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    LITEON 0225 Flashed with LT+1.9 Thank you TX :D

    Guys, I just wanted to say thanks, without you Xboxes will be just boxes, thank you for keeping it real. I finally finished flashing my 4GB slim console, also I added a 250 GB HDD. Here is the PIC. x360disassembled by momentz4all, on Flickr You guys rock, I will be active on the forum...
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    0225 unlocked pcb help...

    Hi guys, So i have read that the PCBs are not being made no more. My questions are... what is the sullution? Is there another way of flashing the 0225 without the tx unlocked pcb? I am stuck, i havent flashed my xbox yet but i need to know what to do(wait for info??), cause the tutorial (...
  3. A

    Using different lite-on pcbs with 0225??

    Hey everyone, had a question i have several older 360's such as a benq 3 liteons etc. that have broken lasers and such so their not being used just collecting dust and ive flashed several 360's never had any problems. i was curious instead of purchasing a blank pcb for the 0225 which i well...
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    [UK] Xecutor Replacement PCB for 0225 Drives

    Please help, I'm desperately in need of the above item in Brand New condition, need to be shipped to Sri Lanka. If you are willing to sell please reply or PM. Thanks.
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    LITEON 9504 Needs Desperate Help, Kinda Confused

    Hi guys, I searched this forum thrice before posting this, I was bit confused by all the answers and kinda looking forward to a clear answer from any of you who are experts. This is my problem I bought a XBOX360 slim with lite-on drive with 9504 FW (this is what its stated in the drive label)...
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    GENERAL People with Slims don't bother updating your wasting your time

    Why? you cant play on live so don't think you can without being flagged Well for 1 your wasting your time because its not live safe and 2 the firmware is not released why go thru the hassle because once LT1.9/2.0 is out your going to have to take your box apart again to flash it again i really...
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    LITEON 0225 Got key Verified Thru JF but drive has open tray error

    My liteon 0225 drive has the open tray error i have my key and that but what would my options be i was thinking 1. Buy a 9504 drive to replace it 2. Buy a PBC Kit and replace that but my question is would the new pbc fix the open tray error something tells me i doubt it. I also tried to use...
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    LITEON 0225 problem dumping drive key

    hey folks, today I tried to dump the key of my slim drive using the latest JF (0.1.83) with partial success. I'm using the onboard chipset of my mobo (ICH10) and a CK3 Pro. The first time I hooked the drive up and clicked "SlimKey" in JF it ran through and showed me a key to a drive which is...
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    ANSWERED 0225 shopping list

    Hi there, I'm not too sure if i put this in the correct spot or not and i apologize. I just recently got a new xbox slim with the 0225 dvd drive and I'm a little paranoid of flashing this new one due to the security of live for it. i had an old halo edition xbox i bought a while back and i was...
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    please help me! buy now x360 slim or not?

    I want to buy a new xbox 360 'cause my old fat 360 broke, but i don't know if i should buy the xbox now with the fw 0225 and play only kinetc adventures while 0225 is unlocked or buy the xbox when the flash for 0225 will be available, it's no problem with the dash update? if i update the...
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    Special c0nversion for 0225 drives

    Abstract from c4evaspeaks Awesome wonder what it entails....:eek: desoldering and lifting the main chip and using another?
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    LITEON 0225 Need help with flashing LT 0225 drive

    Hello, i am very new to flashing Xbox 360s. I used to have an Xbox 360 Premium and i flashed that using Jungle Flasher via the Sata ports. Now i got the newest Xbox 360 Slim with the 0225 drive. I have read many posts online saying that it can be flashed. However i have also seen many posts...
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    ANSWERED How to hack a liteon drive

    guys i recently brought a xbox 360:cool: which is 14\08\10:rolleyes: n dvd drive is model : DG - 16d4s:( NO;14c manufactured aug fw vsr : 0225:( HW ver : A0A0 plz help i want to flash:D it n i dont want to play on live if i am banned no problem i heard is currently not hackable ty:D