1. S

    CoolRunner Stopped Glitching After Update

    So I have an slim RGH trinity with a CoolRunner and a Cygnos360. I updated it a few years ago and ever since it has failed to boot. It boots like once in a million tries and I just recently got it booted into XELL so I could grab the CPU key, but it hasn't booted since. The retail NAND works...
  2. L

    RGH - Xbox no power. Possibly burned a trace.

    Hello. I recently tried to RGH my Conorona v1 Xbox. This was my first try and I didn't care much about braking it. I know my soldering is quite bad and it's like the third time I tried to resolder everything. I successfully flashed the xbox, removed JR Programmer, soldered Coolrunner Rev-C and...
  3. K

    RGH Coolrunner install, xbox now does nothing when powered on.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, so if I am doing something wrong/posting in the wrong forum please let me know or delete my post. I have purchased a Coolrunner and JR Programmer to attempt to RGH 1.2 my jasper. I was successfully able to dump the nand and read/write to it. I...
  4. N

    RGH2 - Jasper 16MB, booted Xell, booted hacked image once, no boots so far...

    Hello, I am trying to glitch a Jasper, but I was only able to boot Xell and once managed to boot the hacked image. First some info and at the end pictures of my soldering. Model: Jasper 16MB (Phat) CB: 6754 (generated hacked image with J-runner is 6752) Dash: 17150 (generated hacked image is...
  5. X

    COOLRUNNER Xilinx Device .... [NOT DETECTED] error

    So I'm trying to RGH 1.2 my Jasper 256 MB BB console. When I try to flash my cool runner it gives me the Xilinx Device .... [NOT DETECTED] error. Everything is plugged in correctly as well. Can anyone help? Thank you.
  6. A

    RGH Console does not power after writing ECC - RGH CoolRunner Rev A with QSB CR Upgrade

    Hello Guys, I am working on am xbox 360 Slim - Corona of a friend of mine. I have installed [CoolRunner Rev:A] with the [QSB CR Upgrade For Corona]. When working with J-Runner on the initial run, I did the following: 1. clicked [?] next to motherboard and it detected the corona. 2. Did two...
  7. Alteration

    RGH Corona Unglitchable?

    I just bought a good friend of mine a glitch chip for his console, the same one I used for my Trinity (CoolRunner Rev C) and offered to transform it into an RGH, sadly though, when I got to working on it, J-Runner kept spitting out: Version: 10 Flash Config: 0xC0462002 C0462002 This flashconfig...
  8. TechManSaver

    Can i downgrade retail to jtag version and jtag it?

    i have a falcon xbox 360,which i have installed the coolrunner rev c in it,and i uninstalled it to install in a better trinity slim.Then i put the console away since i don't have any use for it.THEN i got some money,i purchased the cr4 xl,and i was putting it in the console and the ft6u7 pad...
  9. C

    COOLRUNNER Coolrunner flashing green not booting up

    I had my xBox (4gb slim) modded a few years back (Dec 2011) and it worked great, It worked fine for quite a while now without any problems (it booted into the dash and loaded games off of the hard drive) then I moved houses and it stopped working (probably not related but it´s when I noticed)...
  10. Alteration

    COOLRUNNER Does Rev C Work on All Dash Versions?

    I've spent the last two days doing research on which glitch chip I should buy, and I've found a seller on eBay that stocks generic Rev C's (save the lecture). I've watched quite a few videos that briefly mention "you must be on dash blah blah blah for this to work". Is that a special case, or...
  11. K

    New need help

    Im new to this and was wondering if i buy the JR Programmer V2 and the Coolrunner Rev C for my falcon is this all i would need to rgh and also by using these products would it be RGH1, RGH2 or would it be a R-Jtag? also im on dash 2.0.16756.0 should i keep it there or update to the current...
  12. TechManSaver

    would i be able to post a thread on how to rgh 1.2?

    I feel as if phat owners would love it,just wanted to know if i was allowed,thanks!
  13. N

    COOLRUNNER Trinity Jasper 512MB RGH2 will not boot Xell

    Hi guys, I've been doing RGH2 mods for a while now, successfully modded over 100 odd consoles. I'm having an issue however with a Trinity Jasper 512MB. Steps I've taken (as per routine): * Dumped NAND x4, all match OK * Wired CR3 as per PHAT console wiring specification * Programmed CR3 to...
  14. J

    Why do some say not to RGH (2.0) a falcon board? Ive got like 5 of them but.....

    So i have like 5 falcon boards that have the disk drive error from someone replacing the drive and i cant fix them. I know i can grab the key from rghing but i might as well follow through and do the whole thing so i have a modded xbox for myself. Ive tried to do other xboxes and have messed up...
  15. S

    RGH Need a full tutorial on how to RGH a xbox 360 slim trinity to the newest dashboard

    HI guys i need help im beginner at rghing xboxes i want to learn this.Please leave a full list of things i need to RGH a xbox 360 slim trinity. if you perferred to talk to me on skype about this skype name is ottolp2010 1.please leave a list of all the things i need including programs and...
  16. E

    [COOLRUNNER] RevA RGH2 on phats tutorial

    Hi, i wanted to share my experience with some RGH2 x360s installs, Jaspers and other phats (7 consoles total). You may be interested in trying my "unusual" CPU Reset wire path but more importantly considering the amount of tinkering required to get those old CR modchips working with RGH2, i...
  17. E

    ANSWERED RGH2 with Rev A ? and what's that Rev D ?

    Hi, just found an old bag full of Coolrunner Rev A (?, there's no "Rev X" printed on the board), they look identical to the current board (RC1?) picture we can see on the team-xecuter product page.. So can i do anything with those old modchips on recent "updated" x360. for example i have a...
  18. R

    RGH Coolrunner/CR3 lite programming

    Hi, this is my first post here so if I break a rule or not give enough information, pls tell me so that I can correct it! :) So anyway, I bought this RRoD 360 that has a cr3 lite in it and I also found a coolrunner for cheap at a local online store. My problem is that I don't have a nand-x, nor...
  19. W

    COOLRUNNER Cable for scl point

    I may have lost the green cable from my coolrunner. What type of cable can I use to replace it?
  20. W

    COOLRUNNER RGH and Dual Nand

    Im going to reinstall my coolrunner in my xbox 360 which has a corona v2 motherboard. I might also dual-nand in the future and I need to know how I would have to manage to use the same 3.3V. Is there an alternative 3.3V point or should I solder it to the same one?