1. lahma0

    RAM Editor broken in SX OS 2.9.2

    After updating to SX OS 2.9.2, attempting to jump to a specific MAIN+0x??????? offset memory location fails with the message "ERROR: Invalid Address Specified". I am 100% certain that this memory location does indeed exist because codes that use this address work just fine. For the sake of being...
  2. D

    Xbox One & 360 Parts + Consoles available!

    Hello all!!! I have been fixing Xboxs for about 8+ years now, so I have collected quite a bit of parts etc. I have been doing Xbox Ones for 3+ years and still do them more often today than older systems. What I am posting about is for anyone that might be interested in purchasing some...
  3. L

    I have a broken PHAT 360, can I RGH it?

    Hey, I have an Xbox 360 phat which doesn't work. It seems like someone has previously tried to mod the Xbox but somehow lost the DVD key, so the DVD drive is no longer "married" to the motherboard, and as a result the console will only play DVDs, not games. Anyway apologies if this is a stupid...
  4. M

    Damaged Board during RGH install

    Let me just start off by saying, i know how to solder decently and ive done mods before like downgrading a ps3 and such. But after reading the nand and writing the ecc and then installing the cr4 i couldnt boot into xell, So i went ahead and checked all my points and redid my shottier ones... We...
  5. C

    JASPER Cr4 xl not getting power / led not lighting up w/ install pics

    my cr4 is not getting power my red and black wires are soldered correctly although this is my first time so i must have made some mistakes Link 4 pics : mega:/#fm/2c1RiSJT
  6. R

    JTAG Having console problems.

    Hi, I just recently bought an jtag 2 days ago. Everything was going fine until the middle of today. I updated the dash by flashing the nand with Simple 360 Nand Flasher to dash 16747. Everything went smoothly after that and I went on playing games. Then I left my Xbox on when I went to go grab...
  7. P

    RGH I tried to update to 16756 and its killed my 360

    Hi guys followed the guide using xebuild to update and it has wrecked my RGH I have a BB jasper and there has been no change in the configuration for about 2 years followed the guide and my xbox wouldn't boot so i got it back on pc reflashed my nand and now I have RROD error i also re did the...
  8. D

    Bad soldering=broken xbox...wanting to buy trinity motherboard

    I believe the motherboard in my trinity is broken, due to horrible soldering. Does anyone here sell motherboards or know of anyone who sells them? Or maybe someone or a company that can repair motherboards? Im not sure if repairing a motherboard is possible or not. i have the RDOD on my xbox...
  9. E

    Xbox 360 Broken! Please help!

    My xbox 360 has an issue, but i'm not quite sure what it is. I posted a video to give you an idea on what my problem is. I've ordered a NEW laser and that should work if it is a laser issue. Thanks!
  10. ultimate360

    [USA] WANTED! Broken/rrod consoles!!

    I'm looking for bunches of 360 consoles that are broken in some way like rrod, drive problems, freezing, etc...... I want whatever you got, give me a price and what you have. Any model, condition, etc.... Let me know if you happen to have any preballed gpu's as well Can pay via paypal
  11. M

    missing dvd key and old pcb board broken

    hi everyone, I'm kindly new but I have a issue with my xbox 360. I have a new dvd drive but needed to be flashed with the old dvd key from the older board pcb. but, the old pcb is burned where is the sata adapter and the connector is broken... and I cant extract the dvd key for flashing my new...
  12. X

    making a working console

    I have 2 trinity motherboards here and both have an issue. I'm trying to get at least one of them to work. board #1 was banned from Xbox live for an account mod -_- #2 has E75 error. the console will not get Red Light at all with HDMI unplugged. with HDMI plugged in it's about 3-4 seconds. The...
  13. Endless Options

    Coolrunner Rev B Broken Switch

    Any fix? Ive had this coolrunner for the longest time and just wondering if there is any fix...And help will be much appreciated
  14. A

    RGH Console won't boot at all!

    Hey guys, I RGH'd my Falcon last week, everything went well. But every now and then the console wouldn't boot at all, by this I mean it wouldn't show any lights, or start the fans. I fixed it by plugging or unplugging certain things such as my external hard drive or hdd. I have installed...
  15. ppkpatrick

    RGH Broken C7 Cap on CR?

    So I recently posted about trouble was having where my coolrunner would blink 6 times (exactly) and stop.not attemoting to boot again until i unplugged power.So today I decided to check for broken connections with a multimeter on the coolrunner and noticed that I couldnt get anything on C7...
  16. P

    Broken Slim-Phat switch on Coolrunner

    Hopefully someone can help me. I received my Coolrunner a few days ago and the toggle switch that is used to select Slim/Phat was broken off. I tried to put it back on but I couldn't and I ended up losing the insanely small metal pieces that were inside. Is there any way I can solder wires...
  17. U

    Replacement PCB broken/not genuine? [PICS]

    Hi, I finally managed to extract key information from 0401 using ICH8. I also flashed LT+1.92 to my Replacement PCB (see logs and pictures below). Drive eject works and xbox dash shows correct drive status (tray open, etc.). The problem is, that the drive won't play any Discs be it originals...
  18. V

    Slim DVD Drive FRAME ONLY needed

    Hi all I am doing a repair for a cusomer that has a Slim and the dvd drive tray was forced closed. D:eek:NT ASK I D:eek:NT KN:eek:W. Well the mane frame of the drive was broken (Lite-on 0225) and I just need to swap the components from the broken frame to a good frame. I need a slim lite-on...
  19. V

    GENERAL Stock 360 no mod. E71 error

    I got a 360 that during startup I get a E71 error. It has the most curent os on it. I have done a Reflow of the southbridge and the rest of the board. I installed the "southbridge x-clamp mod. I did a full x-clamp mod to the GPU & CPU. (Screws in the metel case.) If I start the Xbox cold for...
  20. R

    problem with re soldering liteon

    it turns on but when its in xbox it says opening and when i hook up to jungle flasher it wont detect witch part do i need to fix the solder on cause when i try and do it sometimes it will turn on and others it wont i dont know what trace im messing up on [/IMG]