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    Xbox 360 Slim [Corona v2/v4]

    Hello everybody on teamxecuter Backstory: I have an original xbox with an xecuter modchip, so I have 2 operating system on it. SO I bought an Xbox 360 slim- it has manufacturing date: 2012-06-07, console model 1439. and have used this thread...
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    GENERAL HELP! Corona v4 RGH2 Parts List/Solder Mapping

    Hi, Forum users! This is my first post ever on team-xecuter so if I do something wrong please let me know as I am a mind willing to learn. Recently I have been looking into exploiting my Xbox 360 slim 4gb console on Dash 2.0.16747. Then I took it apart and figured out my MB is a Corona v4...
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    CORONA How do install CR4 XL without the qsb's? Corona v4

    I am looking all over the web and cannot find out how to install the CR4 XL into a Corona v4 WITHOUT the qsb's (they are no longer in production. )
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    GENERAL Corona v4(?) 4GB corrupted HD bypass, upgrade?

    Hey friends! complete and utter n00b here and apologize in advanced for any infractions or misplacements. I (believe) I have a Corona v4 with internal 4GB storage integrated into the NAND. I have been searching like crazy and haven't had any luck. The internal 4GB is corrupted and read...
  5. K

    RGH Slim Proto V2, Corona V4 - not booting to XELL, CPU fan same speed during glitch

    Console Type: Corona v4 Dashboard version: CB version: 13181 RAM type: Hynix Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: below J-Runner log: below Images of installation with close-up soldering to motherboard: attached What settings you have working the best: none, never booted to...
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    RGH Problem with Corona V4 nand dump

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to RGH a Corona V4, but the nand appears as 1024mb. When I try to dump it, it only dumps 7mb, and then it gives me some sort of error. I'm using TX Corona V2 4gb QSB since I didn't find any V4. It's perfectly soldered I guess.. I've already solder-bridged R2C6 and R2C7...
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    GENERAL Corona V4 QSB nand pad lifted after already soldered

    So some how I managed to lift a pad off in the soldering processes. I've been soldering for years and I cannot explain what the heck happened. I don't want to removed the QSB because I don't want to cause more work. I've looked at the pictures for tracing the wire but maybe somebody could direct...
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    2 Coronas v4-v6 wont boot with coolrunner rev C

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer v2, Coolrunner rev C, QSB CR Upgrade, DGX, DIY SD Adapter, DIY No PostOut :) Console Type: Corona v4 Halo 4, Corona v4 standard NAND size: 16MB and 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.16202 and 2.0.16197 CB version: e.g 13181 and 13182 Screenshot of NAND details from...
  9. musty89

    FIXED Corona V4 glitchs 5 times doesnt boot xell and rates score 2 always

    Board Corona V4 i'm using coolrunner V3/v4 fake post tried all timing settings cr3 rater always gives score 2 gilitchs always 5 times and stops what am i doing wrong?:facepalm: Thank you! =================================================== 4 Aralık 2013 Çarşamba 18:47:02 J-Runner v0.3...
  10. Timboteo


    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer, Coolrunner rev C, Nand-x Console Type: CORONA V4 4GB Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 13181 Hi Guys! this is my problem: Situation: Corona V4, Coolrunner C + Oscillator + TX POSTIFIX ADAPTER. Problem: POST-OUT point with continuity to GND. Tries...
  11. S

    No green light on DGX

    Hello so ive been trying to trouble shoot this for sometime now. I had some help from martin last weekend over on IRC. showed him my setup and we figured my pogo wasn't making the right contact I tried modifying it but ended up breaking the pogo so I bought the postfix adapter v2 instead. heres...
  12. C

    RGH Corona V4 Glitch fine, but there is no xell output

    TX Product(s) used: J-R Programmer, CR3 Lite Console Type: Corona v4 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.16203 or 15574 (I have two different dumps) CB version: e.g 13181 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: J-Runner v0.2 Beta (289) Started Checking Files...
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    Can't Read NAND

    Console Type: Corona v4 NAND size: 4GB Dashboard version: 2.0.15572 CB version: NA Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: NA J-Runner log: J-Runner v0.2 Beta (289) Started Filechecks disabled - No Filechecks carried out Version: 10 Flash Config: 0xC0462002 POST output from J-Runner (either...
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    FIXED X-Clamp Install

    I feel dumb having to ask about this, so please don't berate me. I'm having trouble finding any advice concerning how to put the x-clamp back on. I'm trying to put this back onto a Corona v4. I saw a video that showed how to do it with a screwdriver and using the lip of the screws that were...
  15. H

    INDIA BGA squirt 1.2 on COrona v4 and updating the same

    Hi, I am from India. I haven't played on an xbox before and am willing to buy a new one. 1. The website caters in India. They use BGA squirt 1.2 for corona v3/v4. They also add a tx cpu postfix. I wish to know if its correct as I could not find any info about a...
  16. crashxtrme

    RGH Corona 4GB V4 Xell Crashing

    Corona v4 xell crashing after installing ecc+, please check attachment.