1. A

    GENERAL DemoN Phat ribbon cable replacement?

    Ok, so I bought a PHAT demon kit about 4 years ago, and opened it, but never took the time to install it. I have all of the included PCBs, including the DemoN itself, the QSB, the CR3 adapter, and the front panel button with Mini-USB port. I'm going to be using a CR4 that I bought about 4-6...


  3. G

    GENERAL Corona v4 on current dashboard. CR4 XL and Jrunner 2.0

    i bought the coolrunner 4 xl with jrunner 2.0. are these compatible with my corona v4 with current dash. also a link to install for corona v4 using cr4 xl would be awesome thankyou.
  4. M

    Is my cr4 dead?

    This month has been crazy but this is the best i could explain it. Hi, About a month ago i bought a cr4 and a jr programmer from modchipcentral, After recieving it i noticed the orange wire on the nand wire wasnt correctly seated in the connector which plugs into the jr programmer. At this point...
  5. M

    Damaged Board during RGH install

    Let me just start off by saying, i know how to solder decently and ive done mods before like downgrading a ps3 and such. But after reading the nand and writing the ecc and then installing the cr4 i couldnt boot into xell, So i went ahead and checked all my points and redid my shottier ones... We...
  6. C

    JASPER Cr4 xl not getting power / led not lighting up w/ install pics

    my cr4 is not getting power my red and black wires are soldered correctly although this is my first time so i must have made some mistakes Link 4 pics : mega:/#fm/2c1RiSJT
  7. BestNoob

    GENERAL J-Runner Winbond Patches ? CR4 WB and WB4G

    Winbond Patches CR4, WB and WB4G are not automaticly selected by JRunner so in which case are they needed ?
  8. N

    How to write to cr4 xl with nandpro RGH2+

    If I use nandpro to write the ecc, is the command still Nandpro usb: +w16 image.ecc That's what I want to know. I don't know if same rules apply to CR4 but I would assume they do. Thanks
  9. N

    JASPER CR4 XL won't boot xell

    Console Type: Jasper Programmer Used: SPI NAND flasher NAND Size: 16mb Dashboard version: e.g 2.0.17489 CB Version: 6754 Image of the CR4 XL Detailed Description of the Problem: CR4 wire only install. R-jtag method with aud_clamp. All solder points have been checked countless times to make sure...
  10. Shag_

    FALCON CR4 XL-Phat Demon Not Glitching [Falcon:]

    I Have a Phat 360 with a Falcon board that I successfully R-Jtaged a few years back following this guide:***-UPDATED-JULY-26th-2013-*** . Shortly after I added the Demon and successfully using this guide...
  11. ken2028

    [JASPER] No Boot.. No Glitch.. Nothing...

    Please help. My Xbox does not boot into xell Phat Jasper system I followed this link instructions Than after my Xbox does does boot into anything Here is my Tread...
  12. W

    Confirm Corona version and hardware needed for RGH2 cr4

    Hello, I want to confirm the hardware I need for the project I'm taking on. I have moderate skill in soldering as I do electronic repair as a hobby. I believe I have Corona v1, and do not need the post fix. Just the qsb and the cr4 XL chip. Allot of people are saying to just use the blue wire...
  13. M

    Hello! Thank you for having me!

    Hello everybody, I'm new to the community and am looking to maybe mod my console but I'm not to sure what all of these things do or where to start. I would like to get into development and maybe try some homebrew. Dose anyone have any suggestions where I should start? I've combed through YouTube...
  14. B

    TRINITY CR4 isn't working in both of my trinity consoles

    I have tried the cr4 in two trinity consoles now and both couldn't even boot into xell. I am wondering if my chip is bad. How often do people come across bad cr4 chips? I have tried just about every combination of dip switches and post big jumpers as well. I haven't put any caps on because they...
  15. B

    console won't boot into xell.

    I Have a trinity console, JR-programmer v2, and cr4. I have read the nand three times and they are the same. I created the ecc file and wrote it to the conosole. When ever I try to boot into xell, the console won't glitch. I have played around alot with the dip switches and post bit jumpers but...
  16. I

    help cr4 install confused..jasper

    hi have a full guide for rgh 2.0 with cr rev c but they all sold out so i have to use cr4 im confused about the part where you connect the cables from the jr programmer to the cr4... is the setup different form cr rev c i have a jasper and need a cr4 jasper install guide for rgh 2.0 thanks in...
  17. T

    FALCON Falcon, will not glitch

    Falcon, will not boot CR4 install will not boot. CR4 JTAG AUD Clamp install. Console Type: Falcon NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: need to double check CB version: 5774 Description of problem: glitch wont boot Was the console working before you started: Yes Here are photos of my install: I...
  18. S

    TRINITY Trinity RGH2 with CR4 XL. Solid red LED with no green LED activity.

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: JRP v2.0 NAND Size: 16MB Dashboard version: 17349 CB Version: 9188 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: =================================================== Thursday, June 11, 2015 1:36:40 PM J-Runner v0.3 Beta (7) Started Checking...
  19. A

    JASPER 16MB RGH2+, No Video through HDMI When Booting Freeboot Image

    Console Type: Jasper Programmer Used: NAND-X NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version: 16756 CB Version: 6754 Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every 4-5 seconds: Y How long is the light on for each time : 0.5 - 1 seconds This is a...
  20. M

    Soldering Advice for CR4 XL?

    Hi, first off I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I'm planning on installing a CR4 XL on my Jasper console. I have done RF board ring of light mods, controller ROL and controller rapid fire installs. However some of points on the back of the Xbox 360 motherboard that need to be...