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    LITEON 93450 Flashed to Lt+ 2.0 not reading backups

    Hello, i have flashed a liteon 93450 now at (0251) and i keep getting "reading" and than "open tray" on backups, but than i go and put my originals and they work perfectly fine. i've tried following the jf tut and the tut here and still get the same results. can some one be kind enough to help...
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    LITEON DG-16D2S 83850v1 flashed to LT+1.91 -> DvD Key "not found"

    Hello guys. I flashed my 83850v1 back to stock to update. I had LT+1.1. After the update i used my 83850 dummy to flash to 1.91. I spoofed source to target, erase/write, then outro and just after that the DVD Key in DVDKey32 and MKT Flash32 tabs, shows "not found". My key is verified and...
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    LITEON 93450 Update Clarification?

    Yes I know this is a really stupid question, but just to clarify, it is okay to flash back to lt+ 1.9 after the update and continue playing non AP2.5 backups right? And I have some friends with flashed boxes who are wondering if it is okay to update without flashing to stock does anybody know if...