1. JadedWhispers

    Corona CR4 wire only install no glitch light

    Corona 16mb, no post fix So, this is my first time glitching a 360, but I have some experience with other consoles. I followed the Team Xecuter guides and the Keil tutorial on youtube, but I can't seem to figure this out. I tried with two CR4 chips. I've used J-R Programmer V2 to read...
  2. W

    RGH Blank Screen after Patching Retail NAND (Xbox 360 Slim RGH 2.0 Corona 4GB)

    Greetings! I wanted to make my reset glitch hacked Xbox 360 retail again. I have done so using this tutorial. Everything has gone as it was expected to go, until I have patched the retail NAND which I have created using the tutorial. After the countdown, my Xbox 360 has been restarted. I did...
  3. D

    GENERAL Motherboard identification

    Hello, i recently bought a slim and tried to identify the motherboard type. the mfr date is 2011-7-6 and it says 10.83a on the 360 is this a trinity? (i am just a bit confused by the diagram thats all) also are all psu's the same for all slims or are they different for a trinity than a corona?
  4. O

    Corona v6 4GB (E model) - Not Oscillating - Winbond?

    Hi Guys, Having problems getting into Xell on the Corona v6 4GB (E model), the Oscillator isn't making any sounds nor flashing. I haven't installed RGH in quite a while so I never had experience with the Corona v6 4GB (E model). I just successfully glitched another earlier last two weeks...
  5. M

    Is a 2011-06-16 10.83a a trinity?

    I was looking for a another 360 and someone is selling one from 2011-06-16 with 10.83a, I would guess its a trinity, but what do you guys think?
  6. A

    RGH Console does not power after writing ECC - RGH CoolRunner Rev A with QSB CR Upgrade

    Hello Guys, I am working on am xbox 360 Slim - Corona of a friend of mine. I have installed [CoolRunner Rev:A] with the [QSB CR Upgrade For Corona]. When working with J-Runner on the initial run, I did the following: 1. clicked [?] next to motherboard and it detected the corona. 2. Did two...
  7. N

    How do I get nandflash.bin?

    Hello! I am new to modding and got my Corona into a RGH:facepalm: Once I got it I started it up by opening the disc tray and it booted to XELL and than it stopped at the bottom saying "Looking for local files on local media and TFTP". I found this video...
  8. Alteration

    NAND Read / Write Kit Not Working

    Photos: Description: I know you soldering elitists will ridicule me for this, but give me a second to explain: I started off using my Radioshack soldering iron (which sucks so much, the tip is huge, it's slow to heat, it's oxidized beyond belief, the list goes on)...
  9. Alteration

    RGH Corona Unglitchable?

    I just bought a good friend of mine a glitch chip for his console, the same one I used for my Trinity (CoolRunner Rev C) and offered to transform it into an RGH, sadly though, when I got to working on it, J-Runner kept spitting out: Version: 10 Flash Config: 0xC0462002 C0462002 This flashconfig...
  10. M

    require repair of xbox 360 corona demon. online paid troubleshooting preferred

    i have a demon corona xbox 360. the retail NAND is booting fine but there is no boot on the RGH/FSD. i can't even load Xell. i am attaching some images of the inside and i'm hoping someone can just troubleshoot it for me online. i am happy to pay for their time in doing so. if not possible...
  11. E

    Corona 4GB can read, but cant write nand, update via USB wont work too, anyone?

    Hello, I have a Corona with hynyx nand, I can read the nand on j-runner but when I try to write I get an error. I deleted some stuff from the 4GB on the system menu but when I reboot the profiles and stuff is still there. Same if I try to change the console language and locale. Has anyone...
  12. M

    corona demon not booting; retail working fine

    hello. i have this odd problem that i incidentally faced some time ago and it fixed itself (god knows how). my corona demon is not booting into FSD but the retail mode works just fine. i remember some time ago that i was supposed to use jrunner but i don't know what to do with it. i know some...
  13. T

    RGH Corona V5: Flash Config: 0x00000000 after flashing nand

    Hi. I have Corona winbond motherboard. I successfuly read nand 3 times and all are the same. After that i check CR4 checkbox and write ECC... So i get CPU key and correct nand dump... I build freebot and write it, but after write xbox doesnt start and when i try to rewrite freebot a got message...
  14. J

    Problem writing ECC on nand

    So I read my nand of my xbox 360e Corona V6 I was able to read the nand just fine and all the nands matched. When I try to write my ECC the motherboard type changes to a trinity and the xbox does not boot. So I would rewrite the nand and try again, nothing. Im using a JRP V2 and a CR4 XL...
  15. W

    Confirm Corona version and hardware needed for RGH2 cr4

    Hello, I want to confirm the hardware I need for the project I'm taking on. I have moderate skill in soldering as I do electronic repair as a hobby. I believe I have Corona v1, and do not need the post fix. Just the qsb and the cr4 XL chip. Allot of people are saying to just use the blue wire...
  16. JB Tech

    RGH Some questions.

    First of all let me introduce myself (i know there is an introduction thread for this) link here -> so there's no need to remind me that. My name is Jero and I'm from Argentina, I work as an electronic technician where I repair all...
  17. E

    Corona with Winbond W641GG2KB RAM glitchable?

    Hello, I have a Corona with Winbond W641GG2KB RAM, I found a thread where Martin C said in the last of his posts that they had Xell on this type of console, but in the first page he updated his first post with: "UPDATE: ITS A RAM PROBLEM. IF YOU HAVE THIS RAM - GLITCH WILL NOT WORK" here is the...
  18. willstrz

    Corona v3 - RGH?

    Hello all. My board, unfortunately is a Corona v3. I would like to RGH it with a Coolrunner Rev C, and a J-R Programmer v2. I need help installing them onto my motherboard. I have great experice soldering, so I think I can do this. But I need a tutorial or a guide to install both of these...
  19. T

    RGH How to fully rgh the corona v2

    Hi I was wondering on how to rgh the corona v2. I couldn't find any videos of a start to finish video in decent quality. Could someone post a link to a video for rgh the corona v2 from start to finish.
  20. L

    RGH RGH removal questions - need help

    Hi everybody, I want to remove the RGH (CR3-lite) from my Corona with 4GB NAND which I installed the RGH together with a friend that helped me out since he had a better understanding of the hack stuff. I've read around here quite a bit but there are still a lot of things that are unclear to...