1. W

    COOLRUNNER Coolrunner Unistall

    How can I remove the Coolrunner from the Xbox 360? I have already flashed new NAND More information: Corona 4GB - Liteon 1175 - Slim Will not be able to reply for a few hours so include as much information and details as possible. Thanks in advance, wevans59
  2. H

    RGH My RGH Corona Doesn't play game disks

    I recently bought an rgh2 corona (using a cool runner chip), and when I got it, everything seemed to work fine, except the disk reader. It reads games, but recognizes them as a DVD, so it says 'play DVD'. This is when I had dashboard 16747 on it, so I deciced to update it to 16767 thinking tbat...
  3. W

    RGH Coolrunner - Dual boot / Dual nand HELP

    SOLVED Coolrunner - Dual boot / Dual nand HELP I recently purchased the coolrunner REV. C. I installed it in my XBOX 360 S 4GB. It is a corona V2 with a liteon 1175 and so far everything is working great. I also have an ODDE and I want to install it, could I Dual Boot without installing a...
  4. P

    COOLRUNNER I failed the PLL_BYPASS soldering point, is there any alternating point ?

    Hi everybody. I'm a noob. I got a CoolRunner Rev C in order to repair my falcon. My previous post is this ==> I begun to soldering according to CoolRunner installation guide, but I failed the PLL_BYPASS soldering point because of my poor...
  5. N

    RGH Having some diverse dash issues on RGH 2 console .

    Hello hacking community ;) Am running rgh 2 hack on a jasper 16 mb , and am using the 16747 dash version . i have a 256 memory card with xexmenu installed on it , and a 150 gb external usb drive with resonance of fate installed , and also FSD 3 folder on it . I have also no drive and the...
  6. S

    RGH Trinity RGH2 Not Booting!

    X Product(s) used: Coolrunner Rev C Console Type: Trinity NAND size: I don't know bro. Dashboard version: 16756 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Was the console working before you started: Yes. Do you get a green debug light appear on the RGH chip every 4-5 seconds...
  7. D

    Fried something trying to achieve RGH2 on Falcon?!

    Hi. A week ago i bought a XBox 360(Falcon v1, Dash 2.0.16756, CB5774) and read a few days about whats going on and how to modify those. My previous experience was the original XBox with TSOP flash which was pretty easy compared to the current RGH. However i gave it a try and now im scared that...
  8. ultimate360

    wanted- coolrunner rev c, cr3 lite, phat glitcher

    Just need a quick coolrunner or cr3 lite to put into a falcon for a friend. He doesn't care if its a slow boot, and I'm out of chips until cr4. Thanks Can pay via Paypal, or Google wallet
  9. U

    RGH wont boot

    My RGH wont boot, I know it takes a while sometimes, but I don't think it would take this long. The green light does flash every 5 seconds, and I have the component cable in. Is it possible that the coolrunner somehow broke? If it really does take this long, is there any way to improve the boot...
  10. U

    Coolrunner rev c r4b24 damaged, pro required to fix

    I have a Jasper 16mb nand for rgh2. and everything seems completely fine, but the r4b24 pad seems to be damaged and the xbox refuses to turn on. The reason the orange wire isn't there is because it fell off and I didn't think it would be a great idea to try to solder it when it is messed up...
  11. U

    Coolrunner rev c r12 removed

    I was soldering 1-2 at the bottom of the coolrunner when I accidentally revoked r12 is that required? If it is, what would be the easiest way to reattach it? Or is there an alternative solution?
  12. T

    ANSWERED Installed coolrunner for keys, LTU2 install, do i need to remove the coolrunner????

    I have installed the coolrunner to boot to Xell and get my cpu key and dvd key for the LTU2 install. Do I have to remove the coolrunner from the board or can I keep it installed in the xbox and continue with the LTU2 install with flashing the stock nand and making it an xbox live console? If so...
  13. Spec114

    CR Rev.B in Trinity Slim won't glitch

    I've had my Trinity glitched and working for almost 2 years now and have not had any problems. I took out my CoolRunner and programmed it to the Falcon XSVF for DVD key recovery since a friend fried his DVD drive trying to flash it. Finished the Falcon with RGH1 and put it back into my Slim...
  14. reubenjack

    RGH RGH SLIM Trinity Stopped Booting Suddenly.

    Hi Everyone, I got my Xbox RGH Slim last year this month and it was working perfectly. It Used to Glitch between 15 to 30 Seconds. 4 weeks back i flashed Latest Dashboard and it was working fine. Suddenly yesterday while i was Playing GTA 5 / BF4 it freezes badly. I boot to XELL to check and it...
  15. Timboteo


    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer, Coolrunner rev C, Nand-x Console Type: CORONA V4 4GB Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 13181 Hi Guys! this is my problem: Situation: Corona V4, Coolrunner C + Oscillator + TX POSTIFIX ADAPTER. Problem: POST-OUT point with continuity to GND. Tries...
  16. S

    GENERAL Xenon phat with broken DVD drive.

    Hello, I looked a while on this forum, I'm new here to see what I need to hack my X-box 360. I already hacked one X-box360 with jungle flash but that X-box 360 has the RROD now and I cannot fix it. Now I have another old x-box 360 (Phat Xenon) with a broken hard drive. I don't have my DVD-key so...
  17. X

    FIXED Falcon 0022 error after failed RGH2 attempt

    Hello everyone. This is my first post after many month of lurking. Apologies if this post has too much/too little information; this was my first attempt at glitching an Xbox 360. Tools used: * Nand-X * Coolrunner Rev C Short history of Falcon board: * Obtained used/broken off Ebay (about a...
  18. S

    Xbox 360 doesn turns ON

    Hey, I have a Xbox 360 Slim 4GB RGH Trinity with Coolrunner. Initially everything was working perfect and the Xbox was working but then after some weeks, I tried to start my Xbox 360, but it wasn't starting. The yellow light was On on the power brick. So I searched on Google for any solution...
  19. K

    COOLRUNNER Zephyr Board wont boot into Xell Rev C

    Good evening, I updated my xbox 360 (Phat) Zephyr Console to 14699 and wanted to do an Rgh 1.0 with Jrunner. I dumped the Nand like always with Nand-x. Created the ECC. etc... flashed the Coolrunner Rev C. with the zephyr RGH 1.0 File. After that I wired all cables that were shown up in the...
  20. S

    Coolrunner no video, no boot screen

    Hello! I was hoping someone here could offer some help - I bought a jtagged xbox around 8 months ago. It's been working fine, up until it started exhibiting it's current problem the fault is; On power up, there is no video - the ring of lights on the front of the console don't go through their...