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  2. U

    RGH wont boot

    My RGH wont boot, I know it takes a while sometimes, but I don't think it would take this long. The green light does flash every 5 seconds, and I have the component cable in. Is it possible that the coolrunner somehow broke? If it really does take this long, is there any way to improve the boot...
  3. P

    RGH STBY_CLK damaged

    Hey guys, yesterday I was desoldering my coolrunner rev C. from my Jasper 512mb motherboard, so I could safely bridge cap, but I accidentally pulled the STBY_CLK wire, and the pad came off along with it, so my console wouldn't power on, even though the coolrunner would still flash red if set to...
  4. T

    LITEON DG-16D4S - SLIM Need some help..

    Okay so today i got given a 320GB Gears of War special edition Xbox 360 Slim that was subjected to a lot of torment from previous owners, anyway in a fight it was is the firing line broken, but not beyond repair only the case was slightly affected. But the inside hardware wasn't badly damaged, i...
  5. O

    Help! I seemed to have messed up the stby_clk point!

    I completed the rgh but i went to boot the console and it would stay blinking but never booted So i resoldered the points but i took it to far with B that i messed up the pad and the resistor. Now im not the one to make excuses but the solder pen im using is pretty thick :] so i took the...
  6. V

    Error E79, weird nand writing errors

    hi, recently i tried to RGH my fully working falcon again...but with no succes..so i tried to restore NAND to normal and i got E79 ... never got it before... sometimes when i try to restor NAND i got errors like this they are random ..sometimes i got no errors at all .. but still E79 ... i...