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  1. JadedWhispers

    Corona CR4 wire only install no glitch light

    Corona 16mb, no post fix So, this is my first time glitching a 360, but I have some experience with other consoles. I followed the Team Xecuter guides and the Keil tutorial on youtube, but I can't seem to figure this out. I tried with two CR4 chips. I've used J-R Programmer V2 to read...
  2. A

    CORONA No QSB install guide request for CR4 XL + J-R Programmer v2 [Corona v1]

    Hi, looking for solder point guide for J-R Programmer v2 and CR4 XL on a Corona v1 motherboard with no QSB. Is this even possible? Thanks!
  3. L

    Sites to buy a CR4 XL?

    Hey, I'm just searching around for a site that I can buy a CR4 XL from - I'm based in the UK. All the sites I have found so far only post to U.S so I'd be thankful for any links. I also have found "" but I have heard this site is very dodgy? - Many thanks.
  4. N

    RGH Trinity CR4 XL + Demon wont boot with second nand

    The green light is flashing but the cr4 xl wont glitch. My soldering looks ok and I have tried every postbit jumper with many dip settings. I have repeated the task of reading the nand from the xbox, creating an ECC and writing the ECC to the demon several times. The XBox Boots normally when...
  5. T

    TRINITY CR4 XL QSB Question and NAND Read Question

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: Will be using the Demon w/ JRunner v.3 beta NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version: Not sure Was the console working before you started: Y I'm installing a demon slim and a CR4 XL in a Trinity that was running retail when I started. I'm using the v3 QSB for the...
  6. I

    Wire Size for Cr4 XL

    I lost my wires for the Cr4 XL besides the power and ground. I was wondering if I can use a different wire and if I could, what type of wire and what size? I really only need the blue, green and yellow wire.
  7. N

    My XBOX doesnt glitch anymore

    Hello have Trinity 4GB. I had successfully installed CR4 and trinity qsb. I retrieved NAND, CPU Key. Flashed modded bin. everything was working beautifully for MONTHS. however yesterday it just refused TO TURN ON. I opened it up, checked all connections, re soldired all 5 connections from CR4...
  8. K

    JASPER CR4 XL RGH+2 wont boot up after Writing NAND

    Programmer Used: JRP v0.3 Beta (8) NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: 2.0.17502 CB Version: 6752 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner:Checking Console.. Version: 10 Flash Config: 0x00023010 00023010 Trinity, Jasper 16MB CB Version: 6752 Jasper 16MB J-Runner log updflash.bin log (if...
  9. N

    JASPER CR4 XL won't boot xell

    Console Type: Jasper Programmer Used: SPI NAND flasher NAND Size: 16mb Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.17489 CB Version: 6754 Image of the CR4 XL Detailed Description of the Problem: CR4 wire only install. R-jtag method with aud_clamp. All solder points have been checked countless times to make sure...
  10. D

    Corona V6 - Bad Batch Question

    Hello, I purchased a CR4 XL from MCC at the beginning of February 2016. I had planned to do the RGH mod tomorrow but came across the threads saying there was a bad batch of CR4 XLs. I'm wondering if there have been any recent reports of this and if we have discovered any new information about...
  11. C

    CORONA CR4 + Demon, Corona v1. Blinking green debug LED, no Xell.

    Hey all, this is my first attempt at modding a 360. I've been fiddling with JRunner for a while, trying to figure out what's wrong. Here's a synopsis of where I'm at. I have successfully: - backed up the stock 360 NAND, @17489 - written the stock NAND to Demon - booted stock from JRunner from...
  12. ken2028

    ▀▄► CR4 XL Xbox 360 Jasper with out QSB install Diagram install needed

    ▀▄► CR4 XL Xbox 360 Jasper with out QSB install Diagram install needed Hi, I purchased the CR4 XL and the J-R Programmer V2. I have been searching for the CR4 XL install on a Phat system with out QSB.. I do not have the QSB .. I only need the CR4 XL wiring diagram Please.. with JR...
  13. Zeigren

    FALCON Two Falcons, Two CR4 XL's, Zero Glitches Zero Bitches (R-JTAG)

    So I have two different Falcons and two CR4 XL's and neither of them will boot with RJTAG. So first one: Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v1.1 NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version:2.0.15574 CB Version: 5774 Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear...
  14. O

    CORONA How do install CR4 XL without the qsb's? Corona v4

    I am looking all over the web and cannot find out how to install the CR4 XL into a Corona v4 WITHOUT the qsb's (they are no longer in production. )
  15. M

    COOLRUNNER Fresh CR4 + JR v2 Trinity | When opening J-Runner I get "Device Not Found"

    Please I really need help I went through alot to get this done(2 solder guns and 2 burns FFS XD) This is the guide i followed: Let me know what I can do to help you figure out my problem.
  16. T

    RGH CR4 XL on Corona v2 - Items list review

    Hi, below you'll find a list of items I think are necessary, or not, for a basic installation. I also added a small note on each item to explain my reasoning. I'd like comments on this list since I might have easily got something wrong. Necessary - CR4 XL Obviously... - XECUTER CORONA...
  17. X

    RGH Falcon CR4 XL and Demon questions

    Hi there, I'm planning to RGH 2 my Xbox 360 Falcon on the latest dashboard, and I want to make sure I buy what I need. Since I'm going to buy a Demon, do I still need to buy an J-R Programmer? Because I read some forums that you could read/write the nand with a demon rather than using an J-R...
  18. Xarao

    Falcon Has No ROL and Fans Don't Work

    Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: N/A (Not sure) CB Version: 5774 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: (attach an image to your post) J-Runner log: Reading Nand to C:\Users\Apocolyptic-Guwop\Desktop\J-Runner\output\nanddump2.bin Initializing...
  19. P

    JASPER CR4 XL R-JTAG+ glitches 5 times a second (with 6 pictures) first time install

    First I installed the CR4 XL with my own wires and it took about 10 minutes to boot the big block (512MB) Jasper into Xell. Dumped cpukey via LAN, and with J-runner I created an image based on 17150 and wrote it back with NAND-X. After that it took another 10 minutes to boot the image, and the...
  20. S

    [UK] Wanted 4GB R/W kit for a corona v6

    Hi every one, Its been a long time since ive been around the forums and just as long since i modded my last console! A friend has talked me into doing a slim 360 for him and it turns out to be a corona v6 with the 4Gb nand. I have read up on the sd card method but dont want to spend the time...