cr3 lite

  1. sebastian79hl

    RGH Cool Stuff

    Hope it´s the right section :p After by now Years i wanted to give a little thanks back to the TX Community cause of my first CR3 arrived today and i could´nt let it laying around :redface: Build in with the help of THIS Forum found everything i needed and worked like a charm. Great Product...
  2. G

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Slim Demon + Coolrunner

    Hi, Just would like abit of advice, i have a trinity board 12v rated 10.83A, and a hana chip, ok so i have a TX Demon on the way and looking what else i need, i know i need Dashboard : 15574 Coolrunner , Soldering iron , Flux , J Runner , Xex menu or fsd to play the games through usb hard...