games. Researched methods, PCB replace or Kamakaze to enable R/W... Kamakaze'd drive, went too deep. Did not extract key as the guides I had read did not mention SlimKey method. Now drive will not...
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    LITEON 0225 What hw should i choose to unlock drive?

    Hi, i see that team xecuter have released many options in this area SPUTNIK360 Probe - PCB Addon SPUTNIK360 - Liteon DG-16D4S DVD Unlock Switch SPUTNIK360 - Liteon DG-16D4S DVD Unlock Probe Liteon DG-16D4S - Unlocked Replacement PCB Others?? solder skills is not a problem what should i take...
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    LITEON 0225 STUCK ... are we at a loss???

    So we flashed the 0225 with the new LT2.0 last night and now its suck I cant get it unlocked to be able to flas it again to update it. just wanted to make sure it works and get it unlocked. Also wanted to try the 0800 Firmware to copy the new games coming out. Can you please try to help here?
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    Last questions before first flash (0225slim MXIC)

    Hi everybody, Today finally came all the hardware i need to flash my 0225 slim: -X360usbpro -Sptnik360 switch and probe (i bought both but i didn´t decide wich to use) -CK3 Lite And after searching in the forum i found both this tutorials...
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    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Flashing 0225 with X360USB pro

    Hello, i do not know if this is in the right area or not so sorry if it is not. I am attempting to flash my Xbox 360 Slim, Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 drive and i have been looking into many tutorials on how to do it. I found a very good one by "Ubergeek"...
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    Kamikaze MOD Help - unlocking issue

    Hi guys, I successfully did my first Kamikaze MOD and all thanks to Xecutor. I followed the tutorial by mespo365 the drive went into vendor mode and unlocked fine with spi 0x0 but as per the tutorial I closed JF and reopened and re-introed the drive 1. the drive goes into vendor mode FINE :)...
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    LITEON 0225 Need MXIC board

    please let me know or PM me if you have got a Slim liteon 0225 MXIC board to sell I need them to be shipped to Sri Lanka, name your price plus shipping. NO WINBONDS PLEASE! Thanks :)
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    Just so i dont forget something...

    Hi, I am finally going to buy what i need to flash the 360 slim 0225 (MXIC) that i have. I just want to confirm that what i am about to purshase is all the hardware i need, since i dont want to spend more money in a second shipping because i forgot something and messed up. So... . X360USB...
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    Correct Tools for Kamikaze Hack

    Hi Guys, Since few days the only topic most of moders are interested is Kamikaze Hack, There are many success n fail stories, and some still thinks its fake ;) , for some the process is so easy and some of us already fried boards in doing experiment. I went through lot of videos and topics...
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    LITEON 0225 How to tell which version of LT is installed?

    A friend is selling me a 360 slim 0225 but idk which version on LT is installed, if i connect it to jf will it tell me?? The thing is that he doent have the dummy file neither a backup of the orignal firmware.... it has the latest dash update...
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    Kamikaze method quick question

    Hey folks. I was thinking of doing the kamikaze winbond method, so I did some reading, especially in here: http://360lizard.com/website/downloads/Kamikaze_unlock_v1.0.pdf and it requires maximus/lizard products. Is it possible to do with ck3lite usbpro and jungleflasher as opposed to some of...
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    Kamikaze w/ X360USB Pro+JF1.86 - Done like dinner, boyz!

    Alright - just thought I'd post the results of my first Slim Winbond Kamikaze Unlock!! Big thanks to TX, JF, C4Eva!!! And of course Geremia for the Kamikaze winbond unlock method! I would have tried this a couple days ago, but I don't have a via 6421 card yet (in the mail right now) - only a...
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    how to replace 0225 drives to 9504 DVD drive ?

    hi im new i have a XBox Slim / Lite-On 0225 i bought Xbox 360 (Slim) DVD Drive PHILIPS LITEON (DG16D4S 9504) now i want to replace it please tell me how to replace it and what tool do i have to buy for extract key from 0225 and flashing the new drive 9505 thanks .
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    Open Tray Error

    Hello, I've recently installed the xecuter PCB in my Lite-On DG-16D4S. I've updated the Dashboard version to 13146. I believe I've successfully updated the firmware to LT+ 1.9 0272 version. I keep getting an open tray reading for my disc drive when connected to my xbox. I've tried using...
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    LITEON 0225 tx pcb

    hi cheers for your time dumped dummy.bin with latest jf 0.1.85 all went well. flashed tx pcb with dummy.bin as source and LT+1.9 as target. again all went well. followed all the tips- pressed outro 3 or 4 times. turned xbox on and it constantly ejects the tray even when i power off. I...
  18. J

    Xbox 360 Slim Play From HDD Without Disk

    Hey guys, this is a question+challenge, I own a slim with 0225 FW. I want to know the following 1. How to play installed legal games from HDD (without inserting the disk of course) without JTAG. 2. Is it possible to do a softmod? 3. Why has this not been thought of? I'm asking this as this...
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    LITEON 0225 New codes on system info after LT 1.9

    Hi, I've XBOX Slim 4G Liteon 0225. I've updated to 13599 from a stock (never touched) drive. I then used my Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB to write LT 1.9 using my via 6421 sata card. I faced some problems with Jungle flasher but finally worked it out by using 1.85 to enter vendor mode, 1.84 to...
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    LITEON 0225 0225/9504 - Play DVD error

    For those who had a Lite-on 9504 drive and yet your Jungle flasher says its 0225. there are few reasons for it. 1. It was clearly mislabeled. 2. It was updated by the dashboard update EDITED: This is incorrect dash update flashes drive to 0272 NOT 0225 3. It was upgraded in factory (originally...