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    A system update is required to use the microSDXC memory card.

    I tried posting this already, but it crashed and I can't find it. As a result, I may be posting this twice. In a nutshell, I have a new Switch and a new SX Pro. Upon trying to use a 64GB microSD card, I got prompted with: "A system updateis required to use the microSDXC memory card." My...
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    Will ChoiDujour update SD-EmuNand?

    Current setup & process used: Nand was originally OFW 3.0.1 SX OS CFW was 3.0.1, used ChoiDujour to update to 5.1 SX OS CFW 5.1 Emunand was copied to SD with SX OS and I can now boot to SD Emunand on CFW 5.1. Question: Wanting to Restore Regular Nand to OFW 3.0.1, but I need to know if...
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    Update and load OFW without burning eFuses

    Hi, I would like to update my Switch without burning eFuses and load my carts in OFW. I think that if I update it with ChoiDujourNX using SX OS (2.2) and later on install AutoRCM and load OFW directly from the SX OS payload, I will be able to load carts without burrning eFuses. Could anyone...