1. zastin17

    Lifted r4d4 resister pad cpu rst alt point on trinity Help?

    ok so I first burnt and lifed off the cpu rst and then I used the r4d4 resister alt point all worked very well boot 2-3 cycles everything worked then I went to put it back into the shell and put it together and then the hdd rack pulled the wire and pad of of the r4d4 which looks like this...
  2. E

    JTAG WIP on Alternate NAND/JTAG points/ Tut

    Like many of you new JTAGGERS using the NAND-X, I have ran into the ever so dreaded "Cannot detect flash controller" in Jtagtool. I decided to make a guide, and show you my problem along the way. This is my first time doing the JTAG. My goal is to dump the NAND first. Hopefully who ever has this...
  3. W

    GameStop Refurbished DVD Power Alternate Wiring

    look at this crazy wiring
  4. Medrz

    NAND-X Alternate Points Help!

    I need help as I messed up one of the points to solder to using the NAND-X kit. This post - Shows some alt points but do I solder the wires from my NAND-X straight to that because on the J1D2 points he doesnt have it soldered to the...