1. Kato-Cha (LOL)

    I need update 1.2

    Hello! I need update 1.2 (is old i see), who have or where can donwload? ty for all :)
  2. TechManSaver

    Can i downgrade retail to jtag version and jtag it?

    i have a falcon xbox 360,which i have installed the coolrunner rev c in it,and i uninstalled it to install in a better trinity slim.Then i put the console away since i don't have any use for it.THEN i got some money,i purchased the cr4 xl,and i was putting it in the console and the ft6u7 pad...
  3. TechManSaver

    would i be able to post a thread on how to rgh 1.2?

    I feel as if phat owners would love it,just wanted to know if i was allowed,thanks!
  4. TechManSaver

    Xbox 360 Falcon Not Booting Rgh 1.2 Nand (xell boots)

    Hi there,i have rgh 1.2 this falcon xbox,and i have got the cpu key and created a glitch2 17349 dash image and written to it.But now when i power on the console,i either get 2 red ring of death errors.The bottom right led will start flashing,or just the top right and the bottom left will start...