corona v2

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    Xbox 360 Slim [Corona v2/v4]

    Hello everybody on teamxecuter Backstory: I have an original xbox with an xecuter modchip, so I have 2 operating system on it. SO I bought an Xbox 360 slim- it has manufacturing date: 2012-06-07, console model 1439. and have used this thread...
  2. Alteration

    NAND Read / Write Kit Not Working

    Photos: Description: I know you soldering elitists will ridicule me for this, but give me a second to explain: I started off using my Radioshack soldering iron (which sucks so much, the tip is huge, it's slow to heat, it's oxidized beyond belief, the list goes on)...
  3. K

    RGH RGH2,Corona v2, Help

    I have a corona v2, I'm using a CR3 Lite, JR-programmer, 4g nand r/w This is the tut i followed: I read both of my nands twice and they matched. But it wont let me write the ECC this is the code I...
  4. K

    RGH CR3 Lite, Corona v2, JR Programmer, No Qsb's wire install only, NOOB

    First time rgh, I know how to solder and whatnot but I have Jr-programmer, Cr3 Lite, 4gb Nand R/W. I have my flux,soldering tools, and t10. Wire only install. I need the soldering points and what i need to program my Cr3 and what I need once I rgh my xbox. Tut?
  5. T

    RGH CR4 XL on Corona v2 - Items list review

    Hi, below you'll find a list of items I think are necessary, or not, for a basic installation. I also added a small note on each item to explain my reasoning. I'd like comments on this list since I might have easily got something wrong. Necessary - CR4 XL Obviously... - XECUTER CORONA...
  6. C

    RGH In Orlando Area service needed

    Hello Guys, I have an xbox 360 corova V2 or V4, I would like to RGH, i already have CR4 chip only. Are any of you guys doing the installation near the Orlando Area? If so please PM me with a quote. Thank You guys.
  7. L

    FIXED Corona V2 CR4 XL No Glitch

    So we meet again TX ..... Yet another problem so here goes. Ill try and cover everything first time around so I can get quick help. Rgh'ing a corona v2 with 4gb nand using the cr4 xl and nand qsb. What Ive done so far: - Soldered in qsb to read nand. Dumped on first go. (8x small dumps, 4x...
  8. W

    Do i need dgx corona v2

    I got a xbox 360 slim 4GB (corona v2) date is before 2012 and i want to know how to rgh it. I have searched many threads and post even watched many yt. But i cant figure out wether i need or dont need dgx. They say dgx is to retrieve cpu key but i can get it via xell and then retrieve it over...
  9. zphingphong

    Could anyone help me check if the solder joints are in the correct places?

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  10. zphingphong

    RGH Failed to read NAND on Corona V2

    TX Product(s) used: SLIM PROTO V2, Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 Console Type: Corona V2 (360s) NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: Retail CB version: - Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: ===================================================...
  11. S

    Slim Proto V2 - Corona v2 install clarifications (Nand & QSB)

    Hi all, soon I will attempt a Slim proto V2 install on a Corona V2 with a 4GB nand and post out. I just wanted to have some clarification on a few details as of course this is the first time I attempt to mod the xbox 360 best to go slow and double check some stuff (I will be doing it in Athens...
  12. P

    RGH Doubts about Corona v2

    Hey everyone, I've got a Corona v2 from a friend of mine who wants me to RGH it, but I have few questions, and I would greatly appreciate any help. 1- Are there any alternate point for Post_Out1 and Cpu_Rst ? I kinda don't wanna take off the X-clamp screws 2- How long does it take to get a full...
  13. O

    What is needed to get the CPU_KEY off Corona V2 to flash 16D5S 1175

    Sorry if there are threads a'plenty on topics like this but I have been reading guides pretty much all day trying to figure out what I had to do/get to flash my slims dvd drive. At first it started as "oh I have a 16D4S I can get a replacement PCB" to "What fricken glich chip will work with this...
  14. bboybambam

    Corona V2 4gb created a retail image and now it won't boot.

    Hi so the story is I had a guy RGH my xbox In 2011 and it is a corona v2 4gb he installed a squirt v1.2 It had always worked fine. He never gave me my original nanddump i ask him for it but he never replied. I have a dump of my nand with rgh. I made a dump with maxims and another using simple...
  15. B

    FIXED help, problem create ECC on corona V2

    reading the dump is ok, but when creating ECC it appers on log ' Nands are the same * unpacking flash image, .... Spare data NOT found * found decrypted CD * found XeLL binary, must be linked to 0x1c000000 * we found the following parts: SMC: 2.5 CB_A: 13181 CB_B: 13181 CD (image): 13181 CD...
  16. S

    FIXED Corona v2 4GB - CR revC - Debug LED not flashing

    TX Product(s) used: JR-Programmer 1.1, CoolRunner revC, 4GB QSB R/W, Corona QSB_CR_Upgrade (w/clock generator), postfix adapter v2. Console Type: Corona v2 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.16537 CB version: 13181 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: Jrunner screenshot is attached...
  17. C

    COOLRUNNER Need help to what I need for RGH on Corona V2 4gb 1175 Liteon Drive (slim)

    Okay So I get the Xecuter CoolRunner Rev C Then Buy the Xecuter Demon(I want the dual Nand) I'm lost from what I need from here Do I need a Conversion QSB thats specially made...
  18. D

    FIXED HELP !! CPU/DVD key with TX Corona 4GB NAND RW KIT V4 and DGX v1.1s

    This is my first post ever so please be kind if its posted in the wrong place or anything like that. im having trouble booting to xell i have soldered everything as needed, i already extracted my NAND files and this is my first time ever attempting this all my previous xbox work has been on fats...
  19. S

    RGH Dual Nand on a corona v2

    Hey all, Back again, still in the noob section, which seems fitting, as I have yet more questions... I have a Corona v2 running the latest dash, I have a r/w kit installed and a 14719 (cb 13180) dump to get my keys from. The CR Pro has been released which is what I was waiting for, so I...
  20. G

    slim Corona v2 dgx v1.0 installed won't boot into Xell

    Installed DGX into a Corona V2 MB read the nand in J-runner with Nand-x v3 both reads are good. wrote to the DGX fine. When booting xbox it doesn't go into xell, after 5 seconds it shuts off, have fan connected. Have no way of connecting to network at this point to grab the cpu key through the...