1. N

    New 6.2.0 Ban? OFW Restored Backup had online working up until update

    First of all, first post here, hi everyone! This morning got a 6.2.0 update request and now I get: "This Nintendo account cannot be used at this time, this user can't use online features" when trying to access e-shop or add new Nintendo account. Later inspection in settings' error history found...
  2. A

    Local Wifi play with other Stock switch

    Hy all, I'm about to buy an SX pro and i'm wondering something, if i want to play with a friend who's got a stock switch(OFW), first of all is that even possible? and secondly is there a risk of ban by being detected through his switch? I hope it is clear :) Thank's!
  3. M

    Clarification on bans given use-behavior. Advice please?

    I apologize in advance if my question seems out of ignorance or lack of research, but for the most part, I'm just looking for some clarity... I got my SX Pro a couple weeks ago, and it works great... Thank you! I've obviously, since, booted from the dongle and used the jig (I've never enabled...
  4. I

    Delete records of games used with SX

    Hello there is the possibility or option of when deciding to load the original firmware, clean the registry of games loaded with SX, so that nintendo does not find out that we use a custom firmware? Whenever I enter SX I do it in airplane mode, I have not been banned yet, I can continue playing...
  5. X

    ANSWERED Risk of ban if I use my live profile in a xbox slim rgh offline

    Hello, I have a "new" xbox 360 slim with rgh (cool room I think), I already have a retail xbox 360 and xbox one, I was wondering that if there is any risk if I use my Xbox live profile in my Xbox with rgh? So I can get some achievements of some games And then come back to my retail console and...
  6. M

    Key Vault Bans on Dual Nand Help

    Recently I just got my Dual Nand online using the XBLSE but didn't change my KV at all its the same for both retail side and RGH side.:facepalm: After realizing I could be banned permanently on retail I deleted the XBLStealth.xex plugin and am planning on buying a seperate KV to play on with...
  7. Xecuter

    Police called in over Gears Of War Judgment leaks - Microsoft warns of console bans

    Microsoft has warned that playing a pirated version of the new Gears Of War will force a console ban, as the game leaks a month ahead of its release. Series spin-off Gears Of War: Judgment isn’t due out in the UK until March 22 (March 19 in the U.S.), but last week a pirated version of the game...
  8. T

    Safe to update without flashing to stock?

    Is it safe to update to latest dash without flashing to stock first on a Lite-On 02510C drive? I understand that there is no way for the Xbox or anyone else to read the firmware of the drive to see that it's modded without performing the MRA hack on the drive, is that correct?
  9. X

    GENERAL Switching (Phat) HHD from banned to unbanned console?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anything I should know before switching a (Phat) HHD from a banned console to an unbanned one (both with iXtreme)?? Are there any risks of getting banned?? P.D.: I did search about this and only found old topics (explainig how to fix the "corrupted data" issue)...
  10. R

    erased liteon e64 in xbox banned?

    i accidently put an erased lite on in the xbox and got the E64 RROD.It been flashed with LT+3.0 now thanks to the help of mods here but i want to know am i flagged for a ban or can i go online?
  11. G

    what will happen to me if i am banned

    Hi, I heared many rummers about what will happen to a banned console. lets say i got the boot..... will my xbox become a brick? will my hard drive lock? can i still play offline my backups? can i still update a dashboared offline (USB)? Thanks
  12. A

    Risk of using xtaf on unmodded 360

    My 360 slim is unmodded, and has 0225 fw. If I use usb xtaf to download some demos from my pc and play them on the 360, can I get banned?
  13. B

    xk3y questions

    I read through the topics related to xk3y questions and I have a couple of questions. 1. People saying it's not live safe and MS can (easily) detect it (I assume via software). What would they use to detect that? My thoughts: Can a drive emulator have all the properties that a hardware one...
  14. E

    Banned from XBL: Marketplace theft

    DO NOT REPLY to this email address. It is not monitored. ] This email is to notify you that your Xbox LIVE account privileges have been permanently suspended due to marketplace theft. The conduct that caused this suspension may include, but is not limited to: Duplication of item purchase...
  15. W

    ISO Modding

    So my friend wants to make an ISO modded CoD: World at War disc, and is wondering just how detectable it is. Obviously it is detectable but he is wondering how long it will take for him to get banned should he make one. Anybody know?
  16. W

    Dashboard Update Safety

    So I just heard today that there will be a dash update tomorrow (I wasn't on xecuter in a while), and I've never had a flashed 360 during a major dash update before. So I'm wondering all the necessary precautions. I've heard lots of people saying that you should flash your drive back to stock...
  17. F

    ANSWERED How to hack a liteon drive

    guys i recently brought a xbox 360:cool: which is 14\08\10:rolleyes: n dvd drive is model : DG - 16d4s:( NO;14c manufactured aug fw vsr : 0225:( HW ver : A0A0 plz help i want to flash:D it n i dont want to play on live if i am banned no problem i heard is currently not hackable ty:D
  18. D

    No DVD Drive Flag = Ban?

    Hey guys, Been doing plenty of searching and I've seen a lot of speculation about what happens when you use the xbox to power it's drive while flashing. Obviously the issue here is you are turning on your xbox with the drive's SATA cable disconnected from it's motherboard. There doesn't seem...
  19. D

    I played Fable 3, it means I'm flagged?

    Hi, I have a Lite-On 74850c with iXtreme LT 1.0, and I played Fable 3 on the NXE dashboard:(. So I'm flagged??????? And if you think I'm not flagged, it's ok to update to the new Dashborad. And if i update doesn't matter if I'm going to the LIVE (i just want to play MW2:rolleyes:). Thank you all.
  20. S


    Has anyone updated a flashed console if so what was the out come??