1. C

    Use a seagate hard drive as internal drive for XBOX 360 SLIM

    Hi guys, I have an XBOX 360 SLIM 4 GB edition and used a USB External hard drive until I bought this EA game which says it can't install the game on a USB drive. :rolleyes2: So I formatted my 2.5 seagate drive (FAT32) and insert it in the internal hard drive of xbox 360 But it does not...
  2. E

    Corona 4GB can read, but cant write nand, update via USB wont work too, anyone?

    Hello, I have a Corona with hynyx nand, I can read the nand on j-runner but when I try to write I get an error. I deleted some stuff from the 4GB on the system menu but when I reboot the profiles and stuff is still there. Same if I try to change the console language and locale. Has anyone...
  3. M

    Xbox 360 e 4gb modable?

    I'm going to buy an Xbox 360 e 4Gb ntsc from Amazon , from this link http://amzn.to/1tNIkKh i can mod this console to j-tag ?! Release Date: June 9, 2013 Please help me !
  4. zphingphong

    Could anyone help me check if the solder joints are in the correct places?

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  5. ultimate360

    [USA] Need 4gb R/W kits or qsb's ASAP- paypal payment

    Looking for some 4gb R/W kits and/or qsbs. I'll take whatever you got, message with price, Thanks guys!
  6. ultimate360

    [USA] Slim qsbs and 4gb kit wanted---

    I'm trying to hunt down places that accept paypal for some qsbs. Here's the ones I'm looking for: JRP\NAND-X/CR.CORONA QSB V3, CR corona upgrade qsb, post qsbs (whatever version), and a 4gb NAND r/w kit for some corona v6 systems I just received. I know most of you guys prefer paypal, so I...
  7. Jos Dekker

    JTAG Error writing ECC Corona 4gb

    Hello, I got a writing issue with a Corona 4gb with dash 719. I dumped the nand succesfull with the card reader and the 4gb read/write qsb, but when i want to write the ECC i get a error message in jrunner; data error (cyclic redundancy check). Anyone have any idea where i must look? Thanks...

    Need Slim Trinity 4gb!

    Hi guys I'm looking for a Slim 4g with an exploitable dash. Obviously I plan to RGH it as well as put a demon on it so it must not be banned! As well it needs to have a Liteon DG-16D4S 1071. I just need the power brick and console, no controllers or av cables. I am located in California. Thank...
  9. S

    Transplanting XBox 360 4GB Memory

    Transplanting XBox 360 Slim 4GB Memory I've had a little look, but couldn't find another topic where this was covered. I've tried swapping over the 4GB memory from one motherboard (Slim 4GB) to another motherboard (Slim 250GB). The 4GB memory isn't recognised & doesn't appear. Am I right...