1. D

    JTAG Beginner Jtag help?

    My friend recently gave me his Xbox 360 and I realized it was a falcon and that got me thinking about Jtagging or getting a RGB on the old thing. I just need some help with JTagging Here is some info, It has a external drive but no clue which kind or how much, Its used and HAS BEEN OPENED up...
  2. G

    Looking for a free rgh

    i have been trying to mod my xbox 360 for the past 4 months now and i have literally gotten no where. i honestly have spent at-least 15 hours a week trying to do something but i always end up breaking something or just plain destroying it. ill pay shipping shipping
  3. GMSkel

    Req. Xbox 360 Disc Drive Repair

    My Xbox 360 disc drive won't open sometimes, and when it does open it keeps closing and opening on its own. Can somebody help me out?
  4. L

    ANSWERED Liteon iHAS524B not record verbatim XGD3

    hi I have a liteon iHAS524B updated firmware c4eva with which e able to record five XGD3 backups on disk MBIPG101-R10-065 MediaRange 4x with opc off, force hypertuning on, online hypertuning off, over speed off and on with SmartBurn this configuration all right, but when trying to burn Verbatim...
  5. S

    RGH Need a full tutorial on how to RGH a xbox 360 slim trinity to the newest dashboard

    HI guys i need help im beginner at rghing xboxes i want to learn this.Please leave a full list of things i need to RGH a xbox 360 slim trinity. if you perferred to talk to me on skype about this skype name is ottolp2010 1.please leave a list of all the things i need including programs and...
  6. L

    RGH Bricked xbox 360

    Okay so after damaging three 3 slims and only successfully modding one my persistence is slowing and am looking for some guidance. Problem: - Read nand. Four successful dumps - Programmed and installed CR - Wrote ECC, Failed. - Console wont boot only beeps Solutions Ive tried: -...
  7. A

    Whats the best JTAG for a Xbox 360 elite console

    I recently got another xbox 360 elite console and i want to jtag it but i do not know which jtag kit to use can anyone tell me which is the best.
  8. D

    Fried something trying to achieve RGH2 on Falcon?!

    Hi. A week ago i bought a XBox 360(Falcon v1, Dash 2.0.16756, CB5774) and read a few days about whats going on and how to modify those. My previous experience was the original XBox with TSOP flash which was pretty easy compared to the current RGH. However i gave it a try and now im scared that...
  9. S

    Xbox 360 doesn turns ON

    Hey, I have a Xbox 360 Slim 4GB RGH Trinity with Coolrunner. Initially everything was working perfect and the Xbox was working but then after some weeks, I tried to start my Xbox 360, but it wasn't starting. The yellow light was On on the power brick. So I searched on Google for any solution...
  10. V

    How do you backup games?

    My friend has been backing up my games and giving the files to me, but I don't want to have to keep going back to him to backup my games. I have a iHas 124 D drive, how could I backup my 360 games with it? I tried using XBC but the start button was grayed out.
  11. F

    LITEON DG-16D2S Fail Flash Help

    Hello, I think I have a Lite-On DG-16D2S (Its for sure a Lite-On) and I failed at flashing it. I went through everything succesfully. Probing OK Power Cycling OK Writing OK but once I put it in my xbox it kept giving me the open tray error. So I put it back into my pc and then erased the fw off...

    Glitch and Retail NAND Question

    I have a console that is on dash 13146, and I built a glitch image of 16197 and wrote it to the NAND (to obtain CPU key) and glitched perfectly. Now I want to revert it back to stock with the original NAND dump I have. Would I be able to use that original one or would I now have to build a stock...
  13. W

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Slim 250gb not working

    Well I've had this Xbox for about 6 months and its been working fine. i have it connected to my HDTV via HDMI cable and the input works fine too. but now recently whenever i try to turn it on it turns on but the controller does not connect it just flashes the lights and i do not get any input at...
  14. D

    Use Probe 3 Conversion Cable with homemade probe?

    Hi, I'm about to purchase tools for flashing my phat Xbox 360 Elite. And I'm wondering if I can buy the CK3 Mini for powering the drive, and a Probe 3 Conversion Cable (so I can turn the drive on and off) and use the conversion cable only for the swith and use a homemade probe thats connected to...
  15. 1

    LITEON 74850 The PCB Wire Order Help

    Hi, im putting the pcb back and i was wondering if the white and yellow wires had to be in a certain order, i know that the black and red do, but do the others? Thanks
  16. iRun into Walls

    Hello T-X PLEASE READ!

    I am 14 years old i have been doing modded controllers for about 2 years yes i know i am young but i am very smart im not a nerd i dont get straight A's i get like B and C's i have done about 5 rgh xboxes and 3 jtags i find doing this fun and my life when it comes time to go to college i am...
  17. T

    GENERAL Xbox 360 Setup box problem

    Hello I am new here so propably I did something wrong. So I filled my account details (model, motherboard, drive, sata chipest), but the only information that is shown in my xbox 360 setup box is the sata chipest the rest is blank except from model that shows unknown. Why is that?
  18. gangrel_1313

    How do you Save on Mupen64-360?

    I've google'd all over the place and haven't got a straight answer so I figured I would ask it, I know in game saved dont work. Are there button combinations that bring up a menu or anything? I know the "back" button exits rom so that ain't it
  19. S

    Green light blinks and does not open tray (Lite On DG-16D4S)

    Hi, I'm Spanish and do not understand much English so I'm writing through a translator. I tell you my problem, I have an Xbox 360 Slim Reader with DG-16D4S Lite On 0225, I tried to flash it and drilled the chip to unlock it, when I flash the JungeFlasher and gave Write started to write well...
  20. D

    LITEON 93450 Question about saved FW size?

    Hi, When I received my flashed 360 a year ago, I was provided with the original dumped dvd key in case I need to revert to it BUT it's too big? ... It's 1.68mb... Is there anyway I can shrink it and use it so I don't have to way for the coolrunner exploit? Anyone please help... Thanks, Robert