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    FIXED Corona V4 nand read problems.

    I have purchased the 4gb nand r/w kit with the v4 qsb and could not get my console to read. Only reason I attempted to read the nand is to disable family lock (read nand and get console reset code). I have removed the qsb via hot air and now my console does not power on only beeps. I did bridge...
  2. K

    Trinity Mobo - No Consistant Power (just getting beeps). Orange/Green light.

    Hi there. I've got my friends xbox 360 slim 4gb trinity here with a problem I've never seen before. I've done a ton of searching and found that when a slim beeps, the power supply remaining orange, that the problem is most likely one of the USB ports shorting. This isn't the case unfortunately...
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    Xbox makes a BEEP! and freezes after RROD fix

    Hello everyone im new to this awesome page... I hope you guys can help me out :) I opened my console, changed the thermal paste, put an eraser in the ram chip and added 2 more fans, one at the right and another in the top (havent changed the x clamps since I am thinking on buying the kit...