1. B

    ANSWERED Strange CK3i Eject Button Behaviour

    Hi there, I recently purchased a CK3i and a X360USB PRO Kit with a probe 3 and I flashed a LiteOn drive just fine with no problems, but then I moved on to a Hitachi 78 and that's when the CK3i started to act strange. When I used the CK3i with the liteon, I was trying the eject button on the...
  2. BestNoob

    FIXED Problems with CK3i port error and freezes

    Hello, my system often hangs up for an minute or more while sending an command to CK3i. Also Jungleflasher printed out often an "Failed to open com port COMx" I have an Asus P5Q-Deluxe Mainboard Via drivers deleted (and no via installed) I have also an old PC with an MSI P4M900M2 Mainboard...
  3. S

    My xbox 360 slim 0225 replaced pcb is not detecting.

    my xbox 360 replaced with unlockedPCB v1.1 is not detecting in my computer. i got ck3i and x360usb pro. X360usb pro is detecting in my pc and xbox 360 replaced unlockedpcb drive is not detecting and it is showing an error 0x80!!!! what should i do now i got all xecuter product and still it is...
  4. B

    CK3i CK3i Malfunction

    Alright so while I was restoring my firmware to stock to update to the recent Dashboard firmware I mistakenly plugged the Molex power in upside down. I do not believe the third Molex ring is grounded so I am worried that this might have in some way overloaded the board. The CK3i still powers...
  5. A

    CK3i any problems other than the PL2303 chip?

    Is there any other way the CK3i 'always on' power problem can be explained except for the blown PL2303 chip? I ordered my X360USB, unlocked TX PCB and ck3i about a month and a half back from modchipcentral. The CK3i worked perfectly then, I even flashed the fw into the PCB. But the pcb turned...
  6. O

    BENQ Odd Problem With BenQ Drive Not Recieving Power from My Ck3i

    So let me preface this by saying this is my first Xbox 360 firmware mod attempt, so I'm still very much learning as I go. With that said I have a problem that has stumped me that I can't seem to find an answer to anywhere else on these forums. If I'm just bad at the search function I apologize...
  7. W

    CK3I issue.

    After buying my CK3I from Modchip when i was playing around with it trying to get my usb controller to read my CK3I i noticed that the on off switch wasnt working right didnt turn off or on When i was testing it no i didnt put the molex in wrong and tried 3 different USB / Molex connecter but...
  8. K

    CK3i CK3i not detected

    Ck3i is not detected in windows 7 device manager, however the drive is detected in jungleflasher. How can i install the ck3i drivers if it is not being detected?
  9. S

    [WANTED] TX CK3i

    Hi! I am looking for a TX CK3i in working condition. Willing to spend $25 - $30 depending on condition. Thanks!
  10. A

    CK3i operating voltage

    I had a quick question: Does anyone know if there's a specific operating voltage for the ck3i (and the x360usb pro), like 110v or does it operate in both 110-220v? thanks
  11. J

    NANDX - Not updating to v3 using CK3i (Error while Programming Device)

    Hi, I have an error while programming the NAND-X with the latest v3 code using the CK3i and the Ck3i to NAND-X update cable. I have a MOLEX PSU and Windows 7 64 bit. Actually I usually got the "Autobad error" unless I press the Reset button in the NAND-X and just when releasing the button I...
  12. S

    xDrive & CK3i

    I am a total noob to this and I have just purchased a CK3i, X360USB and and xDrive. I have managed to connect up my DVD drive to the CK3i and x360USB and all works perfectly. However when I connect everything to the xDrive I get nothing at all, no response, no lights and no sign of power. Do...
  13. H

    LITEON 93450 How to get dvd key using ck3i+sputnik360 unlock probe

    Hi everyone, I want to ask all of you if it's posible to use the sputnik360 unlock probe to get the dvd key from a lite-on drive and how I could do it. I also have a ck3i for conect the drive to computer. Please help me, I'm new trying this. Thanks