1. willstrz

    CORONA V1 - CPU_RST - C5R11

    hello all. so, i was prepping my corona v1 board with solder so i will have a ready installation with the cr4, but when i was soldering, i screwed up the right side on the small C5R11, and the small plate lifted and snapped off. :mad2: can i use the left? thx. (image of successful solder here...
  2. jdoe91011

    ANSWERED CR4 CPU_RST Cable: Pro Cable or IPEX?

    My CR4 is arriving today. I have everything prepped on my Corona board, so once the chip gets here I just have hook it up and replace the heat sink. I have the C5R11 pad pre-tinned and ready to go. The only thing I can't decide on is whether to use an IPEX cable or the Double Shielded grounded...
  3. M

    FIXED Jasper512, R-JTAG actually resetting the CPU? How do i tell?

    Console Type: (Jasper) Installed products: R-JTAG Starter-Kit, DemoN PHAT + BB Upgrade Kit NAND size: 512 Dashboard version: 16547 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: I don't see any log on Monitor COM Image of R-JTAG board: Images of close-up soldering to...
  4. oblivioncth

    FIXED Pulled Pad on R4P4. Fix?

    Hey guys. I was working on a Corona V3 that refused to glitch with a Rev C and while moving the CPU_RST line around to alternatives I accidentally pulled the pad on R4P4 while trying to flatten the wire out a little :facepalm:. The console now no longer tries to glitch and Id imagine id get the...
  5. jdoe91011

    ANSWERED Need to replace a wire in my RJTAG. I have these 2, which one do you suggest using?

    Hi guys, so I've got my RJTAG working, but when I installed it, I made the blue CPU_RST wire too short, so the RJTAG chip isn't able to sit on my DVD drive correctly. I want to replace this short CPU_RST wire with a wire of appropriate length, so my RJTAG chip can sit properly, and I can close...
  6. D

    RGH Jasper 512 RGH2 sharing my experience.

    Hello all. I have just finished an RGH2 (DB 14719) on my Jasper 512 using CR Rev C and thought I would share my experience. For starters, this was my first Jasper. I've performed RGH on Falcon, Trinity, Corona V1 and V2. This however was my first Jasper and also my first RGH2 on a phat console...
  7. L

    RGH Corona CPU_RST rebuild

    Here's what I've got in front of me: http://wolfsdenmods.com/101_3332.png (Warning, 21mb high-res image) I found this, looks like this is the only CPU_RST point that completes the circuit and needs to be rebuilt: http://team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?p=627107 Based on this thread at...
  8. S

    RGH Corona Alternative CPU_RST point

    Hey guys, I got my corona to gltich, got the CPU Key and made my image. I then was putting it back together when I ripped the CPU_RST point right out from under the X-Clamp. I am so mad at myself right now, but I now also need a new point to try. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!