1. N

    COOLRUNNER Trinity Jasper 512MB RGH2 will not boot Xell

    Hi guys, I've been doing RGH2 mods for a while now, successfully modded over 100 odd consoles. I'm having an issue however with a Trinity Jasper 512MB. Steps I've taken (as per routine): * Dumped NAND x4, all match OK * Wired CR3 as per PHAT console wiring specification * Programmed CR3 to...
  2. L

    FIXED Corona V2 CR4 XL No Glitch

    So we meet again TX ..... Yet another problem so here goes. Ill try and cover everything first time around so I can get quick help. Rgh'ing a corona v2 with 4gb nand using the cr4 xl and nand qsb. What Ive done so far: - Soldered in qsb to read nand. Dumped on first go. (8x small dumps, 4x...
  3. S

    cr3 vs cr4

    Can somebody please tell me the difference between a cr3 and cr4
  4. dirtydignity

    No new game copied on Xbox works. NXE Shows 'The game couldn't start try downloading'

    I have had the Xbox 360 250GB for a year now. It is running CR3 Pro and has FSD 3 Rev 775 installed. I had around 70 games backed up(GOD Container) and they all played fine. I didn't add any new games in the past 3 or 4 months. Now I borrowed 4 games to backup and none of them work. As soon as I...
  5. G


    Hi, Thanks for all the helpers.. I just installed CR3 lite to my x-box 360 E (super slim) i used a cpu post fix as well (for the C point) the Blue FT3T10 and its 10-14 cm long. tried the LK2 shot all off in S2 and LK1,3,4 all open the green light wont come up.. so i tried S2=2,5 ON then the...
  6. ultimate360

    wanted- coolrunner rev c, cr3 lite, phat glitcher

    Just need a quick coolrunner or cr3 lite to put into a falcon for a friend. He doesn't care if its a slow boot, and I'm out of chips until cr4. Thanks Can pay via Paypal, or Google wallet
  7. S

    CR3 LITE Issue, Please Help

    Hello to all! i'm completely new, i have never requiered to join and make a thread because i always look, search and read before anything. I have an Xbox 360 Slim, Corona Motherboard and DVD Drive LITE ON 1175. At first, by reading every post i came across, i believed that the best thing was...
  8. M

    CK3 PRO Corona V3 Trouble booting xell to retrieve CPU key (my first Corona)

    Fixed!!!Corona V3 Trouble booting xell to retrieve CPU key Console Type: Corona v3 NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16203 CB version: 13181 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: I build plenty of Jtag/RGH consoles but this is my first Corona and CR3 Pro experience anyways the nand was...

    ANSWERED Coolrunner Rev B Cable??

    So I bought a bunch of RGHing equipment a few months back but got stuck and gave up. I'm once again trying and am about to say screw it and buy an RGH. This might be a really stupid question, sorry if it is, but what's the cable called that connects the coolrunner to the nandx? Or how can I...
  10. F

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Trinity board 15574 + Demon Slim + (Coolrunner 3?) = What next

    Hi there guys just a quick bit of info needed, i know you are really insistent on us trying to read other forums to try find this stuff, but at times its hard to find it i have a Trinity Board with the update v15574 still on it, bought my Demon Slim, and been waiting for the CR3 Pro to come...
  11. M

    CR3 Pro not disabling with DemoN?

    I'm not sure if this is suppose to happen, but I have installed the DemoN dual nand with CR3 Pro and everything works fine. Stock boots up fine and same with the glitch nand on the DemoN. My concern is, when I switch to stock nand (blue light off) the CR3 Pro's red light is still lit up. Is this...
  12. R

    COOLRUNNER Do I need JR Programmer if I have DemoN + CR3 Lite?

    Sorry if this is too n00b a question. I have read lots of stickies, Martin's RGH roadmap for noobs, etc., but haven't found an answer to this question yet. TX Product(s) used: CR3 Lite, DemoN Console Type: Corona v3 Thanks.
  13. S

    RGH Xenon

    I have looked everywhere and have alot of questions still not answered. I have access to three xenons with the dashboards at 13599. I am weighing my options. I can't see spending $150 on a jasper with no power supply plus the nandx and a coolrunner. So I am interested in retreiving the dvd key...
  14. L

    Jasper won't boot with CR3 Lite soldered in

    Hi! I'm new to the RGH, but I did a lot of reading. I decided to RGH my 256MB Jasper and bought a CR3 and a NAND-X. I followed a Tutorial and read my Nand twice before doing anything else. Then I flashed a RGH1 Jasper xsvf file onto the CR3 and soldered it in. I tried to boot the XBOX with...
  15. W

    CR3 coronav2 no Crystal Noice/sound while glitching

    NEW Cr3 installed(images attached) EEC written and there is no noise from the crystal while glitching but i am getting the DBG green light every few seconds. please let me know why no noise from crystal and whats need to be done to fix it just have a doubt how to recognize a 64 MB nand...
  16. P

    RGH RGH'd Trinity, worked fine, now no power at all.

    Hi, firstly, this is the 4th 360 i've glitched so I'm not a total noob. I used the CR3 Lite and had it booting to FSD no problem, boot times weren't great so I de-soldered the CR3 and installed a Rev C. When I plugged the power back in there is nothing at all... No power to the motherboard or...
  17. S

    RGH Debug light not flashing (Jasper 256)

    I have searched and went through several posts with similar issues but still have not found a solution. Console: Jasper 256 Coolrunner: rev A and CR3 lite I first had a successful hack with the CR Rev A but I started to get longer and longer boot times so I tried adding the cap I bought with...
  18. Jos Dekker

    RGH Can not glitch to Xell with Corona V1

    Hello, System: Corona 16mb V1 Dashboard 719 Coolrunner V3 Lite Config CR3: LK1 - OPEN LK2 - CLOSED LK3 - OPEN LK4 – OPEN Switch set to Slim S2 – 1 and 5 on S4 – All off I got the following situation; I read the nand without errors of the Corona Slim, after this i flashed the CR3Lite...
  19. G

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Slim Demon + Coolrunner

    Hi, Just would like abit of advice, i have a trinity board 12v rated 10.83A, and a hana chip, ok so i have a TX Demon on the way and looking what else i need, i know i need Dashboard : 15574 Coolrunner , Soldering iron , Flux , J Runner , Xex menu or fsd to play the games through usb hard...