ck3 lite

  1. F

    X360 USB Pro v1 suddenly not working?

    So I think my USB Pro may have shorted out but I'm not entirely sure so I'm hoping that by explaining the situation maybe someone can help me to resolve the issue. Had been working with a liteon drive and I was able to pull the drive info fine. Afterwards I went and installed a Sputnik chip onto...
  2. P

    CK3 LITE CK3 Lite Serial to usb

    Hello I updated my xbox yesterday via xbox live, and it seems that my drive has now been reset to stock firmware. So i wanna flash it again. I dont have any of the required hardware except a VIA card. I am thinking about buying a probe and a CK3 Lite. I dont have any COM ports, so i was...
  3. Z

    LITEON 9504 Replacement pcb problem

    I got the pcb from and when i removed the wires from the old pcb and solder them directly on the new(didn't use the small board i know how to solder didnt need it) and connect everything back, so i can connect the drive on the pc and flash it , my computer couldn't find the drive i...
  4. Happyhobo

    X360USB PRO Topic: X360PRO USB+CK3 Lite/CK3 Pro with the CK3 Probe

    Firstly, please excuse if this is both a stupid question and also if it doesn't belong in this catagory (please feel free to move it accordingly). I'm considering flashing my xbox for the first time, but need some help. I have a Liteon Model Number: DG-16D2S with FW version 74850C - so I...
  5. B

    How is CK3 Lite powered?

    Hi, I decided to use the product Xbox360 PRO as of yesterday and began reading everything about the process ahead of me. I have an xbox slim, about 6 months old, and I bought the following: Xecuter X360USB Pro 360 USB Pro *with case*...
  6. Y

    Question about powering the drive with xbox.

    Hi. For a year i have been using the xbox to power the drive when flashing, and i tyed online and didnt get banned. My question is: better i buy the ck3lite to prevent future logs while flashing, or i can be sure that im flagged? I think that the fact of using xbox as power is not enough to...
  7. B


    Hi. The following bundle is currently not in stock: I am looking for someone who has it and willing to sell. Please reply here or send me a message. Thank you very much!
  8. B

    [UK] CK3 lite + probe needed

    Hi, does anyone have a spare ck3 probe and a ck3 lite? If so, how much would you like for it? :D Thanks!
  9. B

    CK3 LITE SATA Card?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting this bundle: Now, in requirements, it says: X360USB PRO or Compatible SATA Card (recommend VIA 6421) I won't buy X360USB PRO because it costs too much and I don't use a laptop. So do I need to buy...
  10. S

    It just doesn't work.

    I am seriously so frustrated. I have spent all morning trying to flash my liteon drive to no avail. I'm going to list a ton of information in hopes that one smart individual will come along and help me. I've spent alot of money trying to get it to work. Hardware: Liteon 74850c, x360usb pro...
  11. G

    JungleFlasher won't detect my drive and I can't eject!

    My Drive: Lite on 93450c Connectivity Kit: CK3 Lite Lt Clip And Lt Switch v2 Just today I have been searching all around for a solution on why I am always getting status 0x52 on jungleflasher. So I went searching on forums and they said to revise my cuts and cut deeper. It was awkward as I...
  12. G

    Can't detect drive and I accidentally disconnected two yellow cables (Lite on 93450c)

    Hi, Team Xecuter members I have a serious problem with flashing my lite on 93450c. I bought the Lt Clip and Lt switch V2 so I can have a solderless read and flash for my drive. In a rush, I accidentally pulled out two yellow wires out of their position (Cable that connects the pbc to the case)...
  13. Q

    Another Dumb Noob, Please help

    Hey guys and girls. I am trying to flash my Hitachi 46 drive and I think I am missing something. I have gone through numerous tutorials and forums on this site and others. I'll list the steps i've done maybe someone can see what I missed. bought ck3 lite, and sata card from
  14. E

    Trouble w/ LiteOn 74850c Firmware Update

    Hello fellow modders, I was looking for a little help flashing my LiteOn drive... so I will first state exactly what I have for hardware and what I'm trying to accomplish. I bought a second-hand Xbox 360 elite with a LiteOn 74850c installed. It turns out that the previous user had the drive...
  15. J

    LiteOn 74850c flashing problem! need help!

    hey guys, so i recently got my ck3 lite, and my ck3 probe v1. I plugged everything in (power, serial, drive connector) and took off the back plate and probed the R707 point, i then pressed DVDKEY32 and it began to dump. It dumped 6 times and asked me to save, so i saved it. Then i went ahead...
  16. J

    ANSWERED CK3 Lite and liteon flash question!

    hey guys, i recently bought a CK3 Lite with a CK3 Probe V1. I connected everything and put the tray into the half opened mode and i keep getting "Warning, Serial data is bad" i have no idea whats going on. Im probing the right point and im getting a green light on my probe but i still...
  17. A

    I've totally screwed my Lite-On drive...

    Hello, A few days ago I flashed my lite-on 74850C drive with ixtreme-v.1.1 but when I connected it back to the xbox 360 and started it the middle green power light was flashing/blinking. I thought there was something wrong with the drive so I erased it using dosflash and written the...
  18. S

    Help needed regarding flashing a lite-on 74850C with CK3 Lite and Probe v2

    My problem is really weird. I power on my lite-on 74850C and follow the manual's steps completely until the probe stage. The strange thing is all my LEDs are shining correctly but I still keep getting the BAD SERIAL DATA error. I think my problem could be that jungle flasher didn't detect my...
  19. S

    Extract liteon 9345 key.bin with no soldering?

    is this possible, like can i just buy a probe or something? Or is that not possible?