corona v3

  1. I

    Corona QSB V3 will not read nand

    I have a corona v3 motherboard that I am trying to RGH. I am using a corona QSB v3 to read the nand with a nand-x. When I try to read the nand i get Version 3 Flash Config: 0x00000000 Cannot continue. I know this usually means there is a problem with the soldering but i double checked everything...
  2. I


    Hello everybody, I hope you all are having a great day. Anyways, I've been reading and learning everything about JTAG/RGH/RGH2. I am well ready to get started and purchase the items to install on my CORONA V3 motherboard. This forum is to clarify if the items I listed are correct for SLIM...
  3. willstrz

    Corona v3 - RGH?

    Hello all. My board, unfortunately is a Corona v3. I would like to RGH it with a Coolrunner Rev C, and a J-R Programmer v2. I need help installing them onto my motherboard. I have great experice soldering, so I think I can do this. But I need a tutorial or a guide to install both of these...
  4. T

    CORONA Corona v3 not booting to xell

    [Fixed] Corona v3 not booting to xell So After I soldered everything, I connected my j-r programmer to j-runner and tried to read nand. I had trouble with drivers but got there in the end. After I had written my ecc I plugged in my console, the lights went on on my cr4 and the fan started...
  5. T

    ANSWERED Coolrunner rev C or Cr4 XL?

    Hello, I'm deciding what to buy to RGH my corona v3 and I can't decide on the chip. They are both about the same price but the rev C is older and has more tutorials for it but the CR4 is newer. Which one should I get? Is there much difference between the two? Thanks :)
  6. P

    CORONA CR4 XL and Demon won't boot

    I installed CR4 and demon on a corona V3 and read the NAND and flashes stock on the inboard and xbr on demon now it dosnt boot on either. I have installed CR EN and white ribbon cable. Any ideas ?
  7. F

    Corona V3 red light

    Hello everyone! :-D I hope you can help me. Last month I installed RGH on a Corona V3.To test if debug it happened regularly, I short-circuited the pins + and - of the fan. Now the console it starts with green light and then appears red light with secondary error: 0010. The console, rarely...
  8. R

    Corona V3 Help!

    Where do I get Demon Slim compatible with Corona V3? Any Website where I can purchase these parts? Anyone have a link for a step to step guide for the soldering for corona v3 once you have all the parts?
  9. M

    RGH Corona V3 - No glitch - CoolRunner Rev C

    Hi to all: Im having troubles with a CORONA V3... I've dumped the nand right and wrote xell. I've programmed the chip with 4_3 and 2_2 timming files. I bridged succesfully the RSC6 and RSC7 points and installed the POST_FIX adapter. But i dont get my console glitching, just the red light on...
  10. J

    ANSWERED corona v3 error 0101

    hi I tried on a rgh crown v3 I extracted the nand and wrote the file. etc. I just noticed that you have not bridged the points RC2C7, RC2C6, RC2C10 and the R2C4 and I've soldered after the writing of '. etc. and I gave red LED, then I put the nand origilnale and I always red LED. [IMG]...
  11. I

    Corona v3 Slim proto v2

    Hi there, please don't judge me but i did read all the articles here on site but still i have question to ask :D I have xbox360 250GB slim corona v3 and i am planing to RGH the things i think to buy are Slim proto v2 Postfix adapter v2 Jr-Programmer Is this all that i need or i need...
  12. K

    COOLRUNNER Corona v3 - No Green Light on CR Rev C/No Output

    TX Product(s) used: CoolRunner Rev - C, CPU_RST_Cleaner, QSB_UPGRADE, Post Fix Adapter v2, NAND-X Console Type: Slim 250HD - Corona v3 NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version: 16203 CB version: Not Sure Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log...
  13. D

    RGH can't get into Xell with Slim Proto on Corona V3

    [Fixed] can't get into Xell with Slim Proto on Corona V3 Hi Guys, I ordered a few Slim Proto Chip and have already a problem with the first install. The Chip is glitching but xell won't load on any setting. TX-Products used : J-R-Programmer V2 ; Slim Proto ; Corona Postfix Adapter V2 Console...
  14. Jos Dekker

    COOLRUNNER Corona V3 - No debug light

    Console Type: Corona V3 NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16537 CB version: 13181 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: No POST output from J-Runner (either POST_OUT monitor or RATER output): (2 cycles is enough) updflash.bin log (if applicable): Yes...
  15. S

    Won't Glitch if Xbox is hot

    Let me start by saying that I did a search for this matter and couldn't find anything specific to my issue. If i'm wrong feel free to point me in the right direction. Thank you I recently installed a TX DemoN into my Corona v3. I'm using an RGX as a glitch chip. My setup works GREAT and it is...
  16. S

    DGX Is my DGX V1.1s glitching?

    Hey all, Trying to retrieve my key here so I can install a LTU pcb board. I have a Corona V3 board and have bridged R2C6, R2C7 and R2C10 as all had missing resistors. I have got two successful reads of my NAND using JR Programmer V1. I have installed a post fix adapter. I have installed a...