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    Fichier boot et license qui disparaisse

    Bonjour, bonsoir. (6.2 donc j'ai pris le Boot 2.4) Je me pose une petite question. Voila après avoir allumer sous SX OS et avoir fait toute les manipulations, j'ai voulu éteindre la "Nintendo Switch" et retirer la carte SD (64Go SanDisk), une fois la carte dans le pc j'ai remarqué que mes...
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    SX OS 2.4 not working (black screen while booting)

    Hi firstly used SX OS after updating to 6.2 which since then my switch has been black after choosing custom boot and original as well. I have tried to uninstall RCM and boot original but the screen is just black. After waiting for 2.4 to fix this I have copied the boot.dat file to the sd card...
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    Moving from 2.3 SD Emunand to 2.4 SD/Hidden Partition Emunand

    Greetings, with the release of 2.4 I would like to upgrade my emunand to 6.2, and create the hidden partition, then move my current emunand there. This is what I'm thinking the process will go like. 1. Boot switch, use choidujournx to update my current emunand from 6.1 to 6.2. 2. Backup...