1. N

    Install New Dash Original Xbox

    -I hope this is in the right forum, if not, move me/delete this post- So I recently picked up an original Xbox, so I opened it up (to clean it) and oh, what's that? A modchip! So I think I haven an xecuter 2 modchip installed and was wondering how I could delete the saves etc. from the person...
  2. B

    I have RGH in 14996 with xell 0.991 but I don't know how to update to the lastest das

    I have RGH in 14996 with xell 0.991 but I don't know how to update to the lastest dashboard , I've read about Flash360 and JRunner but I don't know which version I have to use and how to use it, thanks.
  3. S

    RGH I'd like to downgrade my xbox 360 dashboard

    I am a total noob to console hacking but I am eager to learn. I have an xBox 360 Premium from 2007 and I would like to downgrade the terrible excuse for a dashboard it has on it (Metro). Anyway, I've heard the best way to do this is to RGH the console but my question is what do I do after that...
  4. chishioengi

    Dashboard & firmware versions

    Greetings. I apologize in advance if this post is redundant or trashy, but I can't seem to find anything recent enough to mention the current dashboard version. I'm about to take my first crack at Xbox 360 modding, and with the tools provided by TX and excellent guides I'm fairly sure I'm good...
  5. M

    ANSWERED Does resetting Xbox 360 dashboard allow for JTAG?

    Asking because before I do anything (JTAG). And my Xbox DID come with a JTAG-able dashboard. Would be nice to know.
  6. W

    Updating originalnand to new dashoard

    Alright i have a question. Can i update stock nand to new dashboard. so no xebuild image but just updating the stock nand with the newest dashboard. The reason is because i cant update the xbox. neither with usb nor internet. Maybe i can make this via j-runner? i have looked but couldnt find...
  7. Zou

    JTAG Xenon wont access to the Xbox Dashbord unless I connect a hdd with Avatar Update

    Hi, recently I found an Old Xenon in k 7371 with Hitachi ODD. So I jtag it. I get Xell-Reload, retrieve CPU Key and make the 16767 nand. All seems ok (only one bad sector @0x194 remapped to 0x3FF). But on first boot in 16767 without any memory device, I got boot animation then stay on the...
  8. A

    LITEON DG-16D2S Reviving an Xbox 360 with a Lite-on DG-16D2S drive

    Hi, I have an Xbox 360 with a Lite-on DG-16D2S drive. The drive was flashed when I bought it and I used to play games without problems. 2 years ago I have updated the dashboard by mistake to version 2.0.14699.0 and I could not play games any more. I have put it away for 2 years and now I am...
  9. J

    Is Demon the best chip out right now?

    Hello I have a 2009 Xbox Elite (Jasper) model which has been firmware flashed so that I can play backed up games. I have been going through the forums (and google) to see what my best options are. Please believe me when I tell you, I have been searching like a mad man on how to mod my 360 so I...
  10. X

    N00b ?'s plz answer

    how do u check the xbox 360's dashboard number. also i know that the slim proto 2 is compatible with all motherboards but is it compatible with all dashboards?. also tell the soldering points on the mobo to install the slim proto 2.
  11. jdoe91011

    JRunner Not Downloading Dashboards or Allowing Me to Create a Xebuild Image

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create a Xebuild Image in JRunner, but I am unable to because there are no dashboards available to me in the drop down menu under "Xebuild". If I click "add dash" in that drop down menu, and manually pick the latest dashboard, once it downloads it, it deselects "RJTAG"...
  12. B

    Freezing issues

    Hi guys, a little while ago, i updated my dashboard to the latest kernel 16203. I have an RGHv1'ed phat console with demon xecuter installed. Everything has been working great. Tonight, i was hoping for some gaming time but unfortunately my xbox kept on freezing, either the dashboard and/or when...
  13. Ubergeek

    How To Get Updates For Your Xbox 360 Console

    There are three ways to get updates for your Xbox 360 console: Update through Xbox LIVE. Copy update to a USB Flash Drive. Burn a DVD or CD. Update through Xbox LIVE Getting the update free on Xbox LIVE is the best option because your console will be automatically updated as new...
  14. sebastian79hl

    RGH Dashboard missing Pics in Demon Image

    Hey up Guys. ;) So just installed the First Demon in a Trinity. Everything is working, Stock Nand boots fine all well and Demon RGH Nand booting as well. But.... The 16179 Dash on the Demon Image is missing all Pics and even some letters . When i select a tab nothing is in it?! :facepalm...
  15. S


    Hi guys could someone help me? I am trying to flash my liteon drive. My xbox dash board is 2.0.8955.0 but in jungle flasher, my drive version shows rev74850C please advise on how to proceed thanks!
  16. R

    LITEON 9504 What if I update my dash with the LT2.0?

    Hi, I was just wondering if the new LT2.0 has any kind of protection against the July Dashboard?. I've the May Dash on my XBOX and I knew that the July dash erase the CFW and Lock the Chip (no matter if the flash is 1.9 or not [right?]), and I thoght that the LT2.0 could avoid this CFW erasing...
  17. K

    AP25 and Dashboards

    Helo dear friends, before start i have searched the forum but didnt found a clear explanation and then i proceed to explain my problem and questions. First at all i have fat xbox360 with liteon drive and LT+ (Jasper Model, color red, the Resident Evil Edition) The last time i've updated my...
  18. T

    LITEON 83850 v2 May Dashboard update and game compatability.

    Hello :) Im new here so please go easy on me and feel free to relocate the post if I am in the wrong place. I have some experience flashing xboxes (mostly BenQs and Samsungs) but today I have fitted a LTswitch to a Liteon 83850c v2 and managed to flash it as normal. My question is, if I...
  19. R

    LITEON 74850 Dashboard update fails after flashing back to stock

    I have flashed my Liteon drive back to stock Loading firmware file D:\Download\IXtreme LT Plus 19\iXtreme_LT_Plus_1.9_Firmware_XBOX360-iND\LiteOn (Phat)\LiteOn_Pre_13141\OFW\orig-74850C-1e000.bin MD5 hash: b51c2ed50ff85ccf0fe08507b9615993 Drive key @ n/a Firmware Osig: [PLDS DG-16D2S...
  20. C

    please help me! buy now x360 slim or not?

    I want to buy a new xbox 360 'cause my old fat 360 broke, but i don't know if i should buy the xbox now with the fw 0225 and play only kinetc adventures while 0225 is unlocked or buy the xbox when the flash for 0225 will be available, it's no problem with the dash update? if i update the...