coolrunner rev c

  1. T

    RGH Xbox Won't Boot

    Since i was able to read my dvd key now my xbox wont boot the center light still starts up + it wont blink please help:mad::mad:
  2. D

    RGH Help!! My RGH wont boot

    TX Product(s) used:J-R Programmer, Coolrunner Rev C Console Type: Falcon NAND size:no idea Dashboard version:2.0.17511.0 CB version: 5774 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Its empty updflash.bin log (if applicable): Image of Coolrunner...
  3. G

    RGH Corona V1 RGH with Coolrunner Rev C + QSB - Red Ring

    Hello everybody, I have RGH'ed an xbox 360 slim corona v1 and this console does successfully boot into dash with the hack installed BUT, only after I have left it unplugged for a while. Typically the Coolrunner Rev C will try and glitch the Xbox and then the fan will stop and it will red ring...
  4. Alteration

    RGH Lifted R3B15 pad, now RGH doesn't turn on, only makes power "ding"

    I successfully RGH'd my Xbox about a month ago, and last night when I brought it to a friends, I booted it on and got the retail dash (expected Aurora), and I couldn't access any of the games from my hard drive. So I booted into Xell Reloaded and was presented with a "Segmented Fault" red...
  5. TechManSaver

    Xbox 360 Not Reading Avatar Update On Usb Rgh

    So i have an rgh that i just did today,and i wanna go online.So i used xebuild gui to create a 17150 image and flashed it to the nand with flash360.I then wanted to go online with xblse so i needed the avatar update,so i downloaded the update and put it on the flashdrive and disabled noupdater...
  6. V

    i have a coolrunner rev C but no double shield cable?

    is it possible to RGH a PHAT jasper without the double shielded cable? mine didnt come with one.
  7. T

    ANSWERED Coolrunner rev C or Cr4 XL?

    Hello, I'm deciding what to buy to RGH my corona v3 and I can't decide on the chip. They are both about the same price but the rev C is older and has more tutorials for it but the CR4 is newer. Which one should I get? Is there much difference between the two? Thanks :)
  8. L

    RGH RGH 2.0 console Not turning on?

    Hey everyone, this was my first RGH ever to do. I soldered all the wires correctly responding to colors for the Nand, (Im using TX JR-Programmer V2) this was a falcon RGH on dash 16203, phat console. So when I tried to read the nand after soldering at first i was getting errors of "version 10...
  9. M

    RGH Corona V3 - No glitch - CoolRunner Rev C

    Hi to all: Im having troubles with a CORONA V3... I've dumped the nand right and wrote xell. I've programmed the chip with 4_3 and 2_2 timming files. I bridged succesfully the RSC6 and RSC7 points and installed the POST_FIX adapter. But i dont get my console glitching, just the red light on...
  10. S

    Falcon Wont boot!

    My falcon wont boot it did befoe i installed the coolrunner now it wont, i had to do a cpu_pll_bypass alternative point because the wire accidentally pulled off the original point /: but even before then it wouldnt boot on the original point. Please help!!!!!!!!!
  11. D

    Trinity rev-c RGH help

    So I've been working on my trinity for the last few weeks. It's my first one so it's been taking me some time. I've been getting stuck here and there but overall it's gone okay. 2 days ago I dumped the NAND using a JRP v1.1. It gave me 258 and 218 error on every block it read in jrunner, so I...
  12. E

    A cry for help!

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer 2, Coolrunner rev C, Corona QSB Upgrade, Postfix adapter 1st gen Console Type: Corona V4/V6 Manufacture Date: 2012-12-26 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.16537 CB version: 13182 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log...
  13. E

    Jasper 16MB CB6754 wont boot with Coolrunner rev C

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer v2, Coolrunner rev C Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.15574 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Image of Coolrunner: Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: Description of problem: I wrote the...
  14. J

    COOLRUNNER PLEASE HELP! Coolrunner rev c green light not blinking!

    [SOLVED] PLEASE HELP! Coolrunner rev c green light not blinking! I am trying to RGH 2 my Corona V1 with the Coolrunner Rev C and JR-Programmer V1 with the Speed Upgrade. I already have the QSB_CR_UPGRADE installed, the Coolrunner installed, and my Nand has already been read. I have no bad...
  15. E

    2 Coronas v4-v6 wont boot with coolrunner rev C

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer v2, Coolrunner rev C, QSB CR Upgrade, DGX, DIY SD Adapter, DIY No PostOut :) Console Type: Corona v4 Halo 4, Corona v4 standard NAND size: 16MB and 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.16202 and 2.0.16197 CB version: e.g 13181 and 13182 Screenshot of NAND details from...
  16. J

    COOLRUNNER CR Rev. C not glitching (Debug light not blinking, Trinity wires install)

    TX Product(s) used: CoolRunner rev. C, DemoN Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: In image above Image of Coolrunner: Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: Resoldered bottom: Old pics...
  17. S

    Corona v1 Noob Issues

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer v2, Coolrunner rev c Console Type: Xbox Slim Corona v1 250g NAND size: 16mb Dashboard: 16537 Hey guys, So I decided to RGH2 my first Corona v1 slim and everything was going fine. I was able to read the nand with my JR programmer 2 and then proceeded to solder...
  18. K

    COOLRUNNER No power after CoolRunner on Corona V3 - Ideas?!

    Aloha! I (with the help of a friend) recently put a CoolRunner Rev C on a Corona V3 board. We had a clean NAND dump. Programmed the CoolRunner but now all we're getting is the red light on the CR but nothing else. Here's a little more detail: What we're using: QSB_CR_UPDATE CoolRunner Rev C...
  19. S

    FIXED Corona v2 4GB - CR revC - Debug LED not flashing

    TX Product(s) used: JR-Programmer 1.1, CoolRunner revC, 4GB QSB R/W, Corona QSB_CR_Upgrade (w/clock generator), postfix adapter v2. Console Type: Corona v2 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.16537 CB version: 13181 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Jrunner screenshot is attached...
  20. P

    RGH Coolrunner Rev C not flashing

    Hey guys, yesterday I managed to get Xell to boot succesfully on my Jasper 512mb within a minute, with no problems at all, but today the console just froze up a few seconds after booting into Xell, so I turned it off and on, and realized the CR green led wouldn't flash anymore. Then I wrote my...