1. lahma0

    RAM Editor broken in SX OS 2.9.2

    After updating to SX OS 2.9.2, attempting to jump to a specific MAIN+0x??????? offset memory location fails with the message "ERROR: Invalid Address Specified". I am 100% certain that this memory location does indeed exist because codes that use this address work just fine. For the sake of being...
  2. I

    Cheat database website

    Hi, I was bored to browse entire threads to find a cheat code for my game :( So, in the idea of ​​centralizing all available cheat codes, I created a small website : This is more of a draft of what is possible than a complete site, but if you have any suggestions, that...
  3. W

    Fire Emblem Warriors Cheating

    Has anyone ever tried to use a cheat or just search a cheat in Fire Emblem Warriors? I experience severe slowdowns whenever I use the cheat I found in Fire Emblem Warriors Here is an example of a cheat I found for FE Warriors Fire Emblem Warriors "0100F15003E64000" Cheats if TX could...
  4. C

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cheats

    Can anybody provide cheats for Super Smash Bros Ultimate?
  5. L

    Cheats code on XCI files

    Hey there ! I'm new here and I wanted to now if it's possible to enable cheats for an .xci game file ? I've read that usually the nsp files have the titleID and the buildID in the name and that's what allow the CFW to link the cheats to the game. If it's not possible to use cheats on XCI files...
  6. JonnyMohawk

    [Request] Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Reset Exp to 0

    Currently there is a cheat to set your experience to 99,999,999: 040f0000 00e90168 05f5e0ff Is their a way I can restore my experience to something less like 10k or even 0? Any help in this regard would be very greatly appreciated!