cr3 lite

  1. N

    RDoD on Retail nand but not not on RGH nand

    Hello Team Xecuter, I have a RGH Demon Trinity XBOX with a cr3 lite chip. The first couple of years Everything worked fine and it was easy to switch between the two nands, anyhow after a while I realized that I had to wait for 30 seconds when I switched to the retail nand. If I didn't do it I...
  2. JB Tech

    RGH Some questions.

    First of all let me introduce myself (i know there is an introduction thread for this) link here -> so there's no need to remind me that. My name is Jero and I'm from Argentina, I work as an electronic technician where I repair all...
  3. K

    RGH CR3 Lite, Corona v2, JR Programmer, No Qsb's wire install only, NOOB

    First time rgh, I know how to solder and whatnot but I have Jr-programmer, Cr3 Lite, 4gb Nand R/W. I have my flux,soldering tools, and t10. Wire only install. I need the soldering points and what i need to program my Cr3 and what I need once I rgh my xbox. Tut?
  4. V

    FIXED J-Runner cannot connect to my J-R Programmer/Trinity

    First time here and I'm not sure if this was even the right place to post this... I am an extreme novice when it comes to RGHing 360's and I am just looking for some guidance and help. I did some research on what products I should get to mod my 4Gb slim Trinity with a 17150 dash (which I came...
  5. L

    RGH Problem with xbox and Jr programmer

    So after finishing my first successful rgh I decided to do my other console but I ran into a problem: - Soldered direct NAND wires - 4 dumps on first try - Soldered cr3 lite - Tried to write ecc got loads of errors - Re-soldered over and over again - Unhooked everything, console won't boot...
  6. S


    Hi, id appreciate any help here im stuck. I got a Jasper 16mb console to RGH2, i dumped Nand 4 times all matched no bad blocks and continued to fit cr3 lite. Had every single variable possible to get it to glitch but nothing i done made any difference. Been trying to glitch it for around 12...
  7. R

    RGH Coolrunner/CR3 lite programming

    Hi, this is my first post here so if I break a rule or not give enough information, pls tell me so that I can correct it! :) So anyway, I bought this RRoD 360 that has a cr3 lite in it and I also found a coolrunner for cheap at a local online store. My problem is that I don't have a nand-x, nor...
  8. N

    RGH Can't get matching nand after 6 dumps .

    Hi everyone . Am using Nandpro 30 to extract the nand from a jasper 16 mb , using LPT method . So after each dump i don't get any bad blocks in nand pro command , but when i compare them in j-runner i always get a non-match . Any solution to this problem ?
  9. F

    ANSWERED Dual nand Questions.

    Hello... i have long time without doing any modification to xbox360s.... but today i received a jasper console... so i want to dual nand it for me.... from what i have been reading... i just need CR 3 lite Demon Phat CR pin adapter for demon is that all what i need? and the other question...
  10. L

    [COOLRUNNER] CR3Lite not detected and green led off

    Hi guys, I'm a CR3Lite owner. I'm trying to program it via LPT using this scheme: , vcc - red cable gnd - black cable tck - yellow cable tdo - green cable tdi - brown cable tms - blue cable battery vcc - long black cable battery 3,3v - long black cable , , , , ,, . I follow these...
  11. blakhawk

    [CR3Lite] Xbox no power when STBY_CLK connected

    TX Product(s) used: CR3 Lite + Slim Demon Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version:2.0.16203 CB version: N/A Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: N/A J-Runner log:Attached Description of problem: Console working correctly prior to mod attempt. 1. Checked Demon before...
  12. kipabc123

    Corona board, gone horribly wrong...

    TX Product(s) used: NAND-X, DGX v1.0, CR3 Lite, DemoN Slim; No QSBs. Also replacement PCB for Lite-On DG-16D4s flashed with LT+ 3.0 Console Type: Corona v1 NAND size: 16 MB Dashboard version: Retail NAND 2.0.16203 / DemoN NAND 2.0.16203 CB version: 13121 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner...
  13. C

    ANSWERED problems with corona V1

    Ok so i have been trying to glitch this corona and i cant get it to glitch. I resoldered t all over again and i dont believe that my soldering is bad. The wires dont touch or interfere with any thing. I dont know what to do I have tried many different DIP settings and i tried bridging the LK4...
  14. C

    COOLRUNNER Corona V1 wont glitch (NO DEBUG LIGHT)

    Hey guys so I have been trying to get this corona v1 to glitch for 2 days now. I do believe that my soldering is ok but the green debug light on my cr3 lite isn't blinking. Can somebody tell me whats wrong. here are the pics of my wiring and soldering P.S. I had...
  15. T

    Newbie first rgh2 on Trinity

    FIRST and foremost I must say thanks you to this Awsome website. I have learned alot in these last few day. So this is my first glitch system trinity on 16202 with a cr3 lite and although i had some success I have had a lot more failure. I preformed a whole rgh on the system following this...
  16. M

    FIXED Strange Problem with CR3 Lite

    Dear Xecuters, Having had a Trinity sitting around since last summer, due to an unfortunate update, I finally received both my DGX as well as my QSB for Trinity and CR3 Lite this Christmas. Having slaved through countless hours, we finally got the cpu key off the DGX and network. Step one...
  17. S

    RGH Jasper 16MB, RGH1, CR3 Lite, freezing or not booting

    TX Product(s) used: CR3 Lite Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version: 2.0.14699 CB version: 6750 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: here J-Runner log: attached Image of Coolrunner and close-up soldering to motherboard: here Was the console working before you started: Y...
  18. S

    RGH CR3 Lite Trinity STBY_CLK Issue

    Hey guys! So I have a troubling Trinity RGH here that has some weird issues. So I wire everything up, write coolrunner files, dump nand, create/write ecc. AND BAM! No green debug light, BUT I can hear the CPU Fan reseting. So I start to unwire and test all my connecting when I rip off the...
  19. S

    CK3 LITE CR3 Lite on Trinity no boot

    My install with CRrevC wasn't glitching, so I replaced it with CR3 Lite, but now I get no boot at all. Using same wires I resoldered back CRrevC and it does boot, but does not glitch. After soldering CR3 Lite back, no boot. Any ideas? Thank you.
  20. W

    RGH CR3 Lite no flashing green debug LED

    Just fitted a CR3 Lite and no matter what I do it doesn't do anything at all: the red power LED is on when the power is connected, but the green debug LED never lights up/flashes at all. The console is a Trinity with CB 9188, fitted a nand-x QSB and read NAND successfully multiple times with JR...