1. S

    JTAG Demon retail/JTAG confusion

    I've been scouring the net looking for an answer to this, and have found bits and pieces of an answer, but nothing to the point. forum searching lead me nowhere, my question is a bit to specific to search for (was for me anyways). SO.. I've dusted off my phat falcon 360, and am interested in...
  2. V

    RGH RGH Need help Clarifying and upcoming hardware decision

    I have done hours of research and noticed most videos and forums just show how to install something, rather than clearly go into depth about how each product used works. I also realized that there are many ways to go. I've come to a decision that I will purchase a CR4 XL because it's performance...
  3. V

    ANSWERED Need RGH Help!

    Okay I have a Xbox 360 Slim with 250 GB and I'm am sure it has a trinity motherboard. I'm skeptical about some the information I find and I keep convincing myself it's outdated. I would like to know what is the best Hardware to purchase to complete the process of installing an RGH. Money is not...
  4. G

    RGH complete confusion!!! am i missing something or is my xbox going crazy!

    I'm having an extremely weird & funny problem at the same time. I have demon slim & proto v2 installed. Now, for some reason, when i select demon nand, xbox does not turn on! I looked around online and i found that it could either be a soldering problem or demon firmware, so, i double...
  5. J

    Is Demon the best chip out right now?

    Hello I have a 2009 Xbox Elite (Jasper) model which has been firmware flashed so that I can play backed up games. I have been going through the forums (and google) to see what my best options are. Please believe me when I tell you, I have been searching like a mad man on how to mod my 360 so I...
  6. Abbotta4

    Replacement ribbon cable and usb pcb

    I was wondering if replacement cable/pcb were available for purchase. My setup has been working fine until I got irritated with the sticky rubber squares one day and started rearranging them and moving around the pcb in general. Ever since then, my ability to read/write nands using the DemoN has...
  7. D

    Proto v2 Trinity boot times across the board

    TX Product(s) used: DemoN, Proto v2 Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16 Dashboard version: 2.0.16747 CB version: 9188 Image of Proto v2: (attached to my post) Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: (attached to my post) Description of problem: Boot times are erratic and can range from 20...
  8. jdoe91011

    Fresh RJTAG/DemoN Install, No Xell Boot, Rapid Flashing Debug light, 0022 on Retail

    Console Type: Jasper NAND size: 256 Dashboard version: 16537 CB version: 6754 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: POST output from J-Runner ECC Boot from DemoN: Phat Selected Version: 10 Power Up Waiting for POST to change Post 22 - INIT_SECENG Post 10 - Payload/1BL...
  9. D

    Lifted RB Pad on DemoN - Trinity Console

    I installed a Demon In one of my consoles, but wasn't able to get it glitching. I put my Proto v2 in my other slim console that I have, and got it glitching, and wanted my DemoN in that console. I removed it from my other console and put it in the console that I wanted, but in the process lifted...
  10. G

    RGH Corona v3/v5 RGH2

    Dear all, I've got a friend who wants to backup his original games because his kid keeps on damaging them, therefore, he asked me to RGH his xbox. The xbox's information: Slim (regular) Dashboard: 2.0.16547.0 Model 1439 MFR: 20.1.2012 Voltage: 12V Ampere: 9.6A HDD: 250GB According to the...
  11. jdoe91011

    Previously Working Trinity Proto V2/DemoN Setup Stopped Booting Retail & Hacked NANDs

    Previously Working Trinity Proto V2/DemoN Setup Stopped Booting Retail & Hacked NANDs TX Product(s) used: Slim Proto V2, DemoN, Console Type: Trinity NAND size: 16MB Dashboard version: 16547 CB version: 9231 Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner: J-Runner log: Hi Guys, I'm going to...
  12. I

    GENERAL Mod options for a Corona V6 with a DG-16D5S

    Goal: 1) Internal ODE with a removable hard drive and an integrated WiFi Web-UI; 2) RGH Dual NAND console with a flashed DVD drive. As you know, TX is developing an ODE, and some of the images that I've seen thus far have been very impressive. Unfortunately, it's still a ways off, and...
  13. D

    FIXED Demon UART Output in Gibberish?

    Setup: Trinity Slim on 16747 with Demon installed I open demon toolbox to monitor UART and when I do it comes in gibberish? Pic:​ Thats the output it gives me when booting xell, when booting to dashboard it also gives me gibberish
  14. M

    J-Runner bug, Create Xell-Reloaded for Jasper 512/BB?

    Hi, please tell me that i'm doing something wrong. I have a R-JTAG(AUD_CLAMP) and DemoN(with BB upgrade kit) installed in my Arcade Jasper 512MB and I am trying to create a Xell-Reloaded image for quite some time now. What I do: - Load Source using a copy of my stock nand(which is 512MB large...
  15. K

    R-JTAG demon and rjtag wont boot power supply red

    The problem i am having is that my power supply will be on yellow and when you plug it in it will turn red when you and i have tried different wall sockets and also tried the power supply on another xbox and it worked fine this happened after i installed the r jtag. I installed the demon first...
  16. D

    Bad soldering=broken xbox...wanting to buy trinity motherboard

    I believe the motherboard in my trinity is broken, due to horrible soldering. Does anyone here sell motherboards or know of anyone who sells them? Or maybe someone or a company that can repair motherboards? Im not sure if repairing a motherboard is possible or not. i have the RDOD on my xbox...
  17. E

    RGH Proto V2 and Demon on Slim Corona V1 installed but can't get it to boot to Xell

    Console Type: Corona v1 Dashboard version: dunno CB version: dunno Screenshot of NAND details from J-Runner Next post J-Runner log: Images of installation with close-up soldering to motherboard: Ignore the Post QSB What settings you have working the best: None - Tried many different...
  18. jdoe91011

    Completed DemoN/RJTAG Installation on Jasper 16MB

    I just finished installing a DemoN and RJTAG kit into one of my Jasper 16MB's, and it's Insta-booting. I've attached pictures of my install, and hopefully these will aid anyone else working with these particular products, and produce a reference point for another member's working setup.
  19. E

    Corona V1 Demon install without QSB and a few alt points

    Hi guys, If you have seen my other post you know what I have been up to and how I do need some Anger management classes. Here is a photo of my cable points so far for the Demon following points: D0 - black D1 - white D2 - brown D3 - red D4 - orange (soldered to the back of the resistor) D5 -...
  20. E

    Installing Proto V2 issue

    Hey guys, I am new here, also new with electronics but I am a quick learner. I have a Corona V1 250 GB Xbox I have installed a demon with my Proto v2 and it all looked very fine to me, however I could not get my Xbox to work, the button makes the noise but not turning on. I have been...