1. H

    RGH Phat Demon chip installed on Trinity wont boot

    Symptoms: Xbox doesn'tboot Demon or Retail nand. When I power on the Xbox the fan/lights don't come on, I only get the start up sound. If I remove WP, WE, ALE CLE, CE & RE I can boot Xbox nand. (Retail or RGH2) The Xbox nand boots whether the Demon tactile button is switched to Demon or Xbox...
  2. C

    GENERAL Corona + CR4 + Demon

    Hello guys, this is my first post and I am really glad to be a member of this forum. My background is engineering and I got soldering experience. I I just want to know the following silly question. I got an Xbox 360 Slim Manuf date: 2011-09-24. It is a corona model but I do not know which...
  3. K

    CR4 XL Glitches, but No video out

    Hello, I have a 360 slim trinity board with demon and CR4 installed. I was able to read the nand created ecc file and write to the demon chip. The Cool runner will glitch the console and even go into a boot sequence, but I have no video out. Also my console will not boot at all when the demon...
  4. T

    CR4 + Demon, red light, no debug light.

    Console Type: Trinity Programmer Used: DemoN NAND Size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.17150 Please excuse me my soldering, I also haven't cleaned the flux yet. I soldered everything, then read the nand of the xbox, after that I wrote it to DemoN, as well as ECC. I noticed that in J-Runner I got...
  5. T

    Demon CR4 Phat Installation Help

    Hi guys, Today I installed a Demon on a Phat console that I have. I cannot find the instructions on how to proceed after soldering the board and wires to the xbox motherboard. I honestly have looked for them, please guide me in the direction to how I proceed from here. I have a few questions...
  6. K

    Demon not reading Nand

    Corona V1/3 First time installing a Demon. I was following Jonnyguns CR4/DemoN Install | Corona System (Live Rebroadcast) Anyway I get an error in J-Runner: 31 December 2014 20:12:22 J-Runner v0.3 Beta (7) Started Happy Holidays Everyone...
  7. ultimate360

    FALCON RGH2+ with DemoN, PERFECTION! :)

    Hello everyone, here is my review of the CR4 XL with RGH2+ installed to a Falcon v2 that also has a demon, this is one hell of a great chip! This install was flawless, no struggles, no major tweaks needed, no smc edits, nothing special, just pure awesomeness :). I spent a lot of time...
  8. xzanox

    FIXED DemoN out of box test giving me unhandled exception in toolbox 1.01, jrunner is fine.

    Hi guys, just a simple question maybe one of you know without me opening a support ticket on, because it maybe is nothing to worry about... But maybe after reading this, I get the advise to contact ck3, let's find out... Got a few DemoNs in the mail today from ck3, opened them all to...
  9. P

    CORONA CR4 XL and Demon won't boot

    I installed CR4 and demon on a corona V3 and read the NAND and flashes stock on the inboard and xbr on demon now it dosnt boot on either. I have installed CR EN and white ribbon cable. Any ideas ?
  10. P

    FALCON Installed CR4 and DemoN but now won't boot stock or Xell...?

    Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: DemoN (Firmware v1.4) Dashboard version: 2.0.16767.0 CB Version: 5774 Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every 4-5 seconds: N - only red light on CR4 (but green does flash intermittently if...
  11. P

    R-JTAG [Falcon] Installed CR4 and DemoN but now won't boot stock or Xell...?

    Console Type: Falcon Programmer Used: DemoN (Firmware v1.4) Dashboard version: 2.0.16767.0 CB Version: 5774 (I think? Is that the 'CB' referred to in J-Runner as '2BL[CB_A] and [CB_B]'?) Was the console working before you started: Y Do you get a green debug light appear on the CR4 XL chip every...
  12. C

    CR4 RGH & Demon install on a Falcon (Dash16747) (No QSBs) - Need some help

    Hey guys, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. My goal is to be able to boot the stock NAND and play online, or boot the the NAND on the Demon and run homebrew. I chose RGH because, well it seemed to be the "latest" way of doing things. Is there any reason I should be doing a...
  13. P

    R-JTAG Slightly botched my DemoN install...!! Can I continue without reading internal NAND?

    So here's the deal - I'm installing a CR4 XL on a phat Falcon to do R-JTAG+ and I got a DemoN to allow me to run dual NANDs. Unfortunately, I messed up some of my quick solder points and had to de-solder, and think I've managed to burn off one or two of the pads during the process :-( So now I...
  14. Z

    R-JTAG won't book (Template used)

    Wow I just realized I misspelled boot as book in the title. Please forgive me, as I'm clearly not in the best state of mind right now. Products Used: I'm not sure. I know there's a DemoN in there, but I got it done for me by someone on RMS Console Type: Jasper NAND Size: 16 Dashboard: CB...
  15. D

    ANSWERED Retail NAND does not detect HDD

    I apologize to begin with if this is not entirely in the correct section, however i thought it was most appropriate. I have retail dash 16756 on my console, with 16747 on my glitch NAND. All worked well, and then I did the Memory Unit Mod which I modded a 250GB HDD as my internal MU. FSD reads...
  16. M

    RGH What it's going on??

    Hi all , I'm about to update my dashboard to the latest one but before that I have checked my console and have installed latest F3,aurora and nand switcher - for some reason I'm not able boot into "xbox safe" dashboard, but the one installed on demon works fine??( my F3 have freeze few times ...
  17. R

    COD Modded Lobbies

    I am planning on getting a RGH Demon done onto my xbox 360 slim. Is anyone here familiar with hosting modded lobby and recovery services? If anyone here can provide a link to a tutorial or a step by step guide I'd be extremely grateful. I am looking to start a recovery service but first have to...
  18. R

    RGH Need Parts! (Demon and Slim Proto)

    Just took apart my Xbox 360 Corona V3 and I need parts to RGH and install Demon. If you have a Slim Proto V2 or Demon please PM me or reply straight onto the thread I am willing to pay up to 100$ just need the parts ASAP!
  19. D

    [USA] Looking for Slim DemoN External USB Board

    Looking for Slim DemoN + Repair I'm looking for a Slim DemoN. The one in my trinity no longer works with any PC I attach it to. Looking to buy a new DemoN to have it replaced. Would be great if seller could also do the repair! -Dwack
  20. asagoren

    Help needed with converting 4GB corona V4 to 16MB nand

    Hi Im trying to replace nand chip for my client, from 4GB corona to 16MB nand chip from FALCON console (16mb) The reason for me to do so: there was a problem at the begining that the 4gb card onboard was stuck and wont format or let us write anything or save games or update dash, only read...