ck3 probe 3

  1. N

    [WANTED] X360USB PRO V2 and CK3 Probe 3

    Does anyone still have these? Haven't found one yet. (24-9) Found a brand new one for a good price. (28-9)
  2. N

    CK3 PROBE Where can I get a CK3 Probe III?

    Hi! I didn't use my Xbox 360 (Phat, Lite-On) for a long time and last weekend I wanted to play FIFA 12 and bought it from someone. I was out of the loop and applied the update (2.0.13599) which reflashed the DVD drive. If I remember correctly it was flashed with iXtreme 1.6 before I unknowingly...
  3. X

    X360USB PRO X360 Usb Pro V2,CK3 Probe 3,Jungleflasher Error

    im not sure if this is the correct section im new here...i apologise if it isnt...i have a really irritating error i have been at for days literally jungleflasher doesnt detect my drive but it detects my usb pro v2 and im getting power to drive i can eject it etc also my dvd drive is a lite on...
  4. I

    LITEON DG-16D2S Where can I purchase a complete hardware flash package for xbox 360 phat Lite-on DVD?

    I have an XBox 360 fat with a... DVD: Phillips Lite-On February 2009 DG-16D2S HW/Ver: A0A2 FW Ver: 74850C +All XBox 360 updates to 2/7/14 I would like to purchase a bundle consisting of all hardware necessary to flash ... Flash Package: Xecuter X360USB PRO v2 Xecuter CK3 Probe 3 or ...
  5. NateSS415

    I need some help determining if my ck3 probe v3 is broken

    Here is my problem, I ordered a ck3 probe v3 and received it without any trouble. The problem occurred when I set everything up and was plugging my dvd drive into my x360pro v2. When I plugged the probe into the drive the green light on the probe itself dissappeared and also the on on the usbpro...
  6. C

    How to power up the CK3 Probe 3

    Hi. I'm having problems to understand how to power up the CK3 Probe 3. I've seen a lot of videos and all of them shows the need of the CK3i (or something similar). Is this really necessary? is there a way to power up the Probe 3 from a PC or from the Xbox 360 itself? I'm trying to flash my...
  7. D

    CK3 PRO CK3 Pro + CK3 Probe 3

    I've just brought a CK3 Pro with the Probe 3 - along with the X360USB Pro - but I'm already confused and i've only just got to taking things out of the bag! I feel so stupid asking, but can anyone help me/send me a link to a tutorial how to put the Pro and the Probe together so I can actually...
  8. A

    CK3 PROBE Problem using the Probe III

    If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it. Im trying to flash my liteon 7 series using the ck3 pro and the probe III using the usb. everything works except when i press dvdkey32 I always get Bad Serial Data, also I noticed the light on the probe III is always yellow not green. Can...
  9. W

    CK3 Probe 3 Drive No Longer Functioning

    I was trying to read my dvd key (7 series) so I could spoof lt+ but when I pressed the CK3 Probe on MPX01(using the method shown in the guides, of course) It just said extraction failed. Not so bad, my probe seems to be defective, but I could just send it in. But when I put the drive back in the...
  10. W

    JUNGLE FLASHER Macbook Bootcamp Key Retrieval

    So I just spent my past week trying to set up a bootcamp partition (huge pain in the ass) so I could flash peoples drives for them, but I finally got it. I installed everything, set up my X360USB Pro and CK3 Probe 3, connected everything with no problem. Drive is recognized perfectly, no...
  11. W

    CK3 PRO CK3 Pro Setup Help

    So I just received my CK3 Pro (Rev D) and looked around for a tutorial on basic setup and couldn't find one (I'm not the brightest guy around so it's probably just me being stupid). All I want to know is the basic wiring setup if I wanted to flash my Lite-On 94350C with X360USB Pro and a CK3...