1. L

    Reball request

    I'm looking for someone who can reball 360's, preferably close to Mansfield / Ashfield area in Notts. Thanks for looking
  2. J

    HITACHI 79 Help with flashin a Hitachi (dont know what one)

    hi everyone. i want to flash my 360 so i can play backup games. but i have been trying for days to flash my hitachi but i just cant seem to do it. every tutorial says do this but dosent actually say how to do it. so if anyone could help me id be really grateful. thanks guys jake
  3. G

    Geekg0d4's Internally liquid cooled XB360

    Hey all! I'm brand new here and wanted to share my latest project with you fellow tech heads... an Internally Liquid cooled Xbox 360 Premium with a Xenon MOBO! :D The Xbox features a Crystal clear Ghostcase shell, Rainbow LED kit powered from a 10v AC-DC adapter that I custom wired, clear DVD...
  4. N

    ANSWERED X360USB with conectivity kit v2?

    I stumbled upon this site (mod-chip.com) and saw a pre-order for the X360USB... http://www.mod-chip.com/xbox360/x360usb-includes-connectivity-kit-v2.html 1. $54.95 is the lowest I have seen! 2. It says it comes with connectivity kit V2 I don't know if it is going to be bundled in or if they...
  5. P

    360 Won't Turn On

    Alright guys, this happened to me about 4 months ago and I'm trying to get this working again. I was at a buddy's house and I was playing and it was working fine. The next day I took it home and hooked it up and it wouldn't turn on. The power supply is always orange so it might be the problem...
  6. manwinder


    i have a 360 that has beeen having the rrod, i let the gpu over heat and it started working but it only works on tv and not in hdtv mode, it does not have hdmi, i can hear the audio in hdtv mode but there is no picture and in sd it works fine, could this be because the ana chip is over heat, do...
  7. manwinder

    old xbox games on 360

    i have a copy of gta sa, which i backed up from an original to make sure the original is safe, but it won't play, i have burned it on a dual layer, it starts up and then gives me a dirty disc error
  8. G

    South West Xbox 360 Flashing Services

    Based in Yeovil, Somerset All Phat Drives Flashed: £10 Laser Replacement: £20 inc Laser Prices are for local drop off/pick up, if delivery required +£5 for Drive only, +£10 for Console. Email me: [email protected]
  9. A

    [Question]Xbox 360 Slim

    Hi. And sorry for my english. I've already read the announce about the LT+ flash, but I need some help- http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58387 I recently bought a Xbox 360 Slim for Christmass. It's a 4GB version, Ready for kinect, but there's no kinect included. But That's...
  10. S

    Xbox 360 permanent fix's?

    I HAVE SEARCH THIS AND COULD NOT FIND THE RIGHT ANSWER I know the x clamp and reballing is there any others??
  11. S

    Xbox 360 slim Flashing (Available now)

    Go to LINK REMOVED for xbox 360 slim flashing for £60. Please thanks if it helped you. Thanks
  12. M

    Samsung DVD Drive = bad quality?

    Hey folks! :) I've just ordered a Xbox 360 Elite with a firmwareflashed Samsung drive (iXtreme LT 1.0) and then (duh!) I've read that the Samsung drive is worse than the LiteOn one. It shall be louder, doesn't read every disc copy and is easily broken. Is that true? Is it really that worse...
  13. K

    Xbox 360 Slim freeze.

    Hello, i have bought new xbox 360 slim 2 days ago. its get freeze randomly and after restart i get RED dot light and blank screen.. any idea how to fix it?
  14. A

    Xbox 360 flashing service

    NO longer availiable
  15. F

    Flashing 93450c

    Hello, I've been doing alot of research into modding my Lite On 93450c and i was wondering this. I want to buy a Blaster CK3, Will that be enough to flash/dump it? Or do i have to buy a Lite On Switch with it? Is it also possible to get the green led's in the blaster blue? And is there a...
  16. F

    ANSWERED Help with Jtag (noob freindly answers only)

    Okay I'm getting a jtag I have 3 Xboxes one normal 360 bought last Christmas of 09 I am looking to buy another simply because I can. I am also getting the new halo reach Xbox 360. now I have been looking and looking and looking for ever (and by forever I mean about 4 hours) for a pre Jtagged 360...