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    Skyrim corrupted save after Checkpoint restore

    Hello, I tried to restore my Skyrim save using Checkpoint and now it says it is corrupted. How can I get my save back?
  2. P

    RGH How to merge old 'legit' HDD with new 'RGH' HDD...?

    Here's my situation: I have an 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD full of profile data, DLC, Arcade/Indie games and 'installed' games from my retail discs. I recently purchased an RGH Xbox which came with another 'internal' Xbox 120GB HDD on which I've installed FSD and begun ripping all of my legit...
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    quick question about x360usb pro v2 power

    hi, i was wondering if jungle flasher is supposed to be able to detect and/or flash your drive while plugged into x360usb pro2 without using any external power source (ie. just through usb) because i have been getting malformed data returns and have always used either an old xbox or an external...
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    JTAG FSD and data merging issues

    ok so here is the deal: i want all of my legit 360's HDD data on my JTAG mostly so i can play my XBLA and resume game saves and such on my JTAG for single player mode. what i have done: i pluged in all my legit HDD's into the JTAG (dumped about 3 legit HDD's) launched free XEX loader via cd...
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    Warning Serial data is bad

    This is my first time flashing a drive but i have read all the tutorials and forums on how to flash my lite on 7 series. i am using the Ck3 pro and the CK3 Probe 2 in Probe mode my sata cable is plugged into my pc and i have installed the usb drivers for the probe which is plugged in and have...