1. N

    RDoD on Retail nand but not not on RGH nand

    Hello Team Xecuter, I have a RGH Demon Trinity XBOX with a cr3 lite chip. The first couple of years Everything worked fine and it was easy to switch between the two nands, anyhow after a while I realized that I had to wait for 30 seconds when I switched to the retail nand. If I didn't do it I...
  2. G

    RGH DEMON won't boot?

    I had my Dual Nand Working perfectly, both Nands on 17511 when my friend came over and updated the Retail NAND to 17526. Now at first I was able to boot into Xell but not the DEMON NAND, but now after I tried to flash it again with a new hacked NAND, the power button just beeps without turning...
  3. A

    Xecuter DemoN Corona 16Mb Conversion QSB v1

    I am look for this qsb so i can install demon on my corona v1 motherboard if you have an extra please let me know, thanks! v2 or v2 is good
  4. N

    RGH Trinity CR4 XL + Demon wont boot with second nand

    The green light is flashing but the cr4 xl wont glitch. My soldering looks ok and I have tried every postbit jumper with many dip settings. I have repeated the task of reading the nand from the xbox, creating an ECC and writing the ECC to the demon several times. The XBox Boots normally when...
  5. G

    RGH DemoN NAND Not Starting Up.

    So about 5 years ago, I got my Xbox 360 set up with a DemoN dual NAND. However, I was just learning to solder at the time so I sent it in instead of doing it myself. When I got it, it seemed a little slow booting at first/would need to be unplugged and then plugged back in before powering up...
  6. X

    DemoN no boot on retail / rgh

    So I recently installed a DemoN on a Trinity, I have a cool runner Rev C installed as well which was installed first RGH'ed and was working before the install of the DemoN. After I installed the Demon my boot times became very slow, 30+ minutes if it even booted at all. Any help would be...
  7. Abbotta4

    RGH XeBuild patches on retail NAND?

    I am looking at using RGLoader on my DemoN NAND so I can use the game recording features of the XNA discussed here [link]. It looks like installation requires that files be copied to HDD, but I would assume that having these there while booted into the retail side would warrant a ban. I was...
  8. andoryuu3

    RGH "Patch NAND" with different keyvault... What about DVD key?

    Hi all, I noticed in the patch notes for the latest Dashlaunch that some Xbox 360's *can* reach out to XBL servers with LiveBlock enabled. It was recommended that I should use a different keyvault if I don't intend it to be banned from XBL. Cool, no problems with that. My old Trinity console...
  9. M

    require repair of xbox 360 corona demon. online paid troubleshooting preferred

    i have a demon corona xbox 360. the retail NAND is booting fine but there is no boot on the RGH/FSD. i can't even load Xell. i am attaching some images of the inside and i'm hoping someone can just troubleshoot it for me online. i am happy to pay for their time in doing so. if not possible...
  10. I

    Demon External Board

    I had a demon install done by Oggy and got my console back this week but was having a little issue with the board on the back. It's not been grounded and wasn't connected when I received it, but as far as I am aware it should still work when trying to switch the nand. The demon is read by...
  11. C

    CORONA CR4 + Demon, Corona v1. Blinking green debug LED, no Xell.

    Hey all, this is my first attempt at modding a 360. I've been fiddling with JRunner for a while, trying to figure out what's wrong. Here's a synopsis of where I'm at. I have successfully: - backed up the stock 360 NAND, @17489 - written the stock NAND to Demon - booted stock from JRunner from...
  12. Shag_

    FALCON CR4 XL-Phat Demon Not Glitching [Falcon:]

    I Have a Phat 360 with a Falcon board that I successfully R-Jtaged a few years back following this guide:***-UPDATED-JULY-26th-2013-*** . Shortly after I added the Demon and successfully using this guide...
  13. H

    [WANTED] [USA] TX Demon chip(s) for Slim

    I'm looking to buy one or more Slim TX Demon Chips from USA seller. I'm NOT looking for an installer to install the chip, I'm only looking to buy the chips. I might be interested in a phat Demon chip for the right price. If you have any that you want to sell, message me with your asking price...
  14. Q

    PLEASE HELP I am Just getting Started

    Ok, not my intention to annoy anyone so please be patient as I am just getting into this tech. I need some guidance. I have a Falcon MB and Dash ver is, 2.0.17489.0 I ordered the PHAT Demon 1, it came with the BB upgrade. The first question I have is will I still be able to use my XBox Live...
  15. Z

    j runner app crash?

    hello team xecuter. every time i try to use j runner which i just normal click and try to read nand it gives me this message error: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: JRunner.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 54a6d56a...
  16. L

    Ordered wrong Demon?

    Hey guys. So I bought a demon from ModChipCentral and was very confused when I got it. I ordered the slim one, but they sent me the Phat one. Can it still be installed? Or will I have to go and talk to them about it? Thanks!
  17. Y

    DemoN Installed and Not working with J-Runner

    Hello everyone, i just installed a DemoN NAND Switch (I ill post pictures of my soldering soon) and when i flip the switch to PC on the xbox and plug in the mini-Usb cable to the pc, J-Runner will give me error codes such as 3F and other Manufactuer codes. I can't read the NAND on the xbox...
  18. I

    Demon Dual-nand limitations?

    Hey folks, so i recently installed the Xecuter DemoN chip into my slim(trinity) rgh(coolrunnerv2), I was wondering i installed a bunch of games earlier on my glitches nand. if i switch over to my stock nand can i still load the games or will i need the disc. also is there any options on dash...
  19. X

    RGH Falcon CR4 XL and Demon questions

    Hi there, I'm planning to RGH 2 my Xbox 360 Falcon on the latest dashboard, and I want to make sure I buy what I need. Since I'm going to buy a Demon, do I still need to buy an J-R Programmer? Because I read some forums that you could read/write the nand with a demon rather than using an J-R...
  20. cagao

    Is Demon Slim Compatible With Trinity Mobo's?

    Hello, Can somebody please help me understand if the Demon Slim is compatible with the Trinity motherboard? I've seen postings on the forums of the Demon being installed onto Trinity's with CR4's however, when I look at modchipcentral's website it clearly states that it only works with...