1. V

    [WANTED] DGX, CR Rev.C, J-R Programmer [Europe]

    Hello, I need 1 DGX1.0S, 4 CR Rev.C and 1 J-R Programmer (all with wires). I'm from Bulgaria. Thanks in advance :)
  2. oblivioncth

    3 Quick questions regarding the DemoN

    1. Does the DemoN come preloaded with firmware? I saw something in the J-Runner PDF that talked about how to update the firmware, but I haven't seen any firmware on the TX forums so am I correct in assuming it comes with firmware and there have been no updates? 2. This feels obvious if I read...
  3. T3chWarrior

    GENERAL CR Glitch LED Mod for ALL Versions!!

    Hey guys, sorry I've been gone for so long. Just saw a lot of confusion with the CoolRunner LED mod options. Since superspeed's thread is so large I thought I would consolidate this process for everyone. I had planed on doing this back in may but got busy this summer. Also, I want to take a...
  4. B

    FIXED demon xecuter & CR Rev c

    Hi everyone, So, i have recently finished soldering a demon xecuter and CR Rev c to my xbox360 motherboard. I connected the demon xecuter to the CR Rev c with a ribbon cable. I launched J runner and did four nanddumps and they compared correctly. During the nand dump i had "Header is wrong"...
  5. S

    RGH Xenon

    I have looked everywhere and have alot of questions still not answered. I have access to three xenons with the dashboards at 13599. I am weighing my options. I can't see spending $150 on a jasper with no power supply plus the nandx and a coolrunner. So I am interested in retreiving the dvd key...
  6. D

    RGH Jasper 512 RGH2 sharing my experience.

    Hello all. I have just finished an RGH2 (DB 14719) on my Jasper 512 using CR Rev C and thought I would share my experience. For starters, this was my first Jasper. I've performed RGH on Falcon, Trinity, Corona V1 and V2. This however was my first Jasper and also my first RGH2 on a phat console...
  7. B

    Can't Boot XELL, LED on coolrunner doesn't flash when glitching

    Okay so after my first mishap I decided to take my time and do things properly. I installed the coolrunner and demon in my other xbox flashed them both, took 4 NAND Dumps, 4 from DEMON and 4 from XBOX 360. I use the xbox nand to create an .ecc with the right dash. I then booted the xbox in...
  8. O

    RGH Coolrunner Rev D

    Hi guys i just bought a coolrunner rev D because i want to do rgh 2.0 on my Xbox 360 S, i wanted to know, what are the differences between rev C and rev D? And the tutorial for rev D is the same of rev C? i have a Corona. Sorry for my english, i'm italian :facepalm:
  9. F

    RGH Jasper RGH Trouble with XELL

    hello, i have seen lots of videos and tutorials about this. but i cant find an answer, already flashed coolrunner, and i have already installed xell... at first i was like i dont see the blinking green light at the xbox power button. but then i found that you should press the eject button...
  10. M

    Buy coolrunner and Jr-programmer

    where is the best place to buy CoolRunner III & JR-Programmer v2 Full Kit
  11. M

    Coolrunner for slims

    Can i jtag a slim with Coolrunner? if i can which is better Coolrunner or J-runner or do i have to do both
  12. Jos Dekker

    RGH Can not glitch to Xell with Corona V1

    Hello, System: Corona 16mb V1 Dashboard 719 Coolrunner V3 Lite Config CR3: LK1 - OPEN LK2 - CLOSED LK3 - OPEN LK4 – OPEN Switch set to Slim S2 – 1 and 5 on S4 – All off I got the following situation; I read the nand without errors of the Corona Slim, after this i flashed the CR3Lite...
  13. B

    J-RUNNER crashes when reading NAND DEMON

    Hi so I have installed my Demon and Coolrunner. I have put the MB back in my Xbox and am trying to Read the Nand. I connected the xbox to power (DID NOT TURN ON). And the lights on both the Demon NAND selector and red light on coolrunner come on. I open JRunner (drivers already installed and...
  14. K

    Buying advice for a NEW slim (RGH mod ability)

    Ideally I want to end up with the lowest watt model possible (Corona 105w), but I'm confused about the implications of buying a new retail system that might make RGH hard/impossible to do? So 2 main questions: 1) Is there currently a known risk of buying a new 360 system that comes, from the...
  15. A

    RGH Falcon Nand Problem

    Hey guys, I have a Falcon and have been trying to RGH it for the past few days. I have: 1. Programed my Coolrunner. 2. Made three NAND dumps (2 & 3 where identical) 3. Wrote xell to NAND. 4. I then installed the Coolrunner to Mobo. After that the orange light came up on the Coolrunner but Xell...
  16. A

    Help needed with Coolrunner REV C (maybe broken or bad soldering)

    Hi, Few days ago I received my Coolrunner Rev C and J-R Programmer. The first steps of the install process went very well but after writing the new NAND and simultaneously changed the Coolrunner board to 1-2 closed and cap closed - the XBOX wouldn’t boot up again. Hope someone can help...
  17. oblivioncth

    RGH Strange Behavior With Trinity RGH

    Well after I finally got this damn console working by changing around some of the settings on the coolrunner, it now behaves VERY strangely. You turn it on and immediately the fan makes this kinda...clicking noise i guess, and the green light doesn't even flash. The amount of time this lasts...
  18. oblivioncth

    FIXED Can't get Slim Trinity to Glitch

    Hello, I have RGH'ed slims before and have not had any trouble so this is a first for me. My setup is: -Cap Open -JP closed -1&2 closed -Top QSB with Nand-X ports -Post QSB -Yellow cable on Post QSB "1" -Double shielded cable on QSB"44" -Double sheilded cable shielding grounded to...
  19. S

    jasper dash 2.0.13599.0 coolrunner qsb and demon

    Hi i have a jasper with dash 2.0.13599.0 i have a coolrunner rev c and a demon ( none of this installed yet) :o I want to rgh this console as i understand it due to the dash i have i can rgh1 this. do i have to update the dash before i do anything else ? or am i ok to dump the nand as is? The...
  20. A

    RGH Team Xecuter DemoN and Cool Runner Rev.C

    Hi. - This is my first post - Yay I have a phat Falcon Xbox 360. I am going to RGH my Xbox soon, but first I do have a few queries :/ Firstly, when I RGH my Xbox, do I only need the Demon and the Cool Runner (PS. I want to dual nand).Do I not need a Nand-X to dump the nand or can I do that via...