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    CK3 Mini

    Is this a fake? it is coming from china.
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    X360USB PRO A question about needinga ck3 when flashing??

    if i were to buy a x360 usb pro to flash without a ck3 i heard you could get banned but what if i just plugged in a sata cable to the mother board that wasnt going into the dvd?
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    ANSWERED flashed lt+ 3.0 on Benq without CK3 -> Whats CK3 good for?

    Hi, I wanted to flash my Benq VAD6038 to lt+ 3.0 firmware however when I was reading tutorials I've realized that I don't have CK3. Anyway I wanted to try it without CK3, so I used my xbox to power my drive then I connected it with my mainboard via sata cable and then do exactly what is in this...
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    93450c mod gone wrong with blaster ck3

    Hi, Two years ago I purchased an XBOX360 with the intention of installing it in my recreation room. I didn't touch the thing for a year at which time I decided to devise a mod so that I could place the console in a small adjacent room. The console is an arcade system with a 93450C DVD drive...
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    Probe 3 / PMT Conversion cable switch broken

    Hi there, I an trying to flash my liteon firmware from my drive but when I press the power button on my probe cable, the drive doesn't then off and the probe 3 light stays on (should go off). Both of the cables going to and out of the switch are attached to the same pin on the switch. This...
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    ANSWERED Bad firmware flash problem, need help

    Hi, I tried to flash my liteon v9 drive to LT+ 3.0. It worked perfectly until I put it back to the xbox. i got e64 error, a bunch of times. Then, took it out again and setup jungle flasher 1.91, using ck3 pro and x360usb. here is where the issue comes and it happened in the first time. it says...
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    BLASTER CK3 small white wire broke

    the small white wire the plugs into the blaster ck3 itself broke, not the actual wire but the small plastic piece at the end of the small white wire, while i was trying to install it :facepalm:. I was wondering if their was any place to buy replacement parts. And i wanted to know if anyone knew...
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    CK3 PRO CK3 Pro + CK3 Probe 3

    I've just brought a CK3 Pro with the Probe 3 - along with the X360USB Pro - but I'm already confused and i've only just got to taking things out of the bag! I feel so stupid asking, but can anyone help me/send me a link to a tutorial how to put the Pro and the Probe together so I can actually...
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    LITEON 9504 problem flashing lite-on 9504 back to stock. can someone use teamview and help me?

    ok first off i wanna say that im not sure if im correct by saying team view, and i really dont know how to use it. but i am willing to let someone help me if they will. i accidentally erased my flash from my drive im using a ck3 pro and x360usb pro to try to flash my 9504 back to stock....i...
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    LITEON 9504 problem flashing lite-on 9504 back to stock

    ok so for starters, im using the ck3 po rev d and my desktop computer. so basically i accidentally erased my firmware off my drive. using the ck3 pro i managed to get the drive into vendor mode. i load my dummy.bin as the source(making sure i say no to auto load), and the ofw.bin as the...
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    LITEON 9504 quick question about the ck3 pro rev d

    ok so i just got my ck3 in the mail today. im trying to send a dvd drive that i accidentally erased all the firmware on into vendor mode.....i cant find a tutorial on this anywhere. i have everything hooked up, but im unfamiliar with the steps i need to take because ive never used a ck3 before...
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    Liteon 9504 - did i buy the right ck3?

    so i just purchased the ck3 pro (rev d) for use flashing a lite-on 9504. did i purchase the right one, or should i have gotten the ck3 lite? sorry just need clarification. thanks,
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    LITEON 9504 ok so i have alot of questions, and i cant find anything to really cover my problem.

    ok first i want to start out by saying that i let a friend borrow my ck3 and it is broken. im waiting on a new one to arrive in the mail. anyway, my problem is this. i was trying to flash my drive back to stock firmware so i could update to the new dash until the new firmware was released...
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    LITEON 74850 Making own probe..?

    Sup I been following this tutorial which is pretty easy and seems allgood, problem is I cannot find a DB9 solder female sub connector anywhere like the one shown on the tutorial, only ones I could find are female-female...
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    ANSWERED ck3 lite serial port?

    Hey guys, this is my first time flashing an xbox drive. I have a 360 slim and my dvd drive is the DG-16D4S version 9504. I just barely received my ck3 lite and probe v3 today and realized I was missing one vital component: the VIA6421 PCI card. I noticed that the ck3 lite comes with a cord...
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    external molex probs

    ordered a x360usb pro,ck3lite and exterenal molex bundle from here on 5th April. Phoned up 15th April wondering where my order might be and was told the external molex's have been withdrawn as there blowing up and some more will be coming in a few weeks. I arranged for x360usb pro and ck3lite to...
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    CK3 PRO Dont work anymore...

    hi, i have a ck3 probe with kit, i already perform many flash to drives and firmware updates too now probe stop working, eject button dont eject the drive. i do not need extract the key for the liteon since i already have i just need to apply the firmware but it never get in vendor mode...
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    What happens if you dont use the ck3 to power your drive?

    so i flashed my drive 2 days ago, and in the process of getting ready to do another one, i broke my ck3. If i use the xbox to power on the dvd drive, what are the risks? I've heard that the console will be flagged for ban faster. is there any truth in this?
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    ck3 probe question?

    hi everyone sorry if this isnt in the right forum, recently i took my xbox 360 slim apart and found that i have the lite-on 9504. i saw on the homepage that the release on how to flash this drive is upon us. my question is, is the probe required to flash this drive, or is the probe essentially...
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    Blaster ck3 and probe 3??

    I have a blaster ck3 and a probe 3. Can anyone explain to me how i can use them together to get a dvd key that is lost?